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Impeachment Reach, Big Tech Targets, and General Observations of the Week

Topic #1: During his last full week in office, President Donald J. Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives on Wednesday for an unprecedented second time.

Thoughts and Observations:

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  • Before addressing the impeachment news, a statement: From a policy and results perspective, aside from Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump was the best American president of the last sixty years, maybe even more. His accomplishments with foreign policy, the economy, and judicial appointments were outstanding. Trump’s inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric has been problematic, but that doesn’t take away from his achievements. All things considered, Donald Trump did an excellent job.
  • Wednesday’s article of impeachment was for “incitement of violence,” and specifically calls out President Trump’s urging of attendees at the January 6th rally, after which riots ensued. The House document specifically mentions Trump’s request for supporters to “fight like hell” as an example of his incitement, ignoring another statement at the rally in which he asked supporters to “patriotically and peacefully make your voices heard.” Isn’t it curious how comments were cherry-picked?
  • If we’re going to impeach elected officials for using terms like “fight” or “battle,” prior to an outbreak of riots, there’s about two-hundred Democratic lawmakers that need impeaching based on their language last summer amidst the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots. And that includes Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris. Let’s not forget, the number of lives lost during those riots and the damage done to Federal Government property was exponentially higher than what happened at the Capitol Building.
  • In a piece being published on The Blue State Conservative tomorrow morning, colleague Parker Beauregard and I deep-dive the circumstances and repercussions of the impeachment, but the motives are clearly political. The impeachment allows Democrats to extend the shelf life of the issue, and thereby keep Republicans on their heels, they hope.
  • The Democrats’ tactics are highly questionable. Trump has already been severely damaged politically, and the chances of him channeling his inner Grover Cleveland and rising from the politically dead in four years to return to the White House seem extremely remote. Democrats could have pretended (oh, they’re so good at pretending) to be in pursuit of national unity and healing by scolding Trump with an official Congressional censure, a move that would have been widely supported by Republicans. Such an approach would have helped establish Democrats as compromisers. Many moderate and independent voters likely would have bought into the gesture as Democratic reasonableness, thereby positioning Democrats to implement more aspects of their leftist agenda. Score impeachment as an opportunity lost for Democrats.
  • With impeachment and the impending Senate trial, Democrats will keep Trump and the riots on the front burner of our national dialogue longer than they would have been otherwise, and they will try to get as much of their radical agenda through as possible. But hoping to distract voters from the absurdity of issues like Medicare-For-All and the repealing of tax cuts by dwelling on Donald Trump won’t work. And unless they can get questionable Democrats in the Senate to abolish the filibuster, their radical agenda is largely doomed anyway.

Topic #2:  Social Media giants Twitter and Facebook both permanently suspended the accounts of President Trump last weekend. Additionally, Google, Apple and Amazon all de-platformed social media upstart Parler by discontinuing the availability of their online apps and kicking them off Amazon’s servers.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • For the actions regarding President Trump, the reason given was, in the views of Twitter and Facebook, President Trump’s activity has provoked violence and promoted disinformation. In the case of Parler, they were cited as having not adequately policed content on their platform to limit violence and disinformation. Considering the sources, and their own records on disinformation, these developments would be downright laughable if they weren’t so serious.
  • Consider Twitter. They removed President Trump permanently, but scores of truly dangerous hate-peddlers and tyrants continue unimpeded, including: Louis Farrakhan, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Ayatollah Khamenei.  These are some of the most vile, anti-Semitic and dangerous people in the world, yet they continue to tweet away. Remarkable.
  • As for Parler, who bills itself as a free-speech platform, let’s remember that the Washington Post (which is owned by Amazon) relentlessly peddled the Russia Hoax, one of the most egregious disinformation campaigns in history, for over three years; an effort in which Apple and Google also actively participated. Let’s also remember that Parler is a platform whereas the Washington Post is a publisher. Spare us your indignation. Ridding the world of untruths and bad guys is a noble cause, but in order to do so there must be standards in place, and you have no standards. Zero. If that’s truly your objective, start by looking in the mirror and conducting a post-mortem on how you could have misled the American people so grievously for years, then talk to us about your noble cause.
  • These moves have nothing to do with suppressing violence or disinformation, these actions have a singular purpose: to silence voices with which the Left and their Big Tech cronies disagree.
  • Anyone who thinks the timing of these moves is coincidental, think again. It was almost certainly a concerted effort by Big Tech using the Capitol riots as an excuse and hiding their plan behind the veil of public safety.
  • Politically conservative/moderate venture capitalists should take note of the tremendous business opportunities these actions have brought. If you’ve got money to invest, compete with these companies and market yourselves as politically conservative. Market share awaits.
  • Conservatives also need to recognize the reality of the culture war in which we are engaged. Like it or not, that war is raging and has been for a while now. Participating in leftists’ business ventures is putting money into bank accounts that are being used to silence us. Every time we logon to Facebook and Twitter, every time we conduct a Google search or buy a scarf from Amazon, we’re helping to fund those who are targeting us. We may not deem current alternatives as viable, but moving forward we need to consider such alternatives and speak with our wallets. Yes, cancel culture sucks, but cancel culture is here to stay and we can either take a stand or ignore it and get crushed.

