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Philly on Fire, Barrett Confirmed and General Observations of the Week

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett sworn in at White House

Topic #1: In a vote along party lines, with Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) the only nay vote from a Republican, Justice Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in on Monday as the fifth woman to be seated on the Supreme Court.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • I know I must sound like a broken record, but the media’s coverage – or, rather, the lack thereof – is almost as big of a story as the story itself. Barrett was sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas, the only black member of the court. So we had a woman sworn in by a black man who was the son of Alabama sharecroppers. Sounds pretty historic to me, but the media didn’t cover it that way. The coverage was, instead, focused on the political nature of Barrett’s ascension. Every day that goes by, our media becomes less credible.
  • Let’s speculate on the reason for the media’s disinterest in the historical nature of the swearing in ceremony. Could it be because both Barrett and Thomas are conservative and devout Catholics? Could it be that Barrett made it through the confirmation process entirely unscathed, thereby looking like a feather in President Trump’s hat? Could it be that with a black man swearing in a woman, covering the ceremony properly might remind people that our country isn’t rife with “systemic racism,” and the narrative that Left and their media has been trying to sell us is total bullshit? Or, could it be all of the above? Hmm.
  • While it’s hard to be disappointed with any aspect of Mrs. Barrett becoming Justice Barrett, I do find it surprising and somewhat dissatisfying that the Democrats didn’t lose their minds during the process, like they did with Brett Kavanaugh. Perhaps they recognized that going full-out “Robert Bork” on Barrett would have backfired on them politically. Or, perhaps, with Barrett being a woman they ran out of bullets to shoot. Either way, it’s nice to see not just a brilliant person appointed to the court, but an evidently genuinely good person as well. God bless America.
  • The debate about how Democrats will react and/or retaliate will continue, with the notion of “court packing” picking up steam in some pockets of the Left’s wonderland. But I continue to believe that adding seats to the court will not happen. I think for the Left to pursue such a tactic would be so destructive to the country, there will be enough sane, moderate Democrat senators to shut it down.
  • In another despicable example of our Cancel Culture, the Girl Scouts of America issued a congratulatory tweet to Barrett on Tuesday, but it was then deleted. Pressure from leftists, outraged that the GSA would dare to congratulate Barrett because she doesn’t share their leftist philosophy on jurisprudence drove the organization to withdraw their message. When and where will this nonsense stop?

Topic #2: A black man by the name of Walter Wallace was shot and killed by police in Philadelphia on Monday, and once again, another Democrat-run city erupted into riots, with one Wal-Mart location having been looted by an estimated 1,000 Philadelphians.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • There is video of the incident, and barring any currently-unknown evidence coming forward, this was another textbook example of proper policing. Wallace had a clearly-visible knife in his hand, he can be seen approaching police who are yelling at him, and the officers correctly shot and killed him.
  • Similar to the Jacob Blake situation in Kenosha last month, again… what in the hell are cops supposed to do? Should police now require that would-be-assailants be armed with firearms before protecting themselves? Knives aren’t dangerous enough? Should they just sacrifice one of their officers and allow him/her to be murdered without defending themselves so people understand the dangers they face?
  • The mindset of the Left and their media is astonishing. Once again another genius – this time CNN’s Wolf Blitzer – questioned why the cops didn’t “shoot to injure” Wallace instead of killing him. Because, Wolf, cops are trained to aim at the center of mass of the target. Very few cops are as accurate as Dirty Harry with their handguns, and those situations aren’t like the movies. It’s life-and-death. It’s him-or-me. You don’t mess around when someone is coming at you with a knife, Einstein. Instead of watching reruns of Miami Vice or Starsky & Hutch, maybe you should focus on being a better journalist, Wolf… goodness knows CNN could use one.
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) issued a tweet declaring the shooting officers “murderers,” and suggesting that they be prosecuted by the Federal Government. Maybe I’m too much of an optimist, but it is this type of rhetoric that I believe will eventually be the undoing of people like Bernie and others on the Left. Yes, there are plenty of Bernie Bros who feel the Bern and gobble up everything that knucklehead has to say, but there has to be plenty of them that will start scratching their heads at some point when he continues to spew this nonsense.
  • With Pennsylvania as perhaps the single-most critical state with the Presidential race and Tuesday’s election, the media have once again largely ignored the riots in Philly. After all, they can’t cover a story that shows the failed policies of a Democrat-run city, the absurdity of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the consequences of appeasement from people like Joe Biden. So, they just ignore it.

