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Do Blacks Owe Other Blacks Reparations?

Buried by the flurry of Biden executive orders in the first few weeks, it is likely that many Americans missed the announcement that the Biden administration cleared a path to explore the issues of reparations. It is equally likely that

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When It Gets Cold, Thank Goodness For Fossil Fuels

The Biden administration, through its stated mission and explicit actions, is killing Americans today and will certainly be responsible for killing an untold number more if their vision for climate justice endures. If there is any consistency in the media’s

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Why Not Make the Minimum Wage $150 Per Hour?

If economic growth would jump with a bump to $15, what’s stopping us from making it $150 so we can see an economic boom? The issue, of course, is that there are substantial negative consequences to increasing the minimum wage.

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Never Bow to the Woke Mob

We must fight the culture war right now and with everything we’ve got. The woke mob knows no bounds and will destroy us and our nation if we don’t fight back against it.

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A Layman’s Guide to Penumbral Reasoning

For over 50 years, constitutional scholars, and Supreme Court justices in particular, have used “penumbral reasoning” as one means to explain rulings expanding the Constitution of the United States.  Law schools describe it as “reasoning by interpolation.”  To put that

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Either Give Up Capitalism or Shut Up

The Chinese calendar has a special place in my household because we enjoy dining out for egg rolls, lo mein, and stir-fried delights. At least, we used to. For most restaurants, the placemat at our seats has the cyclical display

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Impeachment 2.0 in Perspective

We’ve just finished another week of uniquely Washington asininity.  China is threatening Taiwan.  Gas prices are going up.  Unemployment isn’t going down.  Another migrant caravan is on the way.  COVID-19 vaccine distribution is a mess.  In spite of all of this, congress has decided that its

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CDC/NFL Publish Revealing Wuhan Virus Paper

Why did the NFL mandate masks on its sidelines? If sweaty, bleeding players engaged in hand-to-hand battles did not spread the virus, why in the world would merely standing on a sideline be any more dangerous?

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