With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

By Guest Author Gen Z Conservative from GenZConservative.com.

Republican Support of the COVID Bill and Dismissal of Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

We conservatives have long known that most Republican politicians are cowards. On issue after issue, they back down or bend the knee to Democrats and unappointed bureaucrats. They deserted Trump when the going got tough on issue after issue; whenever they saw resistance to his ideas, they backed down or deserted him, even if his ideas and suggested programs might have been good for the country.

Why aren’t the tax cuts permanent? Why isn’t voter fraud being investigated? Why isn’t there a special prosecutor for Hunter Biden? Why are troops still in Afghanistan and Syria? Why won’t they stand for a stronger stance toward China, a nation we’re effectively in a Cold War with? Because they’re not conservatives, they’re sellouts.

That’s not true of all of them, of course. Rand Paul is terrific, as is Senator Perdue of Georgia. Ted Cruz has also been a reliable defender of conservatism, like Rick Scott and (most of the time) Mike Lee. And those are just senators, there are many others in the House that are reliable conservatives.

But, on the whole, the GOP politicians and members of the executive branch have been highly disappointing. Mattis is a sellout to China, AG Barr won’t investigate Hunter Biden or voter fraud, and senators and members of Congress like Lindsey Graham and Liz Cheney are reliably in favor of sending troops abroad to die in countries that aren’t national security priorities. With “friends” like them, who needs enemies?

Whatever issues they have betrayed or deserted Trump on, the worst betrayals have come recently. Between their handling of voter fraud claims and the COVID relief bill, Republican politicians have shown themselves to be horrible friends of the conservative movement.

Issue 1: The COVID Bill

At this point, most people have heard about the COVID relief/omnibus bill that the House and the Senate just passed. Some of it is okay- the payouts to most citizens and support of small businesses is probably necessary because of how bad the effects of the lockdowns have been.

But, other than those few so-so parts of the bill, most of it is trash. Here are the worst highlights of it from a recent FEE article by Brad Pulombo:

  • “A federal $300/week add-on to existing state-level unemployment benefits and a renewal of provisions that expanded unemployment to new groups such as gig economy workers.”
  • “An extension of the federal government’s legally dubious and sweeping ‘eviction moratorium”’
  • “Congress plans to send $600 to each American adult who earns less than $75,000. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, legislators are using 2019 data to determine income eligibility. That means they’re using pre-pandemic income measures to determine who is eligible and who is not.” (That means that even the semi-justifiable part of the bill is not targeted and won’t give support to those who actually need it)
  • With the $300 unemployment increase, “A sizable, if yet undetermined, number of people will still be able to receive benefits that fully or almost fully equal their previous earnings.
  • “Many Republicans and conservatives have at least touted the bill’s replenishment of the Paycheck Protection Program with several hundred billion more dollars (ostensibly) in relief earmarked for small businesses. However, beyond PPP’s serious fraud problems, its efficacy is seriously in doubt…[the last round of PPP] cost $224,000 in taxpayer expenditure per job preserved, only preserving roughly 2.3 million jobs

A similar article by The Hill included some other ridiculous parts of the pork-filled bill:

  • “Of the funds appropriated under title III of the Act that are made available for assistance for Pakistan, not less than $15,000,000 shall be made available for democracy programs and not less than $10,000,000 shall be made available for gender programs.” Yep. $10 million. For gender programs. In Pakistan.”
  • “Funds for “Resource Study of Springfield (Illinois) Race Riot.” That riot occurred in (checks notes) 1908.
  • “Statement Of Policy Regarding The Succession Or Reincarnation Of The Dalai Lama.” We’ll just leave that one there.”
  • “There’s actually a commission tasked with educating “consumers about the dangers associated with using or storing portable fuel containers for flammable liquids near an open flame.”
  • “Another $40 million will be allocated “for the necessary expenses for the operation, maintenance and security” of The Kennedy Center, which received $25 million in another COVID-19 relief bill earlier this year.”
  • “$86 million for assistance to Cambodia; $130 million to Nepal, $135 million to Burma, $453 million to Ukraine, $700 million to Sudan.
  • “The bill creates a Women’s History Museum and an American Latino Museum as part of the Smithsonian. Overall, the Smithsonian gets (checks notes again) $1 billion.

