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Biden Resigning, Female Football, and General Observations of the Week

Vanderbilt’s Sarah Fuller kicks off last week against Missouri

Topic #1: During an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN Thursday, and accompanied by running mate Kamala Harris, Joe Biden stated regarding his relationship and future interactions with Harris, “If I reach something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.”

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Based on how he phrased, it seems probable that he was referring to how he would have acted when he was Vice-President under Barack Obama, and was thereby implying that Harris might need to consider resigning. But with many of Joe Biden’s public comments, does anyone know for sure what the hell he was trying to say?
  • For those that contend it was a joke, it’s possible that Biden was trying to be clever, but it’s hard to tell. Considering the level of speculation about Biden’s overall health and the likelihood that Harris becomes president before his term is complete, is this really the topic that a presumptive President-Elect should be joking about?
  • To illustrate the ridiculous double-standard in our mainstream media, imagine if you will the reverse. Imagine if it were Donald Trump and Mike Pence being interviewed, and imagine the reaction we’d be seeing. Do you think the MSM would just be shrugging their shoulders as they’re doing now?
  • One aspect of the story that has received little attention is how flippant Biden is about the prospect of either he or Harris lying to the American people. The hypothetical situation he’s explaining is that there would be a disagreement about basic principles between the two, thereby requiring a parting of ways between them. Then either Biden or Harris would apparently make up a story about being inflicted with a disease as cover for one of them resigning. There were seventy-something million people that apparently just voted for you two schmucks, and you think it’s OK to just lie to them about one of you being sick? No big deal, right Joe?
  • We can debate about what Good Ole’ Joe was trying to say, but there’s one thing that the exchange illustrates perfectly and of which we can be totally clear: Joe Biden’s mindset. Biden is not going to govern as a moderate and he is not going to be a barrier between the radical left and the center of his party. Joe Biden will be completely malleable. He will be shifting his policies and positions based on what Harris and others advise, which means the radical left will have his ear. Biden’s never been a moderate, but he’s about to move further left. Things are not going to go well.

Topic #2: Sarah Fuller, a former goalkeeper on Vanderbilt University’s Women’s Soccer team, took the field last Saturday for Vandy’s football team for one play as their kicker in a game against the University of Missouri. It was the first time that a woman has played for a football team in one of the “Power Five” conferences.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • To fully understand the situation, a few points:
    • Fuller entered the game for the opening play of the second half, and proceeded to execute a squib kick, or perhaps better described as a pooch kick. The ball was downed on Missouri’s 35-yard line.
    • For those who don’t fully understand American football, let me explain: A ball downed on the 35-yard line is not good, and is in fact pretty bad. It gives the opponent what we would call “good field position.” In other words, it was a lousy kick.
    • Based on the type of kick, Fuller was never in jeopardy of being hit/blocked, or having to make a tackle.
    • Missouri beat Vanderbilt by a score of 41-0.
  • A few weeks ago I asserted that our woke friends on the Left need to make up their mind when it comes to gender: either there is no such thing as gender, and gender is therefore irrelevant, or there is such a thing as gender and it’s the most relevant thing there is. I am hereby retracting that request. Please continue with your confused messaging. You’re making fools of yourselves, and it’s beginning to get entertaining.
  • I have no doubt that Ms. Fuller is a terrific female athlete, and an extremely bright young woman. She plays Division I soccer for an SEC school, and she attends one of the top academic schools in the country. Good for you Ms. Fuller, you are truly blessed.
  • Regarding Ms. Fuller’s entry into a competitive college football game, however, it’s nothing more than a stunt. It’s a joke, and an unnecessary one.
  • Men and women are indeed biologically different. That’s a fact, that’s science, and that’s OK. In fact, it’s more than OK, it’s beautiful. It is biology, it is nature, and it is God’s creation. We should not be pretending that Sarah Fuller is athletically anywhere close to the level of the men who were on the field with her last Saturday, because she is not. We should instead be celebrating the fact that women athletes who excel against other women athletes in competition are worthy of our admiration without trying to equate their accomplishments to those of men.
  • Anyone who has ever played football, particularly on special teams, understands the true danger that Sarah Fuller would face if she were to actually compete as an equal against male football players at that level. That’s the reason it was a pooch/squib kick. Plays involving kickoff teams are some of the most violent plays that occur during a football game. Players have room to get up to full speed and deliver devastatingly hard hits, and if Ms. Fuller were to experience one of those hits she could get seriously hurt.
  • This incident is just another, natural progression of the “participation trophy” mentality. Dilute competition and focus on people’s feelings. Don’t worry about the fact that your team sucks and is getting clobbered in a 41-0 game, make sure people feel good about themselves and show how woke and compassionate you are. This is not how life works.

