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Pornography Is Now Racist

I tip my hat to Newsweek for creating terrific clickbait headlines. That, or they just pump out stupid articles that trigger the few conservative thinkers that still traffic their online magazine. Either way, I visited their site while recently doing

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Atlanta: The Cesspool of the South

When I was a student at Georgia Tech in the mid-1960s, Atlanta was a clean, safe and vibrant city. Then along came a well-intended, but horribly misguided, war: the war on poverty. After my wife and I married in 1966,

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The Truth: Biden is Supposed to DENY HIMSELF Communion

For the record, Signorile needs to bone up on his theology. The Church does not teach that all mortal sins are equally grave but that, as I believe St. Augustine put it, there’s a hierarchy of sin. And not many acts compare with murdering unborn babies.

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Taxation Tyranny and Government Overreach is Nothing New, and It’s Time We Took Note

These experiences over our history show how fragile civil liberties are and spotlight how freedom can be threatened by the security state.  Today Merrick Garland as Attorney General is asking we citizens to turn in our relatives, friends and neighbors to Homeland Security for belonging to what he classifies as domestic “terrorist” groups.  Heinrich Himmler would approve.

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Six Observations on the Wonders of Fatherhood

In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative reflect on Fathers’ Day and their roles as fathers as they discuss six observations regarding fatherhood.

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Being Worthy of Fatherhood

All we can do is point the way, and we should take due care in making certain that the path we point to is well-trod and clear of danger.  Throwing up our hands when kids screw up is not parenting.  Asking questions, explaining consequences, real follow-up in action, being discerning and discriminating with activities and making subtle observations without judgment will go a long way.

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Joke of the G7, Pathetic Pandering to Putin, and Bye-Bye Bibi: The Week in Review

Biden is losing it, there is no doubt. It’s official… the guy is a hot mess. Among other examples of his obvious, growing senility was the moment in which he repeatedly confused the nations of Libya and Syria. To be clear, it’s not like the president was jumbling Slovakia with Slovenia. Libya and Syria are on different continents, for crying out loud, with entirely different diplomatic dynamics. And they are both critical nations for very different reasons. It’s like confusing Oregon with Pennsylvania.

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The Supreme Court’s Day of Reckoning is Coming

Ruling that last minute ad-hoc election changes were unconstitutional would have been relatively straightforward — but the court didn’t.  Hearing the election fraud evidence and adjudicating the result would have created a political crap-storm — but it would have been the right thing to do. 

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The Conundrums of Environmentalism

There is no shortage of hypocrisy when it comes to the entire environmentalist movement. I previously wrote an article that asked a very simple question: If the elites that push this tripe don’t act on their own purported beliefs, why

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The Left Chooses to Forget, But Midway and D-Day are Still Important

he world was pushed into WW2 and our boys went on to win with great help from the famers still at home.  Yes, it was the farmers.  The generosity and hard work saved a hostile government.  Our Lend-Lease program of food sent to Russia fed the entire country, not just the soldiers, for the equivalent of a year.  Without our food added to what they could grow and salvage, Russia would have starved and the eastern front would have collapsed.

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Sometimes a Coincidence isn’t a Coincidence

Perhaps everything we’ve experienced since early last year is just an astronomically unlikely confluence of random events.  But isn’t it interesting that these events have left America disengaged at the very time China is expanding its global influence?

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Of Course Hunter Got Off Scot-Free

For reference, this is the story to which Tim Young is referring: a nice girl had just gotten into Tennessee, her dream school, as a cheerleader. Then, an acquaintance of hers, Jimmy Galligan, decided to ruin her life by posting a

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What If the Media Had Told the Truth? Five MSM Lies for Which Trump Has Been Vindicated, and the Damage They Caused

• This scandal was obvious going back to the Democratic primaries. If the media had reported accurately on it from the beginning, and Biden had been held to account for his possible illegal associations with his son’s business partners, there’s a good chance Biden never would have been nominated and another Democrat would have ran against Trump.

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A Slap in the Face: The UK is Selling Billions in Military Tech to the CCP

This is the equivalent of the Venetians selling the Ottomans crossbows, Honeywell execs sending military tech to China, or of Israel selling the Red Chinese air-to-air missile tech. It is weakening us, the West, and strengthening our greatest enemy. The UK must be reigned in if it wants to keep its “special” relationship with the US.

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