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Fox News Falling, Biden the Unifier, and General Observations of the Week

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Topic #1: Due presumably to various recent missteps, ratings for Fox News Channel have dropped as viewership for conservative competitor Newsmax has skyrocketed.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Newsmax ratings have more than quadrupled compared to just last month as they begin to cut into Fox News’ ratings dominance. Surely, it can’t be coincidental that the shift has happened alongside a litany of blunders by Fox:
    • During the first Presidential Debate at the end of September, one of Fox’s top guns, Chris Wallace, had one of the worst performances by a debate moderator in memory, appearing to be more of an anti-Trump debate participant than a moderator.
    • Shortly after that debate on October 1st, Fox’s Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts did his best Jim Acosta impersonation during an exchange with Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. Roberts asked McEnany if President Trump denounced white supremacism, at which point she rattled off multiple examples of Trump doing just that, including locations and actual quotes. Roberts’ followed up with one of the stupidest questions ever asked by a journalist, “But can you say that the president unequivocally denounces white supremacism?” To which McEnany correctly replied, “I just did.”
    • On Election Night, Fox made the decision to call the State of Arizona as a win for Joe Biden, much to the chagrin of Trump Campaign officials and the president himself, along with various Fox on-air personalities. Given a chance to back off the call, they refused, and chose instead to dig in their heels. The fact that we are almost two weeks after the election, and voting irregularities are being challenged in Arizona courts, and the vote differential in the state is still less-than 12,000 votes – the single smallest margin of any state in the nation – makes it clear that they jumped the gun on Election Night.
    • In another error on Election Night, and one that has not gained much attention, at approximately 6:30 PM PT, Fox Anchor Brett Baier made an announcement, accompanied by a on-screen graphic, that Democrats would not only retain control of the House of Representatives, but would in fact add seats to their margin. That didn’t happen, obviously, and Democrats have lost double-digit seats, and will go into the new Congress with an extremely narrow margin.
    • Fox News polling leading up to the election were in line with most other media outlets, which is to say that they were wildly wrong.  Their national polls showed Biden up over 7% right before the election, while it turned out to be closer to 3%. They were even worse with their polls for open senate seats, along with most other outlets.
    • Fox Anchor Sandra Smith was caught this week during one of those dreaded “hot mic” moments asking, “What is happening Trace? We called it.” Smith was apparently shocked at the audacity of a guest pointing out “Remember, just because CNN or even Fox News says somebody is president, does not mean they’re president.” How dare anyone point out facts, right Sandra?
  • What makes all of these errors even more unforgivable is that fact that the mainstream media has been even more biased than usual during the current news cycle, if that’s even possible.
  • I don’t begrudge Fox for trying to be fair, or as they would say, “fair and balanced.” In fact, I prefer that approach. But that list of errors clearly indicates a previously seldom-seen bias against President Trump. There’s no other way to look at it.
  • As conservatives, there are very few places we can go to get non-leftist news. The entire mainstream media has become a de facto Communications Department for the Democrat Party, and there are many of us who feel somewhat betrayed by Fox’s actions. Call me naïve, but being straight with your viewers should not be that difficult. If you’re going to err, Fox News, err on the side of caution, not on the side of the Left and their corrupt media.
  • Let’s hope Fox News regains their footing and gets back to their previous level of credibility. But let’s also hope they don’t try to overcompensate and become the conservative version of CNN or MSNBC, which was never the case in spite of what our friends on the Left might contend; and I’m not talking about shows like Carlson/Hannity/Ingraham, I’m talking about their news reporting. We need to be able to go somewhere for the truth.

Topic #2: On Sunday, Joe Biden claimed victory in the recent election, and during his announcement he called for “unity” and “healing.”  

Thoughts and Observations:

  • One of the most overused acronyms in modern American culture is “LOL,” as most people use it when they’re actually not “laughing out loud.” But on Sunday, when I heard a mainstream news channel play the clip, and then heard their commentary on it, I did indeed chuckle; loudly.
  • For four long years, the Democrats and their accomplices in the media have attacked President Trump and Republicans at a level never seen before, and now they want to unify? And before anyone starts lecturing me about the history of previous elections, bullshit! Yes, I know about the campaigns of Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams, and I also know that Thomas Jefferson accused John Adams of being a hermaphrodite. So what? Donald Trump and other Republicans have been called racists, and misogynists, and xenophobes, and homophobes, and traitors for crying out loud. Unity? Please. No president has ever had to endure the vitriol that Trump has.
  • The only reason Biden is calling for unity, and the only reason his media is playing along with the charade, is to be able to claim they took the high ground. Nothing more, nothing less. Joe Biden will govern, if he is indeed the next president, with the same tone and approach with which he campaigned. He will viciously demonize Republicans at every opportunity, and Schmucky Chucky Schumer and Clueless Nancy Pelosi will be right there with him.
  • I recently wrote a piece listing five actions Mr. Biden could take to help bring the country together, but the fact is there are probably dozens of items we could come up with. Will Biden actually do any of them? Not a chance. He’s going to bloviate about togetherness, and then act like the partisan clown that he is.

