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Louisville, the Emmy’s and General Observations of the Week

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Topic #1: Louisville erupted in riots after the decision by the Attorney General of Kentucky announced the decision to not charge any officers with an unlawful killing of Breonna Taylor.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The misinformation being regurgitated by virtually everyone on the Left regarding this case is astounding. To set the record straight, here are just some of the facts:
    • Taylor’s death was unquestionably tragic, but it was an accident, nonetheless.
    • Taylor was not killed while she lay sleeping in her bed, and there has been zero evidence presented to indicate otherwise.
    • The police did not just “bust into” the residence, and in fact had a “no-knock warrant,” but reports from multiple witnesses indicate that they did indeed knock on the door.
    • The warrant had been issued during the course of a major drug investigation that had resulted in multiple other arrests in the area that day; and Taylor was one of the individuals being investigated.
    • As police attempted to exercise the warrant, they were shot at by Taylor’s boyfriend multiple times, at which point they returned fire, killing Taylor unintentionally.
  • Any discussion on the case of Breonna Taylor should start and finish with that last point: the police “were shot at by Taylor’s boyfriend multiple times, at which point they returned fire.”  How is that not the headline on every article? What in the hell do you expect the police to do?
  • Video of a U-Haul van arriving in Louisville just prior to one of the protests/riots went viral on Thursday, including footage of pre-printed signs and weapons being distributed to the participants. Anyone claiming that Antifa is just some loose affiliation with no real organization is full of crap. They are organized, they are well-funded, and they are bad people.
  • Two police officers were shot by a rioter. Both cops are recovering from their injuries, and a suspect has been arrested. If guilty, lock him up and throw away the key.
  • The media’s role and responsibility in this mayhem cannot be overstated, and in fact I would argue they are largely responsible. If they were to focus on being true journalists, and if they were reporting the facts of this case, it is highly likely that very little if any violence would have occurred. They are complicit.

Topic #2: The Emmy Awards were held on Sunday night.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Viewer ratings for the show hit record lows for the second consecutive year, and it’s no wonder. Americans are fed up with Hollywood, with self-congratulatory award shows, and with lecturing celebrities. Ratings will continue to slide so long as they continue with their tone-deafness and conceit. Screw them.
  • Some observers tried to blame COVID-19 for the low ratings; nonsense. They were low last year as well, and there was no pandemic. America just doesn’t like you Hollywood: deal with it. Or better yet, fix it.
  • Host Jimmy Kimmel and Anthony Anderson conducted a disturbing and awkward routine that was supposed to be comedy… I think. During the routine, Anderson insisted that Kimmel clap when he mentioned that the awards featured a record number of black nominees. Kimmel complied. Then he insisted that Kimmel nod. Kimmel complied. Anderson than explained that he’s “rooting” specifically for the black nominees, and proceeded to demand that Kimmel join him in a chorus of “black lives matter, black lives matter.” Kimmel again complied.  If Archie Bunker and George Jefferson had performed a similar shtick in 1975, it probably would have been funny. But it’s not 1975, and it wasn’t even remotely funny, and that is indeed a shame.
  • Imagine if the Kimmel/Anderson routine had been totally reversed. Give Kimmel’s lines to Anderson, and vice-versa, and switch the races during that dialogue. How do you think that would’ve gone over? “Repeat after me Anthony. White lives matter!” The Left would’ve had a meltdown, anyone associated with the production would have been fired, and the media would have lost their collective minds; and that is the point. In 2020, we now have riots over race across the countries. We have police being shot simply for being in uniform. And we have white folks who are accused of racism at the drop of a hat. The double standards need to stop. Until we can have a rational discussion as a nation about race, and one in which the term “racist” actually has a tangible definition, skits and jokes on race should be put on hold. None of this crap is funny, and you – Hollywood and the media – are the ones who are responsible.

Topic #3: California Governor Gavin Newsom proudly announced that his state would outlaw new gasoline-powered automobiles by 2035.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • California’s state and local governments are a joke. Period
  • Considering that 15 years from now, the make-up of that government will have largely turned over multiple times, Newsom’s announcement amounts to nothing more than virtue signaling, which is par for the course for California.
  • The song by legendary alternative-rock band Rush “Red Barchetta” doesn’t seem so far-fetched now, does it?  

Topic #4: Joe Biden is announcing “lids” – or limitations on, or removal of, his availability to the media – virtually every day.  

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Thoughts and Observations:

  • You have to love the way they just create a new term, “lids,” and pretend that it’s totally normal. If you said to yourself, “Gee, I never heard of that term before this year,” that’s because they pulled it out of their asses to cover for Biden.
  • If I was Biden’s campaign manager, I’d probably do the same thing. Biden is a joke, and every time he talks he looks like a buffoon.
  • To be fair, I’m kind of jealous. I wish I had thought of the idea when I was in school. “I’m sorry Mrs. Smith, but I can’t answer any questions in class today. I have a ‘lid’ that began at 9:00 AM. “

Topic #5: President Trump announced that he is going to nominate someone to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court on Saturday; Senate Leader Mitch McConnell announced that there would be hearings and a vote; and Democrats and the media had a weeklong conniption.  

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Pointing at the GOP and claiming hypocrisy is fine if you do the same to Democrats. The objections they’re voicing now are eerily similar to the rationale of Republicans in early-2016.
  • The threats they are making about packing the courts, adding new states to the union, and eliminating the filibuster show just how crazy they have become. Republicans need to hold their ground and take steps to ensure they win elections moving forward.  
  • Anyone who takes the stance that the GOP should cut a deal is delusional. You don’t cut a deal with people making threats for the same reason you don’t negotiate with terrorists…. And yes, I am comparing Chuck Schumer and his pals with terrorists. If you want to have a discussion Chuckie, tone down the rhetoric, stop listening to Nancy, and take a deep breath.

PF Whalen