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The Abortion Debate: Yes, Men Should and Must Weigh-In

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The debate in the U.S. regarding the legality and morality of abortion has been raging for decades and shows no signs of abating; if anything, it’s intensifying. Abortion is one of the few social issues in the country for which public opinion has not been shifting to the liberal position, and the vast majority of Americans now recognize the need for tight controls on abortion, if not an outright ban. It appears that a key reason for these views is that the focus of the debate has rightfully shifted to the only relevant question on the matter: When does human life begin?


Before we examine the question regarding the commencement of human life however, we should pause to consider a common counterargument from pro-abortion advocates which usually goes something like this: Men can’t get pregnant thereby making their opinions on the matter irrelevant. Feminist columnist Jessica Valenti, for instance, pulls no punches in declaring that men should “just shut up” regarding the topic. Considering that the Left generally considers abortion rights as a pillar of their platform, and considering that they also align strongly with the transgender community, there seems to be an inherent conflict with their argument. If men’s opinions on abortion are illegitimate, what about transgender men (that is, biological women who identify as men)? Since biologically they can still get pregnant, and since the Left professes to truly consider them to be men, do their opinions matter?  And what about transgender women (biological men who identify as women)?  If they are indeed women, aren’t their opinions worthy, even if they don’t have a uterus? Oh, the irony. But alas, that’s a discussion for another day.  


Science is sacred for the Left, or so they would have us believe. If one dares to even question pseudo-scientific conclusions on the matter of climate change, for instance, they’re immediately labeled as ignorant “science deniers.” But on the matter of abortion, science is curiously absent from their argument. Science tells us that from the moment a woman’s egg is fertilized by a man’s sperm, that single cell possesses wholly individual DNA. That zygote is as unique as a snowflake, and as singular as you and me. There has never been another human being with that DNA in human history; a miraculous creation.  How is that not a human life?


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 Science tells us that at some point around seventeen weeks, the budding embryo has developed its own heartbeat, which is being controlled by electronic impulses coming from the embryo’s own, developing brain. How is that not a human life?  Science also tells us that as early as twenty-two weeks, a fetus can be viable. Removed from the womb, that fetus is a baby that can survive and mature to adulthood.  How is that not a human life? With the assistance of science via ultrasound technology, we can now see inside the womb, and it’s clear that a fetus looks like a human being – arms and legs, hands and feet, a nose and a mouth. How is that not a human life? Regardless of whether or not men have uteruses, most of us can read and understand science.


Even our culture is unwittingly beginning to validate the anti-abortion movement, as ultrasounds are used determine the baby’s gender. At some point in our recent past, the “Gender Reveal Party” came in to vogue. The idea is that once an expectant couple becomes aware of the gender of their anticipated bundle of joy, they arrange a gathering of close friends and family to unveil whether the upcoming addition to their clan will be a girl or a boy. Methods of revelation are often cleverly planned, with perhaps the expectant grandparents opening a giftwrapped box to find infant apparel in the color pink, or the expecting parents simultaneously uncovering and releasing a collection of helium-filled blue balloons. Therefore, an obvious question begs to be answered: How can there be a gender reveal party for a clump of cells? How can there be a baby shower for some insignificant human tissue?


It’s not a clump of cells. It’s not a collection of tissue. It’s a human being, and it’s an obvious fact to anyone taking a logical look at the scientific evidence. It may be an inconvenient fact, but it’s a fact nonetheless.


But what about the argument that men should pipe down on the subject? One of the fundamental aspects of human nature is the specific instincts that most of us possess; instincts that differ by gender. We see it in the bible, we see it in science and we see it in our everyday experiences. Among others, women tend to possess the instinct to nurture, while men usually possess the instinct to protect. These are strong traits that are built into our DNA, and they’re difficult to suppress. Such characteristics are not an absolute, obviously, as not all men are protective and not all women are nurturing. Regardless, the vast majority of us have been endowed with these instincts and that fact can’t be ignored.


Author and publisher Brett McKay uses his “3 P’s of Manhood” to explain that men are driven to “protect, procreate, and provide.” Additionally, McKay cites David D. Gilmore, a Professor of Anthropology at SUNY Stony Brook in supporting his assertions in the book Manhood in the Making. Men are hardwired to protect, and this instinct almost certainly plays a role in our being repulsed by the idea of abortion. Pro-abortion activists like to portray the actual process of abortion as mundane and clinical. Tissue is disrupted in the uterus and removed with a vacuum-like device; simple and harmless. But reality is much different.


Abortion is violent, and the later one is performed in a pregnancy, the more violent it is. Late-term abortions typically require the fetus to be killed, usually with a sharp instrument such as surgical scissors being inserted through the skull and into the brain. Then, depending on its size, the fetus is cut into multiple pieces; pieces that are then removed one at a time. Such procedures are violence at its most abhorrent, being inflicted on the most innocent and vulnerable among us; the mere idea of which triggers the protective instinct in many men. Indeed, men voicing strong opposition to abortion are likely not driven by a desire to interfere with someone making a choice, but instead comes from the instinct to stop vile carnage from being inflicted on the most pure and innocent of human beings.  


Motherhood may be the single-most beautiful example of God, of nature, and of humanity. It is the very essence of love. Childbirth and motherhood are simply magical, and they are a blessing that can only be experienced by women. Men can never experience what mothers do. Instead, we are left to marvel at the miracle of motherhood and to do everything we can to support and protect it. So please excuse those of us who embrace our protective instincts and oppose the wickedness that is abortion.


PF Whalen


Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

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