Top 10 Most Outrageous Hoaxes

Living in the Golden Age of Fake News, staging a hoax is easier now than ever before. The appetite for anything even remotely damaging to any conservative is so strong with Democrats and the leftwing/mainstream media that they abandon all sense of reason and scrutiny. Forget about doing research, leftwing/mainstream journalists these days won’t even ask real questions. Hoaxes, however, are not a new phenomenon, they’ve been around for years. Let’s take a look back at the 10 most outrageous examples.

#10 – Dan Rather You Hadn’t Noticed That

Dan Rather’s reputation as a credible newsman had been in decline for several years prior to the 2004 Presidential Election. But when he went on 60 Minutes presenting a forged document purporting to show that Republican Candidate George W. Bush had knowingly avoided being sent to Vietnam as a member of the National Guard, Rather was permanently exposed as nothing but a political hack. It turned out that the document, which was supposedly created in 1972, contained a font that wasn’t even created until Microsoft Word had been released in the mid-1980s. Busted! Hey Dan, I just came across a color photograph of Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address, and it can be yours for a reasonable price. Give me a call.


#9 – Rep. Adam Schiff and the Prank Call by Russian Radio Jokesters

In April 2017, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the same man who went on CNN almost daily for 2 years telling everyone he had evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia, received a phone call from some Russian pranksters claiming to have dirt on Trump. Schiff can be heard asking for spellings and barely containing his excitement; he was salivating. Schiff, that champion of justice for all things Russia-related, is continuing with his effort to root out Russian misdeeds, wherever they may be. Schiff is now investigating Boris and Natasha Badenoff for the attempted murders of Rocky and Bullwinkle. “No one is above the law,” Schiff explained.


#8 – The Duke Lacrosse Case

What a juicy story. Three rich, privileged and entitled white college guys, attending prestigious Duke University and playing lacrosse, rape a vulnerable local black girl at a team beer bash. It checked all the boxes for the leftwing/mainstream media. A minority woman as the victim? Check. Capitalistic white guys as the villains? Check. Located in a red state? Check. The only problem: it wasn’t true. Ironically, it’s the most attention the sport of lacrosse has ever received, before or since.


#7 – Benghazi

Our consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked on September 11, 2012, only seven weeks before the presidential election, and the attack was conducted by Islamic terrorists. With President Obama pointing out the virtues of his foreign policy on the campaign trail, having the truth come out would have made the president look bad. National Security Advisor Susan Rice had Obama’s back, however, and she proceeded to make the rounds on the weekly news shows the following Sunday. Rice and the rest of the administration blamed an American filmmaker for the attack, and we believed them. If such a hoax had been carried out by a Republican president, it would have been declared one of the biggest scandals in American history, worse than Watergate. Meanwhile, we can still see and hear our media refer to Obama’s presidency as “scandal-free” with a straight face. If Obama was scandal-free, then Matt Lauer is a feminist.


#6 – Plainfield Teachers College

This gag was pulled off in 1941 by a trio of New York-area friends who wanted to see if newspapers would print the football scores of fictitious universities; and they did. Multiple newspapers, including the New York Times, printed football scores for the imaginary Plainfield Teachers College, defeating such make-believe opponents as Winona and Randolph Tech. While we shouldn’t be surprised that the New York Times would fall for fake news – even so long ago – no one could have predicted that Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez would fall for the prank years later. Not only does AOC hold a B.S. in Economics from Plainfield Teachers College, she still owes thousands of dollars in student debt for her time at Randolph Tech.


#5 – Brian Williams: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

The rapid fall from grace of the man who had been the top anchor at the once-great network was stunning, and it eliminated all credibility for NBC News. Williams had falsely claimed to be in a helicopter that was struck by enemy fire while he was covering combat missions in Iraq.  It was later learned that there were no less than ten incidents that Williams had lied about. Brian Williams is essentially the network news version of Forrest Gump: always in interesting situations at the right time… fortunate to be just out of reach of harm’s way…  and dimwitted and fictitious. So, that must have been the end of Williams’ career, right? Of course not. Not only did they bring him back, Williams is now the Chief Anchor for MSNBC. Is there any wonder why polling numbers for Americans’ trust in the media is at a record low?

