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Knuckleheads Of The Week: 51% Of Americans Support Vax Mandates

When first concocting the idea of “Knucklehead of the Week,” the idea of needing to pluralize the award at some point was considered likely. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were the favorites to take the prize first, but there was always a possibility that AOC and Rashida Tlaib would have to share the title. Or perhaps Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would have to divvy up the honor. We never dreamed we’d have to spread it across approximately 170 million Americans

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Week In Review: Three Must-Know Stories (Vol. 7)

California proves that voting needs to be harder, Mark Milley admits to treason, and Covid sophistication is everywhere. 1. The failed recall effort for California’s gubernatorial seat isn’t a surprise, but it does highlight the fact that too many stupid

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Sadly, There is No Cure For Stupid

There is no accountability expected and no retribution ever. These people are untouchable because they are the rulers and we the subservient. A mother will be shamed into masking her two-year-old on a domestic flight, but Nancy can host a fundraiser, and none of the guests need to pack a face cover.

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Mark Milley: Traitor?

If Woodward’s account is found to be accurate, Mark Milley should face severe punishment such as dismissal from the service with loss of all rank, honors and pension. (Enlisted guys get dishonorably discharged; officers get dismissed) That will never happen with Joe Biden at the apex of power; if Joe knew about Milley’s carryings-on, he would probably only be concerned that he get his cut.

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Political Mandates Have Killed COVID Cooperation

Biden and Harris and their minions campaigned against Trump’s effectiveness and stated frequently they would not get Trump’s vaccination.  Then they won the election and had to backpedal.  They campaigned on masks being patriotic and to avoid crowds, except when holding political marches or rioting at night or committing arson on churches and federal buildings or tearing down statues.

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Say Her Name… Dajore Wilson! Say Her Name… Dajore Wilson!

George Floyd had nine criminal convictions and had both methamphetamines and fentanyl in his system when he died in police custody in Minneapolis last year.  Dajore Wilson loved SpongeBob Squarepants.  Jacob Blake had been accused of sexual assault and domestic violence resisted arrest and was reaching for a knife when he was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Dajore Wilson liked the color pink and enjoyed dancing. 

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An Open Letter To Jimmy Kimmel From A Doctor Who Treats Actual COVID Patients Every Day

 In addition to the COVID vaccine, I have been vaccinated against smallpox, anthrax, rabies, and a whole litany of diseases the military deemed worthy.  Instead, I value informed patient consent and ultimately patient choice.  Patients may make personal health decisions I do not agree with about a great many health conditions, but it is my DUTY to lay out the risks and benefits of treatment options and, in the end, respect patient autonomy and decisions.

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We Need The Constitution Now More Than Ever

I don’t pretend to romanticize the past. For a brief lesson on human history, one only needs to pick up the Bible to realize that, despite our many advancements, human nature has not changed an iota over three-thousand years. Most

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When Afghan Nation-building, Did We Remember the Mandatory Pig Roasts?

There some are lessons we can take away from the Afghan experience, ones that many learned long ago. First, don’t tolerate any leftist blather about “ethnocentrism,” multiculturalism or cultural relativism. While liberals are fuzzy-headed relativists, they only preach the above when it serves to destroy Western norms they dislike.

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No, The Mandate Is Not About “Protecting Myself”

“This is not about freedom or personal choice…It’s about protecting yourself.” – Joe Biden Honestly, is anyone surprised at this point that the party of patronization once again declares that it knows what is best for the individual? Democrats have

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Oh, Yoo-hoo… Stupid Republicans…

Now is the time for a full-throttle ad campaign that lets voters in battleground states see with their own eyes how Democrats have heaped misery and despair on generations of decent people in the inner city. I will generously contribute to such an effort, and believe millions of other conservatives fed-up with being slandered as knuckle-dragging racists would do likewise.

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Critical Race Theory: And Now, For The Rest Of The Story

Much like America, if one is going to falsely point out that 750,000 mostly white confederate soldiers allegedly fought to maintain slavery then you must also recognize that 2.1 million mostly white union soldiers fought to end it. Unless I am mistaken, there was only one successful slave revolt in the entire history of the world.

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Joe Biden Ruling Joe Stalin-Style: True Freedom Won’t Come Easy

Matters are now in the hands of the suspect and corrupt courts and up in the air, since the nation is just as likely to see an activist Communist judge on the federal bench uphold Biden’s executive order as “constitutional” as not, even though it should be struck down out of hand immediately.

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