Weekend Conversations: Hypocrisies of the Left

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In this installment of Weekend Conversations, PF Whalen of The Blue State Conservative and Parker Beauregard of The Last Best Hope dig into the endless list of leftist hypocrisies. 

In a recent conversation, PF and Parker focused on the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. It is expected that the left, including lifelong feminists and female Democrats, will mercilessly target Judge Barrett on a wide range of issues, including her juggling act of motherhood and work demands, as well as the adoption of black children. There is no other way to view this imminent character assassination as a refutation of feminist ideals and exposure of the fraud and hypocrisy of their claims that. It should now be clear; women do not matter. Only leftism matters. The same could be said of the farce that was the nomination of now-justice Brett Kavanaugh. The #MeToo movement has sputtered spectacularly when it targeted him on concocted narratives of gang rape and is now silent on the more-substantiated allegations brought forth by Tara Reade against Joe Biden. Biden himself seems to leave a trail of allegations wherever he goes, but who would know it based on media silence?

Parker: Aside from the maddening double standard of the #MeToo movement and feminism in the two latest Supreme Court confirmation hearings, it is equally infuriating to watch hypocrisy at every turn of celebrity, media, or political levels. I would add the notion of Fascism to the list, too. For the past three and a half years, clowns have kept piling out of their tiny leftist car declaring that President Trump is Hitler reincarnate and every executive action is moving us down the path to Nazi totalitarianism. 

In reality, and I don’t know how to communicate this anymore to those impaired by TDS, it is the left that is awash in blatant fascistic practices. How else to describe the erosion of diversity of thought, the forceful application of dogmatic belief in Critical Race Theory, the condemnation of traditional American values, and even the militaristic approach of violence in our streets? At one moment the left says Trump is terminating our rights, only to turn around and extend stay-at-home orders, force business closures, suggest the 2nd amendment is dangerous, use Big Tech to silence speech to the point of removing competing medical and political perspectives, and partake in a host of ostensibly draconian impositions? It defies logic, but then again, the left definitely does not operate on logic.

PF: It’s a major issue, not just regarding government and politics, but in our culture as a whole. We see double-standards everywhere we look. One of things that I’m still debating is what drives the problem? On the one hand, I think some of it is ignorance, and I would use your points on fascism as an example. But there are some smart people on the Left, and I think they’re well aware of what they’re doing. 

When the Left was trying to crucify Trump for imagined misdeeds with Russia and Ukraine, we learned that Joe Biden’s son was the one who was truly in cahoots with foreign governments, and there is proof to back it up. While the media was relentless on Trump, they’ve essentially ignored Hunter Biden. But Trump hammered the issue during the debate on Tuesday, and if he’s smart, he’ll have multiple campaign ads in the coming weeks pointing it out again. Non-Leftists can see their hypocrisy, and it’s starting to bite them in ass. 

Parker: The debate really shone another light on the media’s Russia/Ukraine double standard. We have lived through endless lies since the 2016 election cycle, and Wallace wanted to return to it, even at the expense of ignoring evidentiary proof that Hunter Biden cashed a check worth $3.5 million from the ex-mayor of Moscow’s wife. Forget about the Burisma scandal. 

I am developing a long article about this topic, but I was asking a Democrat-voting relative about Trump testing positive for coronavirus. Immediately, like a Pavlovian experiment that has both a physical and physiological reaction upon hearing the word “Trump”, this individual took it upon himself to cringe, laugh, and cease to utter coherent statement. He’s a fool for getting COVID, he said. So now we are victim shaming? What about everyone else that gets it? Do you think the already-deceased are responsible for their own COVID contraction and death too? This is proof COVID is real, he declared. Who said it wasn’t real? He puts everyone at risk, he stated. You don’t think he consults with doctors? 

Now that it appears Trump is recovering, I asked this person if his recover meant anything to him. After all, we had just endured a weekend of mind-numbing stupidity. It doesn’t mean anything, he exclaimed. And he walked away.

PF: There are examples of their hypocrisy virtually anywhere we look, but I think the most disturbing is how that hypocrisy comes through with foreign affairs. With China, for example, their actions and rhetoric are stunning… and dangerous.

They accuse Trump of being a fascist and a dictator, totally disregarding the fact that in a true fascist system they would be jailed for criticizing him. Then, in the same breath, they’ll go out of their way to defend China. LeBron James can’t help but blurt out total nonsense on the topic of “Black Lives Matter,” and he is thoroughly disgusted that fifteen unarmed black folks were killed by police last year. But if anyone dares to bring up the absolute oppression of Hong Kong or the one-million Uighurs in Chinese concentration camps, he tries to scold us about being ignorant. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so scary, as it’s clear that China is well aware of the debate and is becoming emboldened.

Parker: I am also fascinated with the intersection of transgenderism and feminism. Both ideologies cannot coexist in the same space. Feminism champions women first and details a long history of abuses and oppression by men. It seeks space away from men to build solidarity among themselves. But now, transgendered folk suffering from some degree of gender dysphoria, all of whom deserve our empathy and respect, entered the scene and suddenly defending women became the next leftist-generated phobia. 

There are countless instances, some making their way through the court system like the female high school track athletes in Connecticut, of women simply wanting to compete athletically against other women. In 2020, that’s not allowed. Even Martina Navratilova, a lifelong advocate for women – and even gay – issues, is a pariah within the LGBTQAI+ community for suggesting women’s tennis should remain open to only biological women. JK Rowling, not a symbol of the patriarchy either, who retconned major Harry Potter characters (like Albus Dumbledore) just to become more inclusive, has also come under fire for drawing a line at biology. 

Most worrisome, there are real-world consequences to all of this. California recently passed legislation allowing incarcerated individuals to self-identify their sex and subsequently be placed in the corresponding detention facility. Men, many of whom are violent and nearly all of whom are physically stronger than the women, will inevitably cause great harm to the women they are housed with if this is allowed to proceed. As awful as this act is, nothing better exemplifies the insanity of the current movement more than the past case of an Alaskan women’s shelter, ostensibly erected to provide safety for women abused at the hands of men, that also faces a legal challenge to let transgender men take advantage of their facility. Hearing that feminism is for women and observing these scenarios play out ought to create cognitive dissonance in everyone; unfortunately, it’s just par for the course.

PF: Good points on their faux-feminism bowing to the LGBTQ crowd, and I think there’s a good chance that the transgender issue may be what destroys their bigoted, intersectional alliance.  You can’t have feminism, after all, if there’s no such thing as gender.

You mentioned the real-world consequences of their actions, and one of the most troubling for me is the hypocrisy we’re seeing regarding “black lives.” On average, less unarmed black folks die at the hands of police throughout the entire country for an entire year than die in a single week due to gun violence in Chicago. They hide behind the idea/motto “black lives matter,” but clearly they don’t believe it. If those lives truly mattered, they would be focused on cultural issues in black communities and working with law enforcement, not demonizing and threatening to defund them.

On a positive note, I think many people now recognize how hypocritical they are, particularly with the media. It’s part of the reason Trump won in 2016. Let’s hope folks haven’t lost sight of that fact, particularly on Election Day.

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