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Fatherhood Should Make Every Man A Conservative

Photo by Freddy G on Unsplash

By Guest Author, Parker Beauregard from

There is a famous adage attributed to Churchill that says if you aren’t a liberal when you’re young you don’t have a heart, but if you aren’t a conservative when you’re old you don’t have a brain. The punch line could be altered in 2020 of new dads; if you aren’t a conservative when you’re a father you don’t have a brain.

For those still undecided on certain political views, I can’t imagine a more deciding event in life than witnessing the birth of and later raising a child. Honestly, if this tectonic life event does not persuade someone to join the conservative cause, I know nothing more convincing that would.

Let’s count the ways fatherhood should make every man a conservative.

Views on Abortion

During the course of a normal pregnancy, expectant parents get a glimpse, now offered in 4D, of their incubating infant. Anyone still agnostic on abortion, with modern technology offering glimpses into the uterine enclave, can’t honestly claim they are disposing of just a random collection of cells. Babies can survive on their own even at just 22 weeks, but even at conception they already have a unique genetic code. Radio host Dennis Prager makes the point that an in-utero fetus is a baby when the mother wants it and is not when the mother doesn’t. That about sums up the left’s justification for legalized murder.

If nothing else, I challenge any moral and decent person to hold their new baby upon his birth, with it resting innocently on his mother’s chest and flexing his little fingers, viewing the new world with his expressive eyes, and charming Mom and Dad instantly with his unique personality. Do all of that, picture this immaculate and angelic being in the womb a day before, and then say abortion is still legitimate.

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Views on Gun Rights

I had never owned a gun prior to 2020. I wasn’t opposed; I just didn’t feel a need for one where I lived. The community felt as close knit as they come nowadays, we had a trustworthy police force, made up of locals, and rioting wasn’t a thing outside of major, Democrat-controlled cities. Fast forward after the George Floyd Protests, as they are now called, and I can’t imagine not having one. I would call the police when needed, but as cities across America are finding out, you can’t blame officers for every ill of society or smear their names every time they interact with a black man and still expect swift responses or robust police-work to carry on.

Even worse, Democrats think they can defund police and disarm good civilians, all while expecting a utopian wonderland to follow. Anyone with a brain – heck, even a few brain cells – has to understand the only landscape emerging from a police-less society with unarmed, law-abiding citizenry is one of utter chaos and dystopic hell. If someone tries entering my house uninvited and unannounced, Castle Doctrine or not, they will reckon with whatever barrage comes their way before they touch my wife or kid.

Seriously, Traditional Liberal New Dad, do you think all people are good and it won’t happen to you, or are you just going to wait for the government to protect you when a home intrusion occurs? If that’s the case, you guys are dumber than I thought.

Views on Taxes

Household budgeting takes on a whole new meaning when the hospital discharges you to go home with your tiny person. The costs of raising a child are simply astronomical. Babies require diapers, food, things (so many things), childcare, and medical upkeep. In a typical family, no extra money finds its way to your bank account, so all of the work you do each and every day supplies the means with which to pay for all of this.

Now, do you want all of your hard-earned money, which goes to the unending and aforementioned list, shipped off to Uncle Sam in the form of ever-increasing tax burdens to give freeloaders, foreign governments, and bloated, toxic agencies more cash to burn? Do you seriously think that’s a better use of your money?

New dads in California, this question is for you. Your state is a fiscal and cultural disaster.

 Does paying over 50% of your income in taxes reap any benefits out there?

Views on Women’s Rights

I am a husband to a gifted and successful woman. I am now the obsessed and devoted father to a beautiful baby girl. Call me crazy, but I am inspired by my wife, want her to grow in her personal and professional life, and as I look upon my daughter in her sleep, hope she is dreaming of climbing proverbial mountains and reaching her dreams. The leftist narrative goes something like this: Conservatives hate women. Do I hate women? I hardly think so. But I refuse to call her or let her call herself a victim. It is child abuse.

I will never tell my infant daughter she is a victim. That would be child abuse to let her grow up thinking she is owed something or that someone is holding her back. Instead, I consider my wife and daughter to be two of the luckiest women to ever walk the earth; that they are living in 21st-century America as females endows them with the rights and privileges only dreamed about, or later fought for, by women of millennia past., and still in most other countries today Seriously, what can’t they do?

We are witnessing, in just three election cycles, both major presidential parties nominating female vice presidents and even saw the nomination of a woman for president. Females dominated the stage at both parties’ conventions and all of the current political talk is centered around replacing one female Supreme Court justice with another female (although the supposed champion of women, the ideological left, are entirely opposed to the Trump-nominated Amy Coney Barrett…so, you tell me how much they really care about women after all).

My daughter will be raised to know that she is loved, smart, strong, and capable. If I had a son, he would be raised in the exact same way. She will be a winner. Period.

Views on education

In visiting the doctor, attending religious services, feeding her, and exposing her to screens, we reserve every right to make a decision that suits our lifestyle and parenting goals toward our daughter.

Why, then, is one of the single greatest experiences and one that lasts for twelve formative years – that of schooling – reduced to the neighborhood we, or any other parents, reside? Parents can choose everything – literally, everything – much to their child’s own detriment, and yet in 2020 American politicians would have you believe that school choice shouldn’t exist. Again, those are your tax dollars funding building operations and teacher salaries. You know who opposes school choice? Democrats.

The importance of dads.

Larry Elder often reminds anyone willing to listen that even President Barack Obama, no friend to the nuclear family vis-a-vis government welfare policies, was quoted on the campaign trail noting fatherless boys were “five times more likely to grow up in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of school and twenty times more likely to end up in prison.”

Dads matter. A study from Minnesota psychologists corroborates Obama’s statement, going off “considerable research” to find that “households lacking a father experience psychosocial problems with greater frequency than children with a father in the home.” As they enter adulthood these children grow up with higher rates of “increased risk of substance use, depression, suicide, poor school performance, and contact with the criminal justice system.” Specifically, the study identified ten ways in which children were impacted negatively by the absence of a father in the home. These adverse outcomes include Perceived abandonment, attachment issues, child abuse, childhood obesity, criminal justice involvement, gang involvement, mental health issues, poor school performance, poverty and homelessness; and substance use.

It ought not take a study for a dad to realize his worth. Whether it’s helping the baby’s mother with a 2:00am feeding, going to work after a night of baby wails, or cooking and cleaning so the new mom can rest, dads are immediately integral to the well-being of the family unit. Democrats would have you believe the opposite, as would their militant arm, Black Lives Matter. It is always a good reminder to highlight that BLM seeks to abolish the Western notion of the nuclear family. Do they think that if black fathers aren’t with their families then no fathers should be with theirs? Jealousy and the inherent desire to covet motivate most leftist positions.

Dads everywhere need to wake up to the truth of our new political reality. Democrats do not have their best interest at heart, nor the interests of their precious little ones. Even if just one of the aforementioned reasons resonates with you, it is time to join our team. We gladly welcome you!

Parker Beauregard