Topic #3: A lawyer for PBS named Michael Beller was caught, among other things, comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler, applauding a spike in COVID cases in red states, and advocating for putting the children of Republicans into re-education camps.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Can everyone just stop comparing people they disagree with to Adolf Hitler? Please? Go read a history book, for crying out loud. Donald Trump is obnoxious and self-promoting, but he’s not Hitler. Joe Biden is dishonest and a moron, but he’s not Hitler. Nancy Pelosi is radical, nasty and spiteful, but she’s not Hitler. Comparing people to Hitler doesn’t diminish the reputation of that person, it trivializes the true evil of Adolf Hitler.
  • Give credit to PBS, who apparently applied pressure to Beller which resulted in his resignation on Tuesday. But at the same time, understand that your tax dollars were paying for Mr. Beller’s salary as a member of their legal team, and if he hadn’t been caught he’d still be on the payroll.
  • The strategy currently being applied by the left regarding the Capitol riots is to paint everyone on the right with the same brush: if you voted for Trump than you support the knuckleheads who stormed the Capitol. That approach is malicious, and we shouldn’t do it in reverse. Mr. Beller is responsible for own words and actions, no one else. But his comments do give us some insight into how far Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken some people. Re-education camps… wow.
  • This story came to light due to an exposé by Project Veritas, run by James O’Keefe. O’Keefe and his group have done an outstanding job exposing others such as Planned Parenthood, Acorn and NPR. We on the right may be outnumbered in the media, but we do have some sharp people doing some outstanding work. Bravo Mr. O’Keefe.

Topic #4: A 52-year old woman named Lisa Montgomery was executed by lethal injection on Tuesday in Indiana, becoming the first woman to be executed by the Federal Government in 68 years.    

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Predictably, many on the left mourned her death and staged protests objecting to her execution, while seemingly ignoring the reason she was convicted in the first place: for committing a brutal murder.
  • I’m against the death penalty. I don’t think our government should be in the business of executing its citizens, regardless of their transgressions. But if I’m going to bemoan the deaths of people being killed at the hands of others, I’ll start with the one-million innocent babies killed each year through abortions. Let’s stop those killings first, then we can have a conversation about whether or not we should execute despicable convicted murderers.
  • Montgomery was convicted of strangling a pregnant woman after having befriended her, using a knife to cut out the still-living baby, and then taking the child away. Yes, it’s very hard to have any sympathy for Lisa Montgomery.
  • Naturally, calls for Joe Biden to implement a moratorium on federal executions came pouring in, and we shouldn’t be surprised if Biden obeys them once he’s inaugurated. He might even do it at the same time he rejects the Hyde Amendment which prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars in funding abortions, an action he promised during the campaign. Talk about screwed up priorities.

Topic #5: On Friday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) released a bevy of previously classified documents related to the committee’s investigations into the origins of the Trump-Russia Investigation.


Thoughts and Observations:

  • Released documents include damning evidence regarding the FBI’s Operation Crossfire Hurricane as well as actions by DOJ officials who approved FISA warrants to spy on former Trump advisor Carter Page. Included in his statement accompanying the release, Graham stated, “It is hard to believe that something like Crossfire Hurricane could have happened in America.” Amen.
  • It will be fascinating to see what comes of the ongoing investigation by Special Prosecutor John Durham, whose ongoing investigation into the matter was extended by Attorney General William Barr and has been operating for over a year-and-a-half. Will President Biden or the new Attorney General try to squash that investigation? Stay tuned.
  • As the left and their media try their best to destroy the legacy of President Trump, the most astonishing aspect of that legacy will undoubtedly be the Russia Hoax. Was he a perfect president? No. But Donald Trump endured the single-most outrageous example of political corruption and media complicity this country has ever seen. Any equitable chapter in future history books detailing Mr. Trump’s presidency must have this travesty listed in the first paragraph.
  • It’s worth noting that Sen. Graham still has not released certain documents related to the investigation due to their sensitive nature and the potential impact on national security. Let’s hope Graham goes on the record with some media outlet and explains relative aspects of those documents that can be shared. We deserve to know the whole truth behind what happened; sunlight is a wonderful disinfectant.

PF Whalen

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash