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Biden Blabbers, Carnal Coverage, and General Observations of the Week

It’s official, Joe Biden is now President Joe Biden. Heaven help us all.

Topic #1: On Wednesday, Joseph R. Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

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Thoughts and Observations:

  • If aliens had just landed and read Joe Biden’s speech, they would have judged that it was very good. His speechwriters did a nice job. The problem is, for anyone who’s been paying attention; virtually his entire speech rang hollow. Listening to Biden talk about unity and healing would be like listening to Bernie Madoff talk about sound investment strategies.
  • As many as 20,000 members of law enforcement and the National Guard were present for the inauguration. Considering the Capitol riots of January 6th, it would have been irresponsible for there not to have been a high-level of security. But let’s not forget that 25 people died in the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots this past summer, five times the amount that died on January 6th, and the editor of the New York Times was forced to resign for having the audacity to print a June OpEd suggesting bringing in the military to quell those riots. So, if there’s a potential threat to government officials and property by assumed right wing protesters, they can call in 20,000 troops and it’s no big deal. But if someone even suggests doing the same for leftists protesting imaginary systemic racism, they have to be fired? Makes sense.
  • A key moment of the speech according to the mainstream media – aka President Biden’s Communication Department – was when he talked about the “fragility of democracy,” a veiled reference to President Trump contesting the election results. Biden leads a party that promoted the Russia Hoax for three years, mobilized the media to suppress the reporting on the Hunter Biden scandal, and is actively seeking to shut down free speech on Social Media outlets. Yet he’s going to lecture us about the fragility of democracy?
  • It’s verboten to even bring this topic up nowadays, but here it goes. Throughout much of the speech, Biden’s words were often slurred. Instead of “uniting” he said “unining,” and instead of “literally” he said “litererally.” We’ve been hearing Biden speak for years, and this issue has nothing to do with his childhood speech impediment. He ran for president in 1988, and we can go back and listen to speeches from then, or even at the Clarence Thomas hearings a few years later. Not only was Joe Biden a good speaker, it was probably his best attribute. Yes, he was usually lying, but he was smooth and articulate at least. The man is really slipping, there is no doubt.
  • Going after someone for their middle name, particularly when it was your father’s name as well, is silly. It’s worth noting, however, that Biden’s middle initial “R” stands for “Robinette,” which is apparently his grandmother’s maiden name. It’s the most peculiar presidential name since “Millhouse,” ala President Nixon. In addition to Robinette and Millhouse, other famous presidential names such as “Delano” and “Fitzgerald” also recalled ancestral surnames. Take note: if you’re naming a baby and need a good middle name, consider the mother’s maiden name, particularly if you want the baby to be President of the United States some day.

Topic #2:  The mainstream media’s coverage of the inauguration wasn’t just overwhelmingly positive regarding Biden’s speech and first-day actions, it was downright gushing. 


Thoughts and Observations:

  • Examples are too numerous to list, but unsurprisingly CNN’s Don Lemon was one of the more ridiculous. Lemon appeared on the verge of ecstasy as he called Biden’s speech “medicine in the wound.” Watching Lemon and the rest of CNN, as well as others in the mainstream media, was like watching political pornography. Get a room, folks.
  • The Washington Post wasn’t far behind Lemon, as they ran the headline, “As Biden is sworn in, Americans watch with a sense of relief.” Because if you’re the Washington Post, the only Americans that matter are those that agree with your leftist worldview, therefore Americans are relieved. See how this works?
  • Fox News’ Chris Wallace called it “the best inaugural address I ever heard.” As a prominent 72-year old newsman, we can only assume Wallace has heard some outstanding inaugural addresses including John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower. And Biden’s was the best? If Chris Wallace had any credibility left before that statement, it’s gone now.
  • USA Today ran the headline, “An enemy of the people no more? What the Biden presidency means for journalists.” No, USA Today, you’re still the enemy of the people, and your headline confirms it. You could at least try for the appearance of being neutral.
  • Anyone on the fence about whether or not Dr. Anthony Fauci is/was political, this week should answer any questions you had. When asked about working in a Biden administration as opposed to a Trump administration, Fauci explained that it was “liberating.” Because that’s what we want from scientists in the middle of a pandemic; their opinions on the president.
  • We should certainly attribute much of the reaction by the left and their media to Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), as their hatred for President Trump became totally unhinged over four years. But choosing words such as “relief” and “liberating” are also very telling. Yes, they hated Trump and wanted to see him leave, and to humiliate him if at all possible, but the relief they felt was well-deserved. Donald Trump has many flaws, but as a businessman he’s outstanding at accountability, and he doesn’t pull punches. So if you’re bad at your job, prone to mistakes, and have been called out for your incompetence, Trump leaving office is indeed liberating. With Biden you’re free to screw up again without consequences. And for the media, Trump and his press secretaries were constantly calling them out for their lies and deceit, and now they can go back to normal. Not only can they lie and deceive with impunity again, they’ll actually have help from the administration in facilitating those lies. No wonder they seemed so aroused.

Topic #3: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor mispronounced the name of new Vice-President Kamala Harris while swearing in the former California Senator at the inauguration.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Everyone has the right to expect their name to be pronounced correctly, but some of us have names that are trickier than others. The name Kamala is uncommon, and there are a few pronunciations that work based strictly on the spelling. Sotomayor incorrectly emphasized the second syllable of Kamala, whereas the proper pronunciation apparently requires placing emphasis on the first syllable.
  • Why is this obviously honest mistake even a topic? Because we were assured only a few months ago that mispronouncing Harris’ given name is racist. It seems odd that Justice Sotomayor, who is also a minority woman, could simultaneously be such a bigot; go figure. And Justice Sotomayor seems like such a nice lady, it’s hard to believe she’s such a racist. I’ll be darned.
  • Has Sotomayor been attacked for her racism? Of course not, because if Democrats and their media didn’t have double-standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all. Sotomayor gets a free pass because she’s a minority woman, but more importantly because she’s a Democrat-appointed liberal. If Justices Neil Gorsuch or Samuel Alito or even Amy Coney Barrett had made the mistake, there would be riots on the steps of the Supreme Court, and the left would applaud them as mostly-peaceful.
  • The whole issue is idiotic, naturally. Very few of us have never experienced having our names mispronounced, and when it happens normal people generally shrug it off. But if your primary goal in life is to divide everyone into categories based on inherent traits, and to then politically exploit every interaction between those categories, it makes sense to label mispronunciations as racist. The reality is, those who seek to label such missteps as anything other than honest mistakes are either ridiculously cynical or are themselves racist. 
  • It does seem to be a fair criticism, however, to question how Sotomayor could have made such a mistake considering how high-profile the swearing-in ceremony is. One would think one of Sotomayor’s clerks or assistants would have coached her up a bit. Oh well.

Topic