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Nancy Pelosi, Jacob Blake and General Observations of the Week

Topic #1: Nancy Pelosi got her haircut at a San Francisco salon (not a saloon) on Monday, and got caught on security video not wearing a mask; and, as it turned out, she was in violation of state and local laws. Pelosi has since claimed that she was “set up” and has actually hired a lawyer as she considers a lawsuit against the salon.  

Thoughts and Observations:

  • First of all, Mrs. Speaker, if you’re going to sue them, sue them for the results. If anything, you looked worse after your appointment, appearing on MSNBC, than you did before.
  • It’s hard to decide what’s most outrageous about this story, therefore, in no particular order:
    • There’s no way she didn’t know the law. Everyone in every state knows these laws, she’s full of crap.
    • Even if she is telling the truth, how does that make it any better? If one of us non-elites tells a cop “I didn’t know that was the law,” what happens? We still get a ticket.
    • Pelosi is, quite literally, the top lawmaker in the country. Numero Uno! If she was indeed ignorant of the law, that’s even worse.
    • And don’t give me, “But it was a local law, or state law, and she’s a federal lawmaker.” If your job is to write/pass laws, and if you’ve been doing it for 90 years, and if the laws we’re talking about are regarding one of the most world-altering crises in human history, COVID-19, how can she not be aware?
    • And do you mean to tell me she wasn’t aware that she should be wearing a mask? As Joe Biden might say, “C’mon Man! That’s a bunch of mullarkey!”
  • Whoever is giving her advice should be fired immediately. If she had said, “I made a mistake,” the leftwing/mainstream media would have given her cover, and this would have blown over. But now, everyone is aware of the story, it’s blowing up in her face, and President Trump and Republicans will be hammering away at it until Election Day… and rightfully so.
  • No, it’s not a huge story, ultimately, but it is indicative of a larger problem. Establishment Democrats, and yes, some Republicans, have the attitude of “These laws are for the peasants, the unimportant people, not us elites.” We saw it with Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago who ordered police protection for her street because she had a right to be safe. We saw it with Mayor DeBlasio in New York who disobeyed his own laws by not getting a permit for his 5th Avenue mural. These people are totally detached from reality, and hold “we the people” in disdain. Pelosi might as well have said, “Let them eat cake!”

Topic #2: More information has come out regarding the Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI, and it makes the turmoil we are seeing totally bizarre.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Updated facts of the case as follows:
    • The police were called not because Blake was intervening in a situation in which he wasn’t wanted, as was originally reported, they were called because he allegedly raped a woman earlier that day, and she called the police.
    • There were two active warrants open for Blake, one for domestic violence and the other for sexual assault.
    • In the videos available, we can plainly see that Blake was blatantly disregarding instructions from the police by walking away from them towards his car.
    • The sheriff’s office has confirmed that the officers unsuccessfully attempted to “tase” Blake twice.
    • Blake then reached into the car, towards the floor, and was subsequently shot by police.
    • There was indeed a knife on the floor of that car.
  • If the cop who shot him did anything wrong, it might have been in the fact that he shot Blake seven times, but even that might be a stretch. Could he have accomplished what he needed to with four shots? Five? I don’t know, I’m not a cop, but really… How in the hell are people looking at this as anything but a cop doing what he had to do to protect himself and society?
  • Most disturbing about the reaction – and yes, even worse than the rioting – is the absolute disregard by the Left and the #MeToo movement with Blake’s victim. Athletes are wearing Blake’s name on their jerseys. Activists are holding him up as a martyr. Yet the man was accused of rape the same day he was shot! Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual aggression (not even sexual assault) 35 years after that alleged incident, and they did everything possible to destroy his life. What is wrong with these people?!

Topic #3: Joe Biden travelled to Kenosha, and received adoring coverage by the press. He spoke at a church, and met with the family of Jacob Blake.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Biden explained during a gathering that Thomas Edison didn’t really invent the light bulb, but instead a black man actually did. Seriously. In case you were wondering whether or not there has been some recently uncovered evidence to the contrary, wonder no more… nothing has changed. Edison did indeed invent the light bulb, along with a bunch of other awesome stuff.
  • Biden was apparently referring to a black man named Lewis Howard Latimer who had invented a new type of filament for the light bulb several years after Edison’s invention, and that invention is really cool in its own right. But that wasn’t enough for Dopey Joe, no… he had to try to rewrite history. What a knucklehead.
  • The campaign was caught red-handed when a questioner at a gathering explained that she “was told” to read her question off of “this paper.”  If they have to stage questioners at an event where his allies in the press will give him every benefit of the doubt, how in hell is he going to debate Trump? Prediction: the ratings for the Trump/Biden debates will destroy every rating record that has ever existed, get your popcorn ready. You heard it here first.
  • Meeting with the family of a man (Blake) who was charged the next day with sexual assault and domestic violence? OK, if you think that’s a good idea, go for it. Trump and Republicans should go on an all-out offensive calling this one out. Outrageous.

Topic #4: President Trump compared the actions of the Kenosha police to a professional golfer missing a 3-foot putt, saying “they choke.”

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Thoughts and Observations:

  • If this is the biggest blunder for the president between now and Election Day, I’ll take it, but it was still a blunder.
  • There is no evidence that the cop in Kenosha “choked” or did anything wrong.
  • Comparing a violent incident like this, any violent incident, to something as trivial as golf is silly. Next time, come up with a better analogy Mr. President, or better yet, just back the cops.

Topic #5: The Atlantic ran a story claiming President Trump called American service men who died in World War I “losers,” and claimed that this attitude was why he cancelled a visit to a cemetery in France earlier in his presidency.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The Atlantic, sunk to new lows for our media with this story. They cite four total sources, and all of them are unnamed. And you expect us to believe you?
  • Byron York from the Washington Examiner made a terrific observation, pointing out that in former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book The Room Where it Happened – which is extremely critical of President Trump – Bolton gives a totally contradictory account of the incident, and indeed backs up the previous justification cited for cancelling the visit on bad weather. Five minutes ago, the media and Democrats loved Bolton because he bashed Trump… are we now supposed to believe Bolton lied?
  • The media and Democrats will likely hold onto this narrative for as long as they think they can benefit from it. The levels to which they will sink are disgusting.

PF Whalen