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More Thoughts on Race

There are many causes of today’s unrest, but skin color isn’t one of them. There is a causal racism in our criminal justice system, and it’s not the cops.

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12 Woke Companies to Avoid

This list of 12 woke companies to avoid is designed to be possible, as I offer sound alternative products/services for each company, and also strike at the worst offenders, rather than just leftist companies generally.

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The Left Ruined Martin Luther King Day

When I was a school-age kid, I remember taking a day, perhaps a week, each January to learn about, commemorate, and celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his advocacy for civil rights. For all I know,

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Impeachment Reach, Big Tech Targets, and General Observations of the Week

With impeachment and the impending Senate trial, Democrats will keep Trump and the riots on the front burner of our national dialogue longer than they would have been otherwise, and they will try to get as much of their radical agenda through as possible. But hoping to distract voters from the absurdity of issues like Medicare-For-All and the repealing of tax cuts by dwelling on Donald Trump won’t work. And unless they can get questionable Democrats in the Senate to abolish the filibuster, their radical agenda is largely doomed anyway.

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As the Culture War Rages, Opportunity Knocks

We’re in a culture war that’s just beginning to heat up, and we should act accordingly. And while our opponents may have a massive head start on us, that gap is ripe with opportunity for conservative businesses to fill the subsequent voids.

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Should We Say Ashli Babbit’s Name, Too?

Everything about the events this past Wednesday is a tragedy. Decorum was spat on, the name of conservatism as a whole was tarnished, and worst of all, courageous and duty-focused police officers were casualties of the riots by the dozen.

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