‘Twas The Night Before Christmas: A BSC Adaptation

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all through our blog

Not a writer was distanced

While drinking eggnog

The masks were torn off

Suffocating our rights will not do

It is hardly scientific

Says the literature review

Our households won’t bend

We give paranoia no knee

Christmas is special

As is freedom, you see

But out in the media

There arose such a clatter

That in vain I searched Twitter

To see what was the matter

Alas, all the stories were censored

That could prove once and for all

How the false hysteria they produced

Is causing this great nation to fall

No legit newsfeed appeared

They know best what we need

“Follow the science!”

They alone permit what we heed

Though they did proffer a savior

(Not the Christ Child, of course)

The secret to beat COVID

A plagiarization of 45th’s agenda their source

Yes, with his feeble old mind

So bereft while in hidin’

I knew in a moment

Their savior must be Joe Biden

The chicanery and folly

Of the geriatric old fool

Begets more derision

Than confidence in this leftist tool

What can we then do

To combat their political power?

It seems this next generation

Will face its finest hour

For the blue staters like us

Or for red staters at home

It brings peace of mind

To know we’re not alone

Though now the nation is divided

It felt not like this in our house

No conservative elephant

Is afraid of a Democrat mouse

No amount of lockdowns or case counts

Created by leftists for fear

Could keep us from gath’ring

With loved ones this year

So our families united

Sharing mirth and jubilee

And presents soon to be opened

Rested ‘neath the lit tree

We hope those of this country

Every future mandate they’ll spite 

But for now Merry Christmas to all

And to all, a good night!

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