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Feds Hunting Hunter, Swallwell Called Out, and General Observations of the Week

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Topic #1: Joe Biden’s son Hunter is the target of a grand jury investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware, which is looking into the younger Biden’s business dealings and related tax filings.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • For anyone scratching their heads and muttering, “I thought we already knew this,” you are correct. There were reports almost two months ago, beginning with a story in the New York Post, of Hunter Biden’s shenanigans with Eastern European oligarchs. Over the next several days, other reports came out indicating that Hunter Biden’s dealings were also being looked at by the Justice Department and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs.
  • Hunter Biden himself admitted through a statement this week that he is under investigation, but otherwise there aren’t a lot of significant developments. So why is the story suddenly somewhat newsworthy? Because the election is over, that’s why.
  • This is a big deal. Make no mistake, this story is important. If the son of a likely future president has indeed been acting criminally with representatives and officials from foreign governments that is a huge scandal.
  • The mainstream media didn’t just ignore this story, they actively suppressed it, and went so far as calling the story “Russian Disinformation.” Will there be any self-policing by the media holding themselves accountable? Don’t hold your breath.
  • During the infamous interview with Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes in late-October, President Trump, in commenting on the media’s dishonesty rightfully pointed out that “[Joe Biden] is in the midst of a scandal.” Lesley Stahl reacted with a smile and a laugh stating, “He’s not. He’s not.” Yes, Leslie, he is. He is. We’re at the point where 60 Minutes needs to do a story on the corruption of 60 Minutes.
  • For those that argue a scandal with Hunter doesn’t equate to a scandal for Joe, consider what the media’s coverage would be if the situation was reversed. What if we found out this week that those old accusations against Donald Trump Jr being nefariously involved with Russian characters weren’t just imaginary infractions, but were indeed being investigated by the Justice Department and a Senate Committee? Do we think the media might assert that President Trump had a scandal on his hands? Perhaps?
  • Additionally, it now appears that the grand jury investigation is also focusing on Hunter Biden’s dealings with China. Consider that it is widely known that China wanted Joe Biden to win the election, and things really start to smell bad.
  • Though the news this week does not directly implicate the presumptive President-Elect in any wrongdoings, we must hope that any potential misdeeds of his will be exposed by the grand jury and/or the Senate Committee. If Joe Biden is innocent and had no knowledge of, or involvement in Hunter’s activities, that will be good news. But call me a skeptic.
  • Some of us have been speculating – including yours truly – that after the election we could see such a scenario play out in which the Left and their media sacrifice Good Ole’ Joe and throw him under the bus to elevate Kamala Harris. Is that what will eventually happen here? It’s still a long shot, but the wheels are in motion; and it’s been clear for a while that they would much prefer a President Harris to a President Biden.
  • Joe Biden has experienced tragedy in his family to an extent that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. His first wife was killed in a car crash along with their infant daughter in 1972, and his son Beau died of cancer in 2015; truly tragic. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore the nonsense being perpetrated by his living family members like some Democrats would like us to do. Hunter Biden is (or was) a crack-smoking, prostitute-hiring, influence-peddling reprobate. Pointing out facts and holding that knucklehead accountable is not only just, it’s imperative.

Topic #2: Reports surfaced this week that the estimable Rep. Eric Swallwell (D-CA), a prominent member of the House Intelligence Committee and former Democratic Candidate for President during the primaries, had been romantically involved with a Chinese spy known as Fang Fang, or Christine Fang.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • All we need is an appearance by Austin Powers shouting “Yeah baby,” and this story would be complete. So, to state again for about the millionth time in 2020, “You can’t make this stuff up.”
  • The most ironic – or perhaps better stated, absurd – aspect of this story is the fact that Swallwell came to prominence due mostly to his willingness to tell anyone who would listen that President Trump was actually a “foreign agent” acting on behalf of the Russians.
  • Therefore, to recap: After Swallwell found out from the FBI in 2015 that the Chinese National he had been banging was in fact a spy, he began making a prolific amount of appearances on cable news channels falsely accusing the President of doing essentially what he had done. And this knucklehead actually ran for president. Can you imagine?
  • For the record, let’s consider the accomplishments for which Rep. Swallwell is thus far most well-known. He knowingly misled the country for years falsely accusing President Trump and his campaign of colluding with Russians. He farted live, on-air with Chris Mathews and then denied it (he who smelt it, dealt it). And now we find out he was fornicating with a Chinese spy while on the House Intelligence Committee. If you’re from California’s 15th District, and you voted for this nincompoop, what are you thinking?
  • Similar to the Hunter Biden story, the media is largely trying to ignore this story. At the risk of being repetitive, consider what the media’s handling of this story would be if it had been a prominent Republican. The major networks would have been interrupting their stupid sitcoms or inane reality TV programs to bring you the latest updates on “China-Gate.” The hypocrisy of our media is astonishing.

