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Quiet on Cuomo, the Electoral College Elects, and General Observations of the Week

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Topic #1: A former employee named Lindsey Boylan has accused Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment over the course of several years, contending there were several other women employed by Cuomo that were also harassed.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Has anyone seen widespread mainstream media coverage of these accusations? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?
  • In the Church of Leftism, Andrew Cuomo has already received beatification and awaits only canonization to complete his elevation to sainthood. He kowtows to woke-ism, he legalized taxpayer-funded abortion in his state up until the time of birth, and most importantly he’s been a vocal critic of President Trump. Genuine leftists obediently bow their heads in his presence.
  • Forget that tens of thousands have died due to Cuomo’s utter incompetence with COVID, and forget that he’s an overall lousy governor; Cuomo is unassailable. If indisputable evidence were to come out tomorrow proving Cuomo barbecues puppies and prefers them medium-rare and served with hollandaise sauce, the mainstream media would simply shrug their shoulders and ignore it.
  • How credible are the accusations? It’s hard to tell, as is the case with most such claims. It’s a he-said-she-said situation, and we may never know the whole truth. But the Left and their media made it clear in 2018 amidst the Senate Confirmation Hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh that we were supposed to “believe all women,” regardless of evidence. Remember the farcical #MeToo movement?
  • Consider the accusations against Kavanaugh two years ago. Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of events that allegedly happened three-and-a-half decades earlier, and not a single person she claimed had witnessed the events would corroborate her accounts. Then Julie Swetnick and Michael Avenatti alleged Kavanaugh had engaged in “gang rape,” both of whom were later referred for criminal investigation by the Senate for false testimony. And by the way, Avenatti continues to rot in prison awaiting trial for wire fraud, identity theft and embezzlement.
  • The accusations against Justice Kavanaugh were ridiculous because there was no evidence. Zero. Yet Democrats did everything they could to destroy Kavanaugh and his family. Their behavior was reprehensible.
  • Now consider more recent accusations against prominent Democrats. Joe Biden was accused earlier this year of actual sexual assault by former employee Tara Reade, but the media pooh-poohed the allegations. Substantial evidence shows that Bill Clinton racked up plenty of frequent flyer miles on his numerous jaunts to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia island, and all we hear is crickets. And now Andrew Cuomo is accused without the least bit of curiosity by the Left and their media.
  • There can be no doubt that sexual harassment continues as an ongoing problem. Anyone with an ounce of decency deplores sexual harassment and supports its eradication. But when our friends on the Left insist on employing such outrageous double-standards, it affects not only their credibility but the credibility of anyone actively trying to address the situation. If the veracity of claims by Tara Reade, Christine Blasey Ford, and Lindsey Boylan is strictly determined based on the political affiliations of those whom they accuse, how can any of us take future accusations seriously?

Topic #2: On Monday, electors comprising our Electoral College cast their votes in their respective states across the country, making Joe Biden’s election as 46th President of the United States official, with only the pending ratification of Congress remaining before Biden is declared President-Elect.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The options for the Trump Campaign are essentially gone. Unless they can come up with overwhelming evidence of voter fraud or irregularities in the next few weeks, and unless that evidence is proven in court to be enough to overturn the results in at least three of the previously contested states, Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th.
  • President Trump has still not conceded the election results, which is his right, as he continues to examine next steps. Good for him.
  • The actions of President Trump are not a threat to our democracy, and in fact represent democracy in action and the genius of our Constitution’s separation-of-powers. It is better for the president to exhaust all options and thereby allow investigations to continue and Americans to fully digest the circumstances of the election. The best thing for the country would be for all of us to have full confidence in the legitimacy of the election come late-January, though that seems virtually impossible at this point.
  • I’ve been suggesting for several weeks that if Joe Biden is indeed sworn in as our next president, and if he is sincere about his desire for “unity” as he claims, one of the first things he should do once in office is to order investigations into election irregularities and voter fraud. You want to unify us? Do the right thing and ensure a bipartisan, transparent, and thorough investigation is conducted similar to the 9/11 Commission. It’s highly probable that for the second consecutive election, a large portion of Americans will be doubtful of the legitimacy of that election. Such skepticism is bad for the office-holders, and even worse for the country. We all need to have full confidence in election results.    

Topic #3: Vaccines for COVID-19 began being shipped to destinations across the country on Sunday, with the first recipients receiving their inoculations on Monday.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The swiftness with which the vaccines were developed, the collaboration of the private and public sectors in the initiative, and the efficacy of the vaccines themselves is the single-most astonishing accomplishment in the United States since Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon in July of 1969. And note – there weren’t millions of lives at stake with the outcome of Apollo 11.
  • There were admirable contributions and results from elsewhere in the world, but both companies leading the way on vaccines are American companies (Pfizer is based in New York, and Moderna is based in Massachusetts), are comprised largely of American scientists, and were supported and enabled by the Federal Government led by the Trump Administration. Anyone who doubts or downplays American exceptionalism is either dishonest or an idiot.
  • The media this week predictably talked up the vaccines while simultaneously ignoring the president’s involvement in their development. They can’t let Trump get any credit for the vaccines.
  • White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany during a press conference on Wednesday correctly observed  the various news outlets that scoffed at President Trump’s assertions in the spring that we’d have a vaccine by year’s end. In reality, McEnany only touched on a fraction of the naysayers. No one in our media suggested Trump’s prediction might be accurate because they didn’t want him to be accurate. Any success against the pandemic would have been good news for Trump and could have thereby helped him get reelected, and they couldn’t have that.
  • Public opinion on the vaccine seems to have shifted somewhat (surprise, surprise) now that it’s almost guaranteed Trump lost the election, and the media wants Biden to be able to claim success at some point.
  • Personally, I continue to talk with several friends and family members who say they won’t get vaccinated, which is remarkable to me. For almost ten months now, everywhere we turn people have been trying to scare the crap out of us with this virus. We’re all going to die. We’re going to kill grandma if we don’t wear a mask. If you go to church you’ll get infected. So, congratulations, it worked. I’m spooked, and I don’t want to get infected. So while we don’t know the long-term side-effects of the vaccinations, we also don’t know the long-term effects of the virus. Call me peculiar, but I’ll choose the lesser of two evils and get the vaccine as soon as I can.

Topic #4: Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians announced this week that they will be changing their name, as another American icon succumbs to political correctness and wokeness.

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 Thoughts and Observations:

  • We saw it when the Washington Bullets of the NBA changed their name to the Wizards. We saw it earlier this year when the Washing Redskins changed their name without even declaring a new one. And now the Cleveland Indians, who have had that name for 119 years. It’s sad.
  • Were there people who were truly offended by the name? Probably, but so what? No one has the right to not be offended. The organization had repeatedly stated their admiration for Native Americans and their contention that the name was intended to honor such communities, but that wasn’t enough.
  • Cancel culture is no joke, and businesses are worried about the effects to their bottom line if they ignore it, but it’s not going to work. Cancel culture is toxic, but it does go both ways. Are there fans that might have walked away from the Indians if they hadn’t changed their name? Probably. But I suspect there will be an equal amount of fans, if not more, that will turn their backs on them because of their wokeness. It’s gone too far, and people have had enough. #GoWokeGoBroke.
  • So, who’s next on the list? The Atlanta Braves are under pressure, but appear to be digging in their heels and refusing to budge, let’s hope they do. What about the Dallas Cowboys? There’s no such thing as gender Jerry Jones, you bigot. What about those warmongers, the Golden State Warriors? And how have the Chicago White Sox made it this long with such a racist nickname?
  • I totally disengaged with the NFL three years ago and have nothing to do with them, and I was an avid fan. To this day, I can still name every player on the 53-man roster on my favorite team in 2017, what college he attended, and in what round he was drafted. While it was difficult at first to stay disengaged, it became a lot easier than you might think. In fact, it was liberating. Depending on how far things go with MLB and their wokeness, I could do the same with them. If you’re considering doing the same or similar with your professional sports teams, good. And if you’re not, you should.

Topic #5: Matthew McConaughey weighed in again on politics on Tuesday for the second consecutive week, this time on a British television show.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • I’ve always liked McConaughey. He’s a terrific actor, and comes across as a regular guy.
  • Last week he was attacked by the Left for his accurate comments about their disdain for freedom of speech, so this week he tried to clarify by explaining his opinion on true “liberalism,” which embraces tolerance. His points overall were reasonable, if not entirely on-point, but the primary takeaway from his comments was this – Why are you even talking about this stuff Matthew?
  • When Jon Voigt, or James Woods, or Clint Eastwood starts shouting their conservative opinions, I generally pay moderate attention and come away with some satisfaction. But that reaction is because there are so many leftist celebrities that won’t shut up, and the conservative celebrities provide some balance. But overall, I would much prefer that actors, and musicians, and talk-show hosts – all of them, including conservatives – pipe down on politics. Make your movies, sing your songs and then sit down and shut up. Please. And if you really want to talk politics, toil over a blog like this one rather than taking advantage of the celebrity status you’ve earned doing something totally unrelated.
  • What’s most puzzling about Matthew McConaughey is that he appears to be a down-the-middle moderate; neither Left nor Right. Alyssa Milano is passionate about her politics because she wants abortion on-demand, and Jon Voigt is passionate about his politics because he fears the country is in serious danger. But McConaughey is apparently a rare breed indeed: all indications are Matthew McConaughey is becoming an impassioned, activist, extreme moderate. Go figure.

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