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Peace on Earth at Christmas – No, Not Yet, But Trump Got Us Much Closer

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A common biblical quote found on Christmas cards and included in numerous seasonal songs comes to us from the Gospel according to Luke in referencing the birth of Jesus Christ, of which one variation is: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill to all.” Indeed we’re on the precipice of another Christmas having come and gone without having achieved such a lofty objective. Israel apparently assassinated a key Iranian nuclear scientist earlier this month, and deep tensions between China and the West continue in the wake of the COVID pandemic.  Additionally, there was a massive cyber attack conducted against widespread western interests just last week, including the U.S. government and scores of private companies, that was almost certainly perpetrated by Russia and may very well lead to a so-called “cyber war.” There’s no worldwide group-hug between seven billion of us coming any time soon. But for the first in decades we have reason to celebrate peace and cause for optimism; and 

President Donald J. Trump deserves significant credit for this development.

Our mainstream media can’t stand to give President Trump credit for any accomplishment, and the idea that he would get credit for realizing such an elusive objective as tangible and recognizable peace is unthinkable. Younger mainstream journalists who have been brainwashed that America is the evil aggressor in all altercations can’t recognize the truth. Older mainstream journalists who wore long hair, smoked banana peels and flashed the “peace sign” throughout the early-1970s refuse to recognize the truth. Part of their reluctance is undoubtedly due to the effect such an admission would have on their credibility. Donald Trump, as we recall, was depicted as a loose cannon during the 2016 presidential campaign, as the Left predicted he was a probable warmonger. They speculated throughout his presidency that he could lead us to World War III at any minute, yet here we are, less than a month from the almost certain end of his presidency, and we are today closer to world peace than we’ve been in generations.

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Prior to the election, the media did everything they could to minimize Trump’s remarkable results. When Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, the media let out a collective “pfftt,” while waving away the prospect. When certain Trump-supporters asserted that his was the first presidency since the Eisenhower Administration to refrain from starting America in a new war, the Left and their media gasped. USA Today went as far as to “fact-check” the claim and pointed out that technically there were three other presidents that did so. There was President Richard Nixon, who may not have started a new war but instead escalated the Vietnam War to previously unseen levels, and who in fact sent troops into Cambodia as a result. Then there was President Gerald Ford, who was president for less than two-and-a-half years. And of course we had President Jimmy Carter, who left office with the Iranian Hostage Crisis unresolved while giving the world another lesson on the detriments of appeasement and the problems caused by hiding under the desk in the Oval Office; not unlike Joe Biden hiding in his basement, incidentally.

Since the election, the mainstream media’s approach has changed slightly, as they have already succeeded in their goal of getting Mr. Biden elected and therefore don’t fear being persecuted by their colleagues for telling the truth. The Washington Post recently ran a piece admitting that “aspects of Trump’s foreign policy” were worthy of Biden’s continuance. Time magazine speculated recently that Trump’s results give Biden “opportunities,” and even Vox detailed elements of Trump’s policies that Biden should retain. Try as they might, they all miss the mark. Significantly. If Donald Trump had a (D) next to his name instead of that disgusting (R), he would be depicted by our media as the greatest peacemaker since Ghandi, and in reality, they would have a legitimate point.

When Trump came into office, ISIS was raging throughout Syria and Northern Iraq. Trump ramped up our existing efforts there, and enabled our military leaders to succeed by empowering them. When Syria went off the rails with chemical attacks that killed hundreds of their own people, Trump responded with precision bombings, not ground troops, and still sent a clear signal. That same signal was sent to Iran earlier this year when Trump ordered the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, the terrorist leader of Iran’s Quds force. The entire Left and their media lost their minds and predicted Armageddon, but Armageddon didn’t come. The message that was sent was clear, however. America wants peace, but we will achieve peace through strength; and you had better not underestimate us.

While impressive as Trump’s selective yet effective use of our incredible Armed Forces has been, his efforts with diplomacy may even be superior. Until Biden’s election, China was feeling uneasy about their situation with the West, both militarily and economically. Trump talked tough and walked-the-walk when he implemented tariffs that were heavily criticized by both sides of the aisle. If Biden’s smart, he’ll take a similar approach with China. Trump totally bucked conventional wisdom with North Korea, choosing to stroke the ego of their volatile dictator, but using hard line rhetoric when necessary. While lasting peace hasn’t been achieved in North Korea, it’s difficult to argue that we’re not far better off now than we were four years ago with that relationship. It’s unquestionable, however, that nowhere has Trump’s diplomatic prowess been more evident than in the Middle East.

When Trump came to office in January 2017, the Obama Administration had given Iran the keys to the candy store. Obama sent them pallets of cash and signed off on the disastrous Iranian Nuclear Deal. Our relations with Israel were severely strained, our allies in the region didn’t know whether or not to trust us, and Iran was both emboldened and enriched. Trump correctly diagnosed the root cause of Middle East turmoil as being Iran, and reversed diplomatic course in a manner seldom seen anywhere. Trump ripped up the Iran Nuclear deal and endeavored to strategically isolate them. Along with son-in-law/advisor Jared Kushner and masterful Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Trump worked with the Israelis to negotiate directly with sovereign nations with a strict focus on each nation’s nationalistic ideals and objectives. He rejected the long-held stratagem of directing all energies towards Palestine, and instead centered his tactics on each, individual nation. The methodology was brilliant, and the subsequent treaties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco are monumental, not to mention previously unthinkable. Trump’s diplomatic victories with Israel will go down as not only one of the greatest foreign policy triumphs in American history, but in world history.

This year when we hear the familiar strains of Silent Night and its beautiful lyrics, consider our collective situations, both nationally and globally. Millions of people worldwide will indeed experience a peaceful Christmas, regardless of whether or not they are Christian. We have seen peace declared where it was long believed to be unattainable. We should all hope, and indeed pray, that our incoming administration recognizes the magnificence of what President Trump has done and that they are able to build on his incredible results. And while we do, let’s all celebrate and enjoy a truly Merry Christmas.

PF Whalen

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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