Topic #3: Along with his new best friend Dr. Anthony Fauci,  Joe Biden unveiled his strategy to handle the COVID pandemic, the most notable aspect of which is his plan to require mask-wearing where he is constitutionally authorized to do so for 100 days.

Thoughts and Observations:

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  • Here we are, over a month after the election, an election that Biden apparently won largely on his politicization of the COVID pandemic, and the only distinguishable difference in his plan and President Trump’s plan is that Biden is going demand that some people wear masks. Remarkable.
  • Predictably, the media’s reaction to Biden’s announcement was reminiscent of Jeffery Toobin’s performance on that infamous Zoom call in October. They were fawning all over Biden’s leadership and  professionalism. If Joe Biden came out tomorrow and suggested men wear condoms to prevent the spread of STDs, the mainstream media would be stepping over each other to heap praise on him for his innovation and leadership. It’s sickening.
  • It’s clear that Biden and his campaign are desperately trying to get out in front of COVID ahead of the distribution of vaccines so it appears as if he’s doing something productive. If successful, Biden thinks, he can thereby prevent President Trump from taking any credit for COVID success and take that credit himself. The media is obviously playing along, and we should expect them to continue.
  • People are already wearing masks in the U.S., and polls show we are one of the better countries in the world at doing so. But in spite of folks masking up, we’re seeing spikes in COVID across the country, and in fact around the world. Are things just going to miraculously get better just because Joe tells us to wear a mask? There’s only so much mask-wearing we can do.
  • With the constant mask-wearing in my town, many in my circle of friends have become quite adept at recognizing each other while wearing masks. I can now recognize someone I know simply by their body-type, eyes and hair. It’s sort of like being at a Halloween party all year round. I’m not sure what long-term value there is in possessing such a skill, but it’s pretty cool that we’ve acquired it.

Topic #4: Morocco normalized relations with Israel this week with assistance from the Trump Administration, the fourth Arab nation to do so during Trump’s presidency.

 Thoughts and Observations:

  • Predictably, this story has been widely ignored by the mainstream media. Why? Because four years ago conventional wisdom by foreign policy “experts” was that there could never be peace in the Middle East, it was all Israel’s fault, and appeasing Iran and the Palestinians was the best course of action. Covering this story would show that the Left, their media and the experts they adore don’t know diddly-squat.
  • Oh, and they can’t cover a story that makes President Trump and Jared Kushner look good.
  • Assuming Joe Biden is inaugurated president on January 20th – which seems a virtual certainty at this point – President Trump has laid out a clear pathway for his success. Keep the foreign policy of Trump’s administration going, and we could have unprecedented peace for years. Don’t mess with the economy, and it will revert back to its pre-pandemic boom. And just don’t screw up the COVID plan with the vaccines. Will Biden actually take that route? Not a chance.
  • Perhaps the most dangerous problem with our current political division in America is its effect on our government’s foreign policy. Take our current policy with Iran as an example. Four years ago under President Obama, we were doing everything possible to appease Iran and kiss their collective butt. We had given them pallets loaded with cash and signed a disastrous nuclear agreement. Trump totally reversed course, and we now have peace breaking out everywhere. With a Biden Administration, it is likely we will revert back to Obama’s approach. If you’re an ally of ours in Europe, or Asia, or the Middle East, you’ve got to be wary about America’s allegiances and commitment.

Topic #5: Time magazine named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris their “Persons of the Year.”

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The current COVID pandemic is one of the most impactful events, of any kind, in human history; and that includes events documented in the Bible. Over 70 million have been infected worldwide, and the likely number is probably an order-of-magnitude higher considering the number infected and asymptomatic. Over 1.5 million have died. The world’s economy has been ravaged as a result. And Time named two people who have done nothing to address it, other than wear masks like the rest of us.
  • The obvious choice for the award was “The American Healthcare Worker.” This was a lay-up for Time, and they launched an air ball.
  • Time could have been excused for giving the honor to the scientists who developed the COVID vaccine, which is an undeniably incredible achievement. But doctors and nurses truly deserved it.
  • Fortunately there are less people paying attention to Time’s award than ever before, and we can add Time’s choice to the growing list of the mainstream media’s missteps that continue to destroy their credibility. Our mainstream media is no more than a punch line.

PF Whalen

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