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The Bachelor Goes Full Woke

I have always hated ABC’s The Bachelor and its various spin offs of The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Bachelor Olympics. The latter three are simply retreads of the same premise excepting for a different backdrop. Every season is full

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Americans Should Boycott Coca Cola

The simple fact is, whether we like it or not, the culture war is raging around us and we need to fight it now. These anti-racism seminars are just products of the cancel culture Red Guard.

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Black Privilege Is Real; White Privilege Is Not

There is a quote attributed to the French philosopher Voltaire, who is credited with observing that the ability or inability to offer critiques of certain people demonstrates who really pulls the strings. A lot of noise is currently made of

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Joe Biden Held Hostage – Day 34

The administration is behaving as if they’re working to a deadline. Could it be that they’re trying to get as much done as possible before Joe inevitably blows up his own presidency?

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The Stalinist Purge of the American Military

With Biden’s Stalinist purge of the military, it might become yet another leftist institution that conservatives aren’t welcome in and actively works to help the Democrats, as is already the case with our universities, courts, executive agencies, and media.

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Do Blacks Owe Other Blacks Reparations?

Buried by the flurry of Biden executive orders in the first few weeks, it is likely that many Americans missed the announcement that the Biden administration cleared a path to explore the issues of reparations. It is equally likely that

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When It Gets Cold, Thank Goodness For Fossil Fuels

The Biden administration, through its stated mission and explicit actions, is killing Americans today and will certainly be responsible for killing an untold number more if their vision for climate justice endures. If there is any consistency in the media’s

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Why Not Make the Minimum Wage $150 Per Hour?

If economic growth would jump with a bump to $15, what’s stopping us from making it $150 so we can see an economic boom? The issue, of course, is that there are substantial negative consequences to increasing the minimum wage.

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