The Left Only Believes in #MeToo When It Is Politically Beneficial for Them

Image by Patricio Hurtado from Pixabay

This article was first published by The Western Journal.

Regardless of our opinions on the tactics, beliefs and rhetoric of the larger feminist movement, when the #MeToo phenomenon began to take hold in 2017, it was easy to support.  We may not have known his name, but we had all heard stories about degenerates like Harvey Weinstein.  Exposing sociopathic predators such as Weinstein, who leveraged their power in particular industries to sexually assault and abuse women, was an effort we could all get behind.  When similar accusations involving the likes of Matt Lauer and Larry Nassar were revealed, disdain for these dirt bags was one of the few issues where agreement was virtually unanimous.  Throw the book at them, we thought.  However, when the 2018 confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh evolved into a circus of unfounded and dubious accusations, many of us worried about the direction in which the #MeToo movement was headed.  If due process can be so casually dismissed as we saw with the Kavanaugh hearings, where will that slippery slope end up taking us?  

Three years later, we now know the direction in which #MeToo has gone: they have not pursued the widespread erosion of due process, yet, but have instead chosen to disregard particular sexual assault victims and their assailants.  Leftist feminists, and the #MeToo movement in particular, have been exposed as nothing more than political hacks, and in doing so have destroyed their credibility.  What started out as a legitimate cause, hell bent on holding sexual criminals accountable, has evolved into nothing more than a gang of political opportunists, cherry-picking  which sexual predators are worthy of justice, and which ones need to be shielded from it.  If you are on the Right, buckle up buttercup, they are coming after you.  But if you are on the Left, fear not; the Left and their media are here to cover up your crimes, no matter how revolting they may be.

When news of the late-August shooting of Jacob Blake at the hands of Kenosha police came out, details were sketchy.  Blake’s attorney Benjamin Crump claimed that Blake was “simply trying to do the right thing by intervening in a domestic incident,” which turned out to be blatantly untrue.  Outrage and riots ensued, with Kenosha looking like a war zone within days.  But as details of the events leading up to Blake’s shooting emerged, we began to see a much clearer picture.  Blake had been fiercely resisting arrest and was in fact “tased” twice by police before being shot; he was reaching for a knife on the floor of the vehicle into which he was trying to enter; and we learned why police had become involved in the situation in the first place.  Police went to the residence of a woman who had accused Blake of sexual assault, and who had acquired a restraining order against him.  Blake was in violation of that restraining order by coming to the woman’s house, and she subsequently called 911 to report the violation; clearly fearing for her safety.

Additionally, details of the victim’s original police complaint in early-May began to come out shortly after the riots and protests began.  According to reports, the criminal complaint filed by Blake’s victim states that Blake broke into the victim’s home and proceeded to sexually assault her with his finger, after which he sniffed his finger saying, “Smells like you’ve been with other men.”  While Blake has pleaded not guilty to the charge — and while he is certainly entitled to due process — the graphic details of the assault would suggest that the Left and their media might consider pumping the brakes on the narrative that Blake is just an innocent victim.  At the very least, one would expect leftist feminists to come out in support of Blake’s victim and vehemently object to the lionizing of Blake that we have seen.  But all we have heard from prominent, leftist feminists is silence. Where are Gwyneth Paltrow  and Alyssa Milano with their deafening, vocal support for Blake’s victim?  Where are Ashley Judd and Debra Messing with their demands for justice for a man accused of sexual assault?  Where are Amy Klobuchar and Oprah Winfrey proclaiming to Blake’s victim, “I believe your truth!”?  Listen closely… crickets.

Three days after Blake’s shooting, Alyssa Milano was right on top of the issue, insisting, “charge the cops who shot Jacob Blake,” with no mention of Blake’s victim.  When Joe Biden went to visit Blake’s parents, Debra Messing opined, “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are deeply compassionate and responsible civil servants,” because visiting the family of an alleged sexual criminal is apparently deeply compassionate.  And Oprah Winfrey explained, “Here we are again, demanding justice;” but the justice for whom Oprah was demanding was not for the alleged rapist, it was for the police who had shot him.

During the Kavanaugh hearings, Kamala Harris was highly visible as part of the Senate Judiciary Committee, with her performance during those hearings serving as a launching pad for her subsequent presidential run.  After questioning both Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who had accused him of sexual assault 35 years prior, Harris stated unequivocally, “I believe her,” in reference to Ford.  Lest we forget, Ford’s claims against Kavanaugh were flimsy at best.  There has never been any evidence produced that proves Kavanaugh and Ford had ever even met; there had never been any criminal complaint against Kavanaugh for the alleged incident; and none of Ford’s supposed witnesses would corroborate her story, with one of those witnesses stating, “I don’t have any confidence in [Ford’s] story.” 

In spite of Ford having zero evidence to support her claim against Kavanaugh for something that allegedly happened 35 years earlier, Kamala Harris fully believed her, and Harris could not have been more comforting to Ford during her hearing questioning.  But for the woman who alleged rape against Jacob Blake only a few months ago, an accusation for which Blake has been formally charged, Harris has yet to even acknowledge her existence.  Does there not appear to be a disgusting double-standard for Christine Blasey Ford and Jacob Blake’s accuser?  Is it not obvious that the reason for this double standard is purely political?

When Joe Biden was accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade in March, the Left and their media circled their wagons around Biden, and now Kamala Harris is his running mate.  At that point, the #MeToo movement went onto life support.  But now, not only has Jacob Blake’s accuser been totally ignored, we have heard Kamala Harris say she is actually “proud” of Blake.  What was once a well-intentioned initiative has become a ridiculous joke, which is a shame.  Women indeed continue to be preyed upon by people like Jacob Blake, but the enlightened and woke leftist feminists who professed their commitment to helping have now abandoned them instead; to kneel at the altar of a political agenda.  The #MeToo movement  is dead, rest in peace. 

PF Whalen

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