Topic #3: On Thursday, a Trump Campaign attorney showed security camera footage at a hearing in Georgia regarding the counting of ballots from the recent election. Members of President Trump’s team went on to claim that the footage revealed “suitcases” of illegal ballots being brought in for counting.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • There is no one in this country that would be more pleased than yours truly if this was indeed solid evidence that could somehow swing the election results from Joe Biden to Donald Trump. Anyone who doubts me, please go back to Topic #1.
  • The video does not show “suitcases,” it shows containers. And it does not show evidence of anything nefarious, but instead shows the process of ballot counting. For those of us that have been hoping or praying for a “smoking gun” to somehow show up and prove election fraud, this wasn’t it.
  • As mentioned a few weeks ago when former Trump Campaign attorney Sidney Powell was hollering that she was going to “Release the kraken,” conservatives and Republicans need to be better than this. Don’t piss on our heads and tell us it’s raining, and don’t show us a video and tell us that it’s overwhelming evidence. It’s not.  
  • It’s time to put up or shut up, as the saying goes, and at this point it seems clear there’s not going to be enough to put up. There is no kraken, there is no smoking gun, and there is not going to be enough evidence to overturn the apparent election results. The chances of Joe Biden being our next president have to be about 99% at this point.
  • None of these comments is to suggest, however, that there have not been irregularities and voter fraud. There have been, clearly, and those issues need to be addressed. President Trump is absolutely correct and justified in taking the legal actions he is taking, and he should see them through. And once the outcome of the election is confirmed, there should be a thorough investigation into the fraud and irregularities. There may not be enough illegal votes to overturn the election, but whatever nonsense went on needs to be identified, and whoever committed crimes needs to be prosecuted.

Topic #4: On Monday, election officials in Iowa certified results that declared Mariannette Miller-Meeks, a Republican, the winner of the race for the seat in the House of Representatives from Iowa’s 2nd District, with Miller-Meeks defeating her Democratic opponent by a mere six votes.

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 Thoughts and Observations:

  • For a congressperson to win an election by only six votes should reinforce what we’ve been told for years – every vote counts.
  • Consider that Miller-Meeks’ opponent would have needed only seven more votes to have won, and then consider that there are possibly single households in that district with that many votes. That’s how important voting is.
  • With this news, there are now only five House seats that remain unsettled. If Republicans win all five of those seats, which is possible, then the Democrats will hold just a nine-seat majority in the House.
  • That is an extraordinarily slim margin, and one that would require only five seats to switch parties in order for Republicans to gain control of the House, and thereby eject Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. It’s fairly unlikely that will happen, but if Democrats keep drifting to the radical left, you never know.
  • The news also illustrates how dramatically wrong the mainstream media and their polls were before the election. Remember, they predicted that Joe Biden would win the popular vote by as much as 11%, and the margin was closer to 3%. They also predicted a “Blue Wave” in the House and Senate.

Topic #5: Cases of COVID continue to surge across the country as we wait for the FDA to approve vaccines… and as Joe Biden sends mixed messages about his plan.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • It seems likely that the FDA will indeed bless the vaccines submitted for approval by Pfizer and Moderna within the next few weeks. And while it may be infuriating to watch our bureaucracy plod along while we wait, it is still remarkable to consider that we will likely have Americans being immunized en masse by year’s end.
  • The fact that the U.K. has already begun to administer those same vaccines highlights the need for the U.S. to streamline things even further. Consider that President Trump lifted many of the obstacles impeding the pharmaceutical companies with Operation Warp Speed, yet here we are with one last hurdle. We can be better.
  • It’s been clear for months that Joe Biden’s COVID plan is essentially President Trump’s plan. The only thing we’ve been unclear of is whether or not Biden would try to issue an unconstitutional mask mandate, but on Friday Biden indicated he would not make such an attempt. Good decision, Joe.
  • Anyone who can articulate a significant difference with what Joe Biden has proposed for dealing with COVID and President Trump’s plan, please speak up. And let’s remember, COVID was one of Biden’s main talking points during the campaign.

PF Whalen