Clip #1:

Clip #2:

#4 – Covington Catholic

A bunch of white, Catholic high school boys – trying to oppress women’s “reproductive rights” by attending the Right to Life March, and wearing MAGA hats no less – were caught getting in the face of heroic Native American and Vietnam veteran Nathan Phillips, trying to intimidate him. Or so we were told. Those racists! Those misogynists! The only thing that could have made it more appealing is if the Native American being disrespected had been Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The incident fit in perfectly with the Left’s narrative, until the real story became known. Video footage showing Phillips being the true aggressor came out after the media had already jumped the gun, and it also showed members of the black-supremacist group The Black Hebrew Israelites shouting anti-white racist remarks at the youths for almost an hour prior to their encounter with Phillips. Perhaps most entertaining is how the leftwing/mainstream media then tried to lecture us about jumping to conclusions (check out the video clip below, as an example) after the whole story fell apart. Apparently they forgot that THEY were the ones who were guilty of overreacting without the facts. Unreal.  


#3 – Rosie Ruiz, Boston Marathon Champion

When the 1980 Boston Marathon was finished, a woman by the name of Rosie Ruiz appeared to be the women’s champion. It was eventually discovered that Ruiz had cheated by sneaking into the race shortly before the finish line and pretending to have finished first. As investigations mounted, it was then determined that she had also cheated in the New York City Marathon six months earlier by taking the subway to the finish line. Seriously. The one mystery that remains is why Ms. Ruiz never ran for elected office as a Democrat; she would have fit right in.


#2 – Jussie Smollett and those Mean Old MAGA-type White Guys

In 1985, Sports Illustrated ran a story for April Fool’s Day about a fictitious baseball pitcher named Sidd Finch who could throw the ball 168 mph. That hoax was more believable than this story by Jussie Smollett, but that didn’t stop the media from biting on the story: hook, line and sinker. “So, two white guys shouting ‘this is MAGA country’ in downtown Chicago, roughed you up because you’re gay and black, and then put a ready-made noose around your neck while pouring bleach on you. This all happened in the wee hours of the morning in single-digit temperatures while you were on your way home after buying a sandwich at Subway. Yet when you came back to your apartment, you hadn’t lost your sandwich, as shown on the security camera footage, and you were still wearing the noose around your neck when the police came to listen to your story. Sure, that makes sense, tell us more.”  Wandering kangaroos and white guys shouting MAGA slogans are equally common in downtown Chicago, but that didn’t matter to our media, those honorable protectors of democracy. Incredibly, Smollett continues to maintain that his fairytale was true. Don’t worry Jussie, we’re sure that evidence vindicating you will be coming out any day now…. annnnny day now.


#1 – President Trump Colluded with Russia! Or Maybe Not

The single biggest hoax in human history. What separates the Russia Collusion Hoax from all others is that it wasn’t created as a hoax, and it was maintained by the entire leftwing/mainstream media. The media truly believed in its legitimacy. It was a house of cards from the beginning, with the Steele dossier being the cornerstone of its genesis, but the media didn’t even bother to pump the brakes. We had new “bombshells” dropping every week. The walls are closing in, we were told. It’s the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency, they assured us. For almost three years they shouted that President Trump’s crimes were so egregious that he was almost certainly guilty of treason, with some pundits going so far as to suggest Trump may be subjected to the death penalty as a result. But there was never any “there” there. It was nonsense from the beginning, and when the Mueller Report indeed vindicated Trump of any collusion with Russia (though it didn’t vindicate him of possible obstruction of justice infractions) the media were dumbfounded. The fact that the media never truly acknowledged their buffoonery, and then turned their attention to Ukraine like a hyperactive kindergartner, suggests we may not have seen the last of their journalistic malpractice, but we can at least hope.


PF Whalen

Note: OK, I don’t really have a color picture of Honest Abe, Schiff isn’t really pursuing legal action against Boris and Natasha, and AOC doesn’t really have a degree from the imaginary colleges. Lighten up.

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