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Trump is Trump, But Biden Wants You to Think He’s Someone Else

Democrats Have Better Choices Than Biden | The Nation

President Donald J. Trump is brash. He’s boisterous, he steps on toes, he disrupts social norms, and he sends out confrontational and controversial tweets at 4:00 AM on a regular basis.  The guy is a bull in a china shop.  He’s no teddy bear, and to a large degree, that unconventional, what-you-see-is-what you-get approach is why he was elected four years ago.  Trump doesn’t hide from his persona, and in fact he often jokes about it. “Suburban women, will you please like me?” Trump asked during a recent campaign rally (obviously asking it in jest even though Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes clearly doesn’t understand humor as she showed during last Sunday’s edition).  Trump is who he is; take him or leave him.  So why is it that Joe Biden doesn’t follow suit, and instead constantly tries to portray himself as something he’s not?   

An increasingly common tactic we’re seeing from the Biden Campaign is the effort to portray him as both a unifier and a patriot.  They would have us believe that Biden is Mahatma Gandhi in the form of a flag-waving, America-loving, apple pie eating Yankee Doodle Dandy.  In a recent Biden campaign video narrated by Sam Elliott, the ad begins with various patriotic imagery accompanied by a slow and dramatic, piano-only version of our beloved Star Spangled Banner, with Elliott explaining, “There is only one America.  No Democratic rivers, no Republican mountains; just this great land.”  Later in the piece, Elliott promises that Biden will be “a president that brings out our best,” apparently counting on Americans having short memories regarding Biden’s true make-up.

Biden may be a lot of things, but a reconciler isn’t one of them.  In last Thursday’s presidential debate, for instance, Biden couldn’t even complete a sentence without attacking his opponents, “I don’t look at this in the terms [Trump] does, Red States and Blues States, they’re all the United States, and look at the states that are having such a spike in the virus, they’re the Red States.”  In other words, “I’m not political, I love all Americans and I’m going to unify us, and by the way, Republicans are awful.”

In 2012 when Biden was Vice-President and campaigning in Virginia in front of a largely black audience, he famously claimed that Mitt Romney was “gonna put y’all back in chains.”  Forget the fact that Biden, the Pennsylvania native, was apparently trying to sound like he was on an episode of Dukes of Hazard just because he was in the south, and forget that Mitt Romney was one of the most inoffensive and racially undisruptive presidential candidates in history.  How can someone who made such a vile, despicable accusation only eight years ago now try to sell himself as some kind of domestic peacemaker?  Anyone who believes Joe Biden has any intention of bringing the country together and healing whatever “wounds” he perceives are plaguing our country is a fool.  Joe Biden’s agenda has no room for compromise, and if elected he will make no attempts to do so.

While some may tut-tut the idea of questioning Biden’s patriotism, it should be fair game to at least examine comments he’s made during this current election cycle.  This past December while campaigning in New Hampshire just a few weeks before the Iowa caucuses, Biden was answering a question about domestic violence against women.  His answer included, “Culture, our culture, our culture. It’s not imported from some African nation, or some Asian nation. It’s our English jurisprudential culture, our European culture.” Ironically, his comments were then taken out of context by leftists hoping for a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren nomination instead of the then-poll-lagging Biden, by attempting to label Biden’s words as racist.  After all, rather than try to defeat someone with better ideas, the Left would always prefer to take the easy way out and just play the race card.

To be fair, however, that wasn’t Biden’s point at all, but as usual, the Left and their media missed the true shame in Biden’s comments.  Biden’s statement wasn’t racist in the least; he was actually taking a shot at America and our culture.  If those on the Left who were attacking him could have momentarily calmed their hysteria in their effort to damage the perceived centrist — and Biden is no centrist –they might have been able to understand that Biden was saying something with which they agree.  Joe was singing their song, after all.  America is bad, and our culture is bad.  Biden’s point during the exchange was that violence against women is accepted in western culture and that is why it happens, which is total nonsense.  When a thug engages in domestic violence against a woman, any woman, he is personally responsible; not our culture, not the teachers who taught him, and not his high school football coach or anyone else.  He alone is responsible, and for Biden to blame such atrocities on our culture says a lot about Biden’s way of thinking.

Joe Biden likely doesn’t hate America.  He openly embraces the Black Lives Matter movement’s anti-historical philosophy that America is systemically racist, even as public support for that organization continues to dwindle, but that doesn’t necessarily make him anti-American.  Then again, it certainly doesn’t make him patriotic either.  Joe Biden likely doesn’t hate all Republicans.  Last Saturday Biden called Trump supporters  “chumps” during a sparsely attended rally in Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t make him a promoter of civic unrest.  Then again, it certainly doesn’t make him unifying.

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Joe Biden is divisive, and won’t hesitate to launch vicious personal attacks against any opponent if he thinks it will give him an electoral edge.  Joe Biden is an opportunist who will disrespect and badmouth our country in a heartbeat if he thinks that’s what the particular audience he’s addressing wants to hear, or if he thinks he can get a few extra votes from doing so.  Above all else, Joe Biden is the quintessential Washington D.C. swamp-dweller who is uncompromising in his craving for power .  He wants you to think he’s someone else because he has a 47-year record with virtually no accomplishments to tout.  He wants you to think he’s someone else because the real Joe Biden is not particularly electable.  Don’t be fooled: we know who Joe Biden is, and he’s none of the things he’s pretending to be.

PF Whalen