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AOC Wants a List of Trump Supporters. What Will She Do with It?

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By Guest Author, Gen Z Conservative from

Uh-Oh. AOC Wants a List of Trump Supporters

Last Friday, the 6th of November, AOC, the pro-socialist rep from New York, made a shocking announcement on Twitter. Her tweet said “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

Shortly afterward, a few of her democratic socialist supporters banded together to create the “Trump Accountability Project,” which will somehow hold people responsible for supporting Trump. What that means, exactly, is not yet known. But what we do know is that AOC wants a list of Trump supporters and is going to use it.

aoc wants a list of trump supporters and her supporters are happy to help

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking; “Sure, AOC wants a list of Trump supporters. That’s creepy and sounds like she’s up to no good. But this is America; it’s not like she can really do anything with it.”

And, back in the day, you would have been right. Had Mondale wanted a list of Reagan supporters, that would have seemed weird, but not all that threatening. Even in 2000, if Al Gore had called on his supporters to document who supported George W. Bush, that would have been weird, but also not particularly threatening.

But that was before two sea changes in American politics. Now, we have to deal with both cancel culture and the radical, violent left, both of which make the fact that AOC wants a list of Trump supporters much more ominous.

Problem 1: Cancel Culture

The first problem is cancel culture. For me, it’s not really a problem. I’ve been an outspoken conservative for so long, both among my friends and on my college campus, that no one who would fire someone because of cancel culture and anti-conservatives biases would ever hire me.

But many other conservatives are not in that position; they work at Fortune 500 companies that donated to BLM, they are on the board of a corporation or non-profit and could get kicked off if their fellow board members find out how conservative they are, they are flying under the radar at college and hope to get a job in finance, tech, or another similar field, and so on and so forth. There are many conservatives that could be “canceled” if AOC’s blacklist of conservatives is published.

To me, that’s the most realistically threatening thing about the fact that AOC wants a list of Trump supporters; she and her radical supporters will likely use said list to try to “cancel” Trump supporters. First, they’ll go for the ones in notable positions. High-level managers and CEOs, board members, noted authors, etc.

But don’t think they’ll stop there. If they get away with that, they’ll then go after average Americans. From the owner of your local Wendy’s to the checkout clerk at the Autozone nearby, they’ll use AOC’s conservative blacklist to pressure consumers not to visit certain businesses and ruin the lives of ordinary people.

Because so many prominent people have been hurt by it, cancel culture has become an effective bludgeon that the left uses quite frequently. That’s the main reason why I think AOC wants a list of Trump supporters; she wants to use it to cancel them and get conservatism and Trumpism out of public life.

Problem 2: Antifa

While the looming threat of mass cancel culture might be the main reason that AOC wants a list of Trump supporters, the far more threatening and ominous aspect of that is that she wants to harness the Antifa thugs and prod them into attacking Trump supporters.

Before you disregard that idea as ridiculous, just look at a two images of tweets sent out by Antifa-related accounts:

aoc wants a list of trump supporters and antifa is ready to act
AOC wants a list of Trump supporters and Antifa is coming for the suburbs

So, AOC wants a list of Trump supporters and Antifa, a group with an ideology similar to hers, is planning on not only fighting in the suburbs, but also using AOC’s blacklist of conservatives to find out what neighbors to harass and threaten.

That should send chills down your spine. Not because Antifa is frightening; it’s not, it’s just a gang of underweight soy boys. No, it’s frightening because it means a member of the Democratic Party is planning on creating a blacklist of millions of Americans and then using Antifa, an armed group, to go harass those Americans. That is beyond the pale for America. Like the voter fraud in this election, it is something reminiscent of a failed state or banana republic, where gangster-like government officials use armed gangs to harass dissidents.

Conclusion: You Should Be Worried by the Fact that AOC Wants a List of Trump Supporters

When I saw that AOC wants a list of Trump supporters, I was worried. Not scared, as I am confident I can deal with whatever 120 pound male that Antifa throws at me, but worried.

Why? Well, Stalin had a list of people who opposed him or supported those that opposed him. Guess what he did with that list. Here’s a hint- socialism and Stalin killed tens of millions of people. Mao had a list of political enemies. Guess what he did with that list. Here’s another hint- he learned from Stalin and took his executions to the next level.

People mocked me when I wrote my article on socialism always leading to gulags. They said that even if Bernie was elected, his brand of socialism wouldn’t lead to gulags here. Well, now AOC wants a list of Trump supporters and it looks like she’s going to use if for some nefarious purpose, whatever that might be.

It could be cancel culture. It could be Antifa harassing you. Or, worst of all, it could be some sort of Gulag Archipelago-like faux trial where you are condemned as a political enemy. That might seem outlandish, but, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from recent events, it’s that nothing is going too far for the Democrats, especially the Democrats like AOC. They’ll do anything to win.

Don’t let this article on the implications of the fact that AOC wants a list of Trump supporters scare you away from supporting President Trump. Never hold back your opinions. Instead, let it inspire you to fight the culture war even harder. These people would put you in a reeducation camp if they could. Remember that.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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