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Top 10 Worst Television “Journalists”

The Top 10 for December 2020

Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

Shouldn’t I be calling this the “Bottom 10” if we’re discussing the worst? Perhaps, but let’s leave that discussion for another day

#10 Jake Tapper –

Not even a year ago, Tapper would have been nowhere close to making this list. He had been one of the few CNN personalities to exhibit at least some integrity, and tended to be straightforward when actually reporting on a story. That all began to change as this year progressed, and Tapper’s case of Trump Derangement Syndrome became increasingly noticeable. Tapper’s disguise as a neutral journalist was permanently destroyed in November, when a week after the election, Tapper repeatedly referred to the president’s children as “spawn” while reporting on Team Trump’s actions in addressing election irregularities. It’s a vile word to use when describing anyone’s children, but particularly the nation’s President. And, Jake, if we’re going to use such an offensive word to describe someone’s children, why use it on people like the Trumps who are self-sufficient, productive members of society? Hunter Biden admitted to using daddy’s name for financial gain; was a drug addict and might still be, for all we know; and he’s a hound dog who runs around banging prostitutes. Did you forget about Hunter?

#9 Dan Rather –

Rather strives to be perceived as the reasonable, respected, seasoned citizen of the journalistic community, hoping that we’ll all forget about his actions during the 2004 campaign. He still works, apparently, in a limited capacity for HDNet and AXS TV; a major step down from his once-lofty perch. Rather was caught just weeks before the election trying to pass off a counterfeit document purporting to show embarrassing aspects of President George W. Bush’s service in the Texas National Guard. The worst part about the scandal and Rather’s behavior is the fact that despite a mountain of evidence and expert statements exposing the document as a phony, Rather has never taken full responsibility, and continues to claim that the story was true. You can have your Hollywood pals like Robert Redford make all the movies they want about you Dan, your credibility and reputation are destroyed.

#8 Don Lemon –

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Yes, he’s on this list as a “journalist” because – as incredible as it sounds – both he and his network describe him that way. At least Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson have the decency and integrity to level with their audiences and own up to the fact that they’re political commentators, but not Don. As a general rule, journalists crying on-air is not a good idea. When Lemon fought back tears at the news that fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had contracted COVID-19 earlier this year? Well, OK, I guess tears are somewhat understandable. Both Cuomo and Lemon are delusional leftists, they both hate the president, and they’re both knuckleheads, so we’ll give him a pass. But in November when CNN announced their projection that Joe Biden would be the next president, Lemon again got all weepy, but this time they were joyful tears. Dude! You’re embarrassing yourself, grow a pair for Pete’s sake, and knock off the sobbing. But more importantly, you were crying over an election. Really? As a supposed objective journalist?

#7 Chuck Todd  –

Todd is only one of a long line of supposed journalists who worked previously for a Democratic politician; in Todd’s case it was former Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA). There are plenty of smart people in America, and why the mainstream media continues to search for journalists with such credentials on their résumés is a mystery. Perhaps they think we’re not paying attention to their employees’ backgrounds. Just one example of Todd’s bias and incompetence came last May, when he was caught actively misleading his viewers on Meet the Press, having obviously taken a quote from Attorney General Bill Barr out of context. Todd, in fact, later apologized for the “mistake” without actually taking responsibility. Isn’t it odd that such mistakes never seem to happen when they’re reporting on Democrats?

#6 Christiane Amanpour –

Or as Andrew Klavan calls her, Christiane I’m-A-Poor-Journalist. Apparently CNN and PBS, both of whom employ Amanpour, feel that she is qualified as a journalist simply because she has a non-American accent. The truth is, while Amanpour may have had integrity at some point many years ago, she is now little more than a junior spokesperson for the Democratic Party. During a video interview in late-October, RNC Spokesperson Liz Harrington annihilated her and her doubles-standards.

#5 George Stephanopolous –

Like Chuck Todd and others, Stephanopolous worked for a former Democratic politician; but for George it wasn’t just any politician. Stephanopolous worked for President Bill Clinton as one of his top advisors, and later became the Director of White House Communications. Yet not only did ABC give him a job, they’ve made him one of their top on-air personalities as a co-anchor for Good Morning America, and the host of This Week. How can ABC even claim to have any credibility by having him head up their top news show of the week? It’s a joke. To fully appreciate the absurdity of our mainstream media, consider this question: what are the chances that Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany gets a job on both CBS This Morning and 60 Minutes? She’s certainly got the looks and the smarts, but that would never happen. Ever.

#4 Brian Stelter (AKA Cryin’ Brian)  –

Until recently, Stelter was best known for frequent on-air sobbing at a level to make even Don Lemon blush. But in late-October, Stelter gained further notoriety when he came to the defense of fellow CNN personality Jeffery Toobin. Toobin, as you may recall, was caught spanking his monkey during a Zoom call with colleagues from CNN and The New Yorker. So what was Stelter’s defense of Toobin? Stelter explained that Toobin’s behavior was “an accident.” Yup, because that type of thing happens all the time, don’t you know.  One minute, everything is fine, you’re on a Zoom call interacting with folks, and then wham! All of sudden, you’re choking your chicken… accidentally. Also let’s not forget this interaction with Susan Ferrechio  when Stelter was lecturing “Don’t you dare.” Ferrechio absolutely destroys him. Brian Stelter is a nincompoop.

#3 Chris Cuomo –

If it seems like there’s too many CNN people on this list, sorry, but they deserve it. Cuomo isn’t just another commentator trying to pass himself off as a “journalist,” he’s also the dumb brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He’s not just a former employee of a Democratic politician like Chuck Todd, and he’s not just a former top advisor to a Democratic president like George Stephanopolous. Chris Cuomo is the actual sibling of one of the top Democrat politicians in the country; and by whom he presumably got his ass kicked on a regular basis as a kid. The most notable of Cuomo’s goofiness has to be when he played the “ethnic card” by claiming it was an ethnic slur to call him “Fredo,” a reference to the character from The Godfather.  It’s absurd to claim the label as an ethnic slur, and in fact, if Fredo was a real person instead of a fictional character, it’s quite obvious that he would have been offended by the comparison.

#2  Carl Bernstein –

Yes, I know he’s primarily a print/internet journalist, but he spends more than enough time ranting and raving on CNN to earn a spot on this list. Bernstein is left with only one claim to fame – Watergate. As a result, every time any issue comes up regarding Republicans, he immediately jumps the gun and calls it “worse than Watergate!”  We have to wonder… knowing what he knows now, if Dustin Hoffman had it to do all over again, do you think he would turn down the part of playing Bernstein in All the Presidents Men? I’ll bet he would.

#1 Jim Acosta –

Is there any doubt this moron deserves the top spot here? In fact, at some point in the future we may have to do “Top 10 Jim Acosta Moments” to commemorate his idiocy. For the purposes of this list, however, if we have to pick just one moment, it has to be this one. Strolling along a stretch of President Trump’s border wall, Acosta proclaims that “we don’t see any imminent danger here,” trying to make the point that the wall isn’t working. Apparently it didn’t dawn on Acosta prior to filming that that is exactly what border walls are supposed to do: deter people from going there to try and cross into the country illegally. After countless examples of other clear bias and ridiculous grandstanding, Acosta now has less journalistic credibility than Roseanne Rosannadanna. How he even continues to have a job is a true mystery.

PF Whalen