Topic #3: Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom announced outrageously draconian restrictions on Californians for Thanksgiving celebrations next month, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Aspects of the rules include: 1) no more than three households can gather together at a time, 2) gatherings must be held outside and, 3) they should last less than two hours.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Anyone who still thinks policies in leftist states like California are about “public health,” you’re delusional. Policies like Newsom’s are about power, and testing the waters with how much of your liberties they can take away.
  • California has seen a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, clearly driving Newsom’s decision, but don’t be fooled: California never came fully off of lockdown. California has been, since the beginning, one of the most aggressive states with lockdowns, and has essentially destroyed their economy yet they’re still seeing a spike. The reason? Lockdowns aren’t necessarily effective, and tend to delay the inevitable. And when you go overboard like Newsom is doing, it drives people to simply ignore such rules.
  • Similar to what we’re hearing out of the United Kingdom, there have been suggestions that Newsom may try to use police to enforce the laws/rules, but don’t count on it. If they start knocking on doors and barging in on citizens’ Thanksgiving dinners, there could be a revolt.
  • The Great Barrington Declaration, which is a document that was released earlier this month, calls for doing away with lockdowns, has been signed by almost 44,000 doctors and scientists, and was authored by three renowned epidemiologists, including one from Stanford University. Do you think Gavin Newsom gave any consideration to the opinion of one of the top scientists at the best university in his own state, and one of the best in the world? I don’t. To do so would mean he’d have to consider relinquishing the powers he’s been seizing for the last eight months, and he can’t have that.

Topic #4: Corporate leaders of Big Tech companies were called on the carpet on Wednesday, and testified electronically/virtually before the Senate Judiciary Committee, including testimony from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

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 Thoughts and Observations:

  • First of all, if you own Twitter stock it’s time to think about selling your shares, as many did yesterday as the sale price dropped an astounding 21.1% in one day. Yes, you have to be concerned about the prospects of Twitter’s financial results as their credibility as a communications platform has all but disintegrated, but more importantly you have to question the company’s leadership.
  • I get the whole “Go to work in flip-flops and hang out by the office ping pong table at lunch” culture that Big Tech has going on. It must be a cool environment in which to work, truly. But for those who missed it, Jack Dorsey was channeling his inner Jeff Spicoli during the televised Senate hearing that was watched by millions of people. Dorsey was sporting a ZZ-Top style beard, a nose-ring, and sounded like a nineteen-year old who just did a bong hit and couldn’t wait to jump on his skateboard and head out for some tacos. I’m sure Dorsey’s a smart guy, but if he was half as smart as he thinks he is, he would’ve been a little more professional in how he presented himself. Holy crap.
  • At issue for the hearing, for those who missed it, was the ongoing censorship of conservative users. Specifically, the hearings focused on the recent decision by Twitter to eliminate, and Facebook to suppress, any sharing of the recent New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s email scandal. Both companies had cited concern about inaccuracy and the potential that the story was “disinformation.” But when asked specifically if they had any proof that the story was false, they said no. In other words, both Zuckerberg and Dorsey were exposed as having put their fingers on the scale just weeks before the election.
  • It’s unclear where this story goes next, but it is truly scary. If Trump loses on Tuesday, and if Democrats win the Senate as well, they will ensure that this story and any accountability for the companies is swept under the rug. Americans need to wake up, and we need to insist on our First Amendment rights. Such censorship could just be the start of a “new normal” if Biden wins, and things could really start to get Orwellian.

Topic #5: In September 2018, the New York Times ran an OpEd from an anonymous “Senior Administration Official” that detailed alleged secret efforts within the Trump Administration focused on the “resistance,” and purporting to doing everything they could to thwart President Trump’s agenda. On Wednesday, the identity of that official became known as Miles Taylor, a former Chief-of-Staff to former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Here’s a sentence that not a single person in the country uttered after the news broke: “Oh no, please don’t tell be that it was Miles Taylor that betrayed the president!” Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, Miles; it’s fading fast.
  • To be clear on a point which has been largely ignored with the matter, Taylor was not even on Nielsen’s staff at the time of the OpEd, and had indeed already left his job. He was only working as a “consultant.” He was a former employee of the department when the piece was written.
  • There are a lot of ways I could ponder to describe a “former Chief-of Staff to a cabinet official,” but calling him a “Senior Official” isn’t one of them. Trump’s Chief-of-Staff? Yup, he’d be considered a senior official. Vice-President Pence? The Secretary of State? The Attorney General? National Security Advisor? No doubt, they’d all be considered as senior officials. But a former Chief-of-Staff to a cabinet secretary? No sir. And the Left claims that President Trump overstates the existence of “fake news?” Yeah, not so much.
  • Considering the new standard for being considered a “Senior Official,” I think it’s time for many of us to approach our bosses. It’s time for a raise and a new title folks. Who’s with me?

PF Whalen