Unsurprisingly, President Trump was totally against the bill. Here’s what he said:

In that video, Trump rightly calls the bill a disgrace, points out how small the $600 check is for people whose lives have been ruined by government action during the pandemic, and deplores the billions being sent to foreign countries why Americans are struggling.

All of those points are spot-on. Especially the one about foreign aid. Why are we sending $700 million to Sudan, a nation that sponsors terrorism and sheltered bin Laden? Why send millions of dollars to Pakistan for it to spend on gender programs? It’s a huge waste of money that we don’t even have in the first place. This year the government will spend $3 trillion more than it takes in. Why on Earth are we funding other nations while our coffers are empty?

Predictably, few Republicans proved themselves to be friends of conservatism.

Other than the few Senators from the tweet at the top of the page, the entirety of the GOP contingent in the Senate voted for a bill it hadn’t read that funded many things that are, at best, unimportant right now. Their profligate spending and refusal to put Americans first shows that they’re not good friends of conservatives who elected them because of concerns about the national debt and a complete lack of fiscal responsibility. With “friends” like them, who needs enemies?

Trump’s call for $2,000, rather than $600, checks might be smart or it might be misguided. But his point that this bill is a waste of money is spot on. Republicans are supposed to be fiscally responsible, and this bill is anything but. The Republicans that voted for it are not friends of conservatism.

Issue 2: Voter Fraud

The worse betrayal of Trump and conservatism is how Republicans have reacted to claims of voter fraud. Rand Paul has spoken out about it, as has Mo Brooks. A few others have too. But, other than that small cadre of real conservatives and patriots, no others are willing to accept the reality that the Democrats stole the election.

AG William Barr claimed that he has seen no widespread voter fraud. He must have not seen the many reasons why the election results are suspicious, the audit of Dominion, the fact that thousands of non-citizens voted in the election, the lists of many dead people who voted, or all the other brazen examples of definite fraud that show why the election results need to be seriously scrutinized.

Perhaps he needs new glasses. AG Barr should, at the very least, appoint a special counsel to look into voter fraud. Doing so would be widely applauded and would ensure that the truth of what happened would eventually be found out. Yet he refuses to. Like many other RINOs, he has stabbed Trump and his supporters in the back.

Then McConnell supported Joe Biden and claimed Biden won. That stab in Trump’s back was horrendous. Biden did not win; his party cheated. Furthermore, why would the leader of the GOP Senate support Biden? Trump worked tirelessly to get McConnell and other Republicans re-elected, do they have no gratitude? It would cost nothing for them to support Trump by demanding inquiries into voter fraud. Yet they refuse to do so.

By not looking into or speaking out about voter fraud, Republican politicians and bureaucrats are proving themselves to be traitors to the movement they ostensibly support. The rule of law is at stake. Whatever the truth is, substantial accusations of fraud are a major issue. Faith in the republic is at a low, Trump is unfairly being told to leave the White House, and Republicans are doing nothing. With friends like them, who needs enemies?


I didn’t write about the Democrats in this article for a reason. Yes, I fully understand that on every issue, they are far worse than Republicans. That’s worth remembering.

But so is treason. And most GOP politicians have betrayed their movement and their country. Voter fraud is serious. The national debt is a huge issue, so fiscal responsibility is too. Having occasional differences of opinion with the president would be one thing, but that’s not what has happened. The reality is that they have habitually and actively worked against Trump’s agenda. Rather than support the conservative movement by working tirelessly to pass legislation that makes Americans better off, they have cut corporate taxes and appointed judges that haven’t helped us out whatsoever. With friends like them, who needs enemies?

By: Gen Z Conservative

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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