Topic #3: The election has still not been conceded by President Trump, as several states are dealing with lawsuits and upcoming recounts.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • There are currently three states – Arizona, Georgia and Nevada – which Biden leads by less than 62,000 votes combined. This election was exceptionally close, and really quite remarkable.
  • Considering that President Trump would have to turn all three of those states from Biden to himself in order to win, however, seems highly unlikely. He will have to prove not only that votes were unlawful in each state, but that there were enough such votes to overcome the total margins in those states. That seems like a lot to ask.
  • President Trump’s current efforts with his legal challenges are not only appropriate, but necessary. Regardless of what the ultimate outcome of the election is, we all need to have confidence in its results. It’s not poor sportsmanship, and Trump isn’t being a sore loser in doing so. This election was extraordinarily close, and we must know for certain that the results are accurate.
  • Not only do we need to have confidence in the results of this election, but we need to have confidence in future elections as well. And that would be one of the many aforementioned actions that Mr. Biden could take, if elected, to help unify the county. Appoint a commission – similar to the 9/11 Commission – to take an in-depth and honest look at election irregularities and how to correct them in the future. That would be a nice first step, Joe, but excuse me for being skeptical that you’ll actually do it.

Topic #4: COVID-19 cases continue to spike around the country, as we move closer to a potential vaccine, but Joe Biden appears to be considering more lockdowns if he becomes president.

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 Thoughts and Observations:

  • There were a lot of folks, particularly on the Right, who speculated that if Biden was elected the pandemic shutdowns would be scaled back significantly, since the Left would have accomplished their goal of defeating President Trump. I never believed it, and I still don’t.
  • One thing the Left has learned during COVID-19 has been what they can get away with. Democratic governors around the country have shut down churches while allowing the sale of marijuana. They’ve destroyed their states’ economies while going after industries they don’t like. Democrats have gotten a taste of the power they crave, and we should all expect them to continue to try to increase it, not the other way around.
  • One thing that may slow their aggressiveness with such a power grab will be the election results. Democrats lost seats in the House, gained presumably only one seat in the Senate, and lost extensively around the country in statewide races. Citizens are wary of their lust for power, even folks in Blue States, as I can personally attest.

Topic #5: It’s official that control of the U.S. Senate will come down to the two run-off elections to be held in Georgia in early-January, after both Senate races in North Carolina and Alaska have now been conceded.  

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Currently, Republicans hold a 50-48 seat lead in the Senate. If Democrats were to win both seats in Georgia, it would be a 50-50 tie, at which point Kamala Harris (again, if elected) would be the tie-breaker as Vice-President, and President of the Senate. Conversely, Republicans only need to win one seat to retain control.
  • The importance of those two races cannot be overstated. If Democrats pick-up both seats, they’d control all of the Senate committees and Biden would be able implement much more of his agenda compared to a Republican-controlled Senate. If there’s going to be any accountability for a Biden Administration, Republicans must keep control.
  • I seriously doubt that Republicans will lose both seats in Georgia and, in fact, I expect they will instead win both seats. It’s still a Red State, and Georgia voters who came out to vote against Trump won’t be nearly as energized to come out on a cold day in January to vote when he isn’t on the ballot. Not to mention, neither of the Democrat candidates are particularly appealing.
  • Expect an all-out assault from Democrats on Georgia, with millions of dollars pouring into the state for television ads, etc. But we should see a similar effort from Republicans; and in fact, we had better see a similar effort. For those of us who consider ourselves Republicans, we need to pay close attention to the RNC and how they handle these elections. It’s time for them to step up and show their value.
  • I think it will be important for the GOP to win both seats in Georgia, not just one. A 52-48 margin is a lot better than a 51-49 margin. Consider for instance, a state such as Maine that has a Republican Senator and a Democratic Governor, and let’s imagine if something were to happen to that Senator, heaven forbid, and his/her seat became vacant. Depending on the state, that Democrat Governor could very well appoint a Democrat to fill the previously Republican seat thereby flipping control to the Democrats. No doubt… the GOP needs both of their candidates to win in Georgia, if at all possible.

PF Whalen