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President Positive, the Debate, and General Observations of the Week

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Topic #1: It was announced early Friday that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have both tested positive for COVID-19.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • With the amount of people that the president and First Lady interact with, this news was probably inevitable. Godspeed Mr. President and First Lady… get well soon.
  • The reaction from most on the Left was both despicable and predictable. Don Lemon called it “payback”, while others posted GIFs and memes on social media openly celebrating and hoping for Trump’s death. Sick people.
  • There were a few on the Left who seemed to be genuinely concerned for the president, issuing heartfelt well-wishes. One such person was Rachel Maddow, surprisingly. It was nice to see, well done Rachel.
  • President Trump is 74 years old, which puts him in the high-risk category. He could also stand to lose a few pounds, so that doesn’t help. But generally, the president appears to be in good health, and he has the best healthcare in the world at his disposal. The biggest challenge for Trump and his doctors will be getting him to rest, as we can all see that he has endless energy.
  • On Friday evening, the president was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center, reportedly as a precaution. Still, if I was a betting man, I’d wager that the president will be OK.
  • The impact to the campaign and future debates will be interesting to watch. Rallies for the president will have to be postponed, but something tells me he will still be very active – on Twitter, on the phone calling the media, etc.

Topic #2: The first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden was held on Tuesday, hosted by Fox News Channel and moderated by Chris Wallace.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The debate was extremely tedious to watch. I watched almost the entire thing, but there were several moments when I wanted to change the channel.
  • My grade for Trump: B-minus:
    • He hit Biden on some key issues such as his abysmal record after 47 years in government, the corruption of his son, and his inability to get a single endorsement from a law enforcement group.
    • He made some critical mistakes such as not being clearer on white supremacy, not rejecting the very premise of several of Wallace’s questions, and badgering Biden too much.
    • If we’ve learned one thing about Joe Biden in the past 12 years, it’s this: if you let him talk long enough, he does more damage to himself than any opponent can. Trump did a good job of pressing him, but he should have let Biden mumble and stumble through his answers.
    • When Wallace asked Trump to denounce white supremacy, he should have gone on one of his classic diatribes – “Of course I reject white supremacy, I always have. I reject every form of it, and the fact that you even ask the question shows you’re a proponent of ‘fake news,’ Chris.” Something like that would have gone a long way.
  • My grade for Biden: C-plus
    • This grade is more for his performance, not the content of his answers
    • The expectations were low, and Joe physically made it through the debate. That fact puts him at an A-minus right off the bat.
    • He did appear somewhat lucid for much of the 90 minutes, but there were a few moments when he got lost. For example, when answering a question about masks, Biden started going on about health care or something.
    • At one point during the debate I started to laugh when it dawned on me that Biden may very well have been medicated. Trump had suggested that Biden would take drugs prior to the debate, and I think Trump might have nailed it.
    • Biden said some pretty horrible stuff. I don’t particularly care about him calling Trump a clown or him asking Trump to “shut up,” but when he agreed that America is a racist country, and when he called Antifa just “an idea,” that was really bad. Has the media held him to account? Of course not, but it was awful just the same.
  • My grade for Chris Wallace: D-minus
    • He lost control at the beginning, and then tried to regain his footing which he never did.
    • The question to Trump asking him to denounce right-wing violence in American cities was one of the most disingenuous questions ever asked during one of these debates. Wallace knows damned well that right-wingers are a tiny fraction of the problems, yet he pressed on with an inane left wing narrative. That’s the type of question I would have expected if Joy Behar had moderated the debate.
    • Wallace pressed Trump with about 7 or 8 questions on climate change, yet he let Biden go without answering the serious questions about “court packing.” Inexcusable.
    • I’m not a Chris Wallace fan, but I’d always had a lot of respect for him. I lost a lot of that respect on Tuesday, however. Wallace came off as just another biased hack. What a shame.

Topic #3: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) went on the air and interviewed with Chris Cuomo on CNN on Wednesday.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The discussion got extremely heated, and according to my score sheet, Cruz won the fight with a TKO in the fourth round.
  • The topic at hand was supposed to be Trump’s performance during the previous night’s debate, with questions about Trump’s answers on white supremacy, but it quickly turned personal. Cruz clearly clobbered Cuomo and how he covers for his brother; click here for a couple of clips.
  • Keep in mind, CNN and Cuomo contend that he is not a commentator, but is indeed a legitimate “journalist.” What a joke.
  • If anyone doubts that Senator Cruz’s attack was effective, check out this “fact check” published by CNN regarding Governor Cuomo just two days later. Calling out Andrew Cuomo goes against everything CNN stands for, and that doesn’t happen without that Chris Cuomo/Ted Cruz exchange.

Topic #4: California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that his state is the first in the union to launch an effort to make slavery reparations a reality.   

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Thoughts and Observations:

  • The whole idea of reparations is absurd to begin with, which must be why Newsom endorses it.
  • Will President Obama receive reparations if he moves to California? Note that Obama’s mother was white, and his father was from Kenya. He does not have any ancestors who were American slaves.
  • Will Kamala Harris receive reparations, since she is already a California resident? One of her ancestors was actually a slave owner.
  • Ultimately, it’s just more virtue signaling from Newsom. It will probably never go anywhere, but he accomplished his goal – he showed everyone how “woke” he is. Well done, Governor, well done.
  • For anyone in other blue states (Washington? Virginia? Oregon?) who thinks you have a bad governor, count your blessings. There is no one worse than Gavin Newsom.

Topic #5: The group “The Proud Boys” came up during the debate on Tuesday, when Joe Biden responded to President Trump’s request for Biden and Wallace to name a white supremacist group for Trump to condemn.  

Thoughts and Observations:

  • First of all, you have to come up with a better name than “The Proud Boys,” I mean, really. How about, “Proud Men” at least, or “Proud Guys.” It’s fine to be proud I suppose, but you need some help with your marketing.
  • The group itself is clearly not a white supremacist group – considering their leader is an Afro-Cuban named Enrique Tarrio – and has a large percentage of black and Latino members.
  • The fact that “Proud Boys” was all Wallace and Biden could come up with when pressed for the name of a violent white-supremacist group speaks volumes. It’s such a problem that you have to call it out during a nationally televised presidential debate, yet the best you can do is bring up a group that is led by a black Latino? Laughable.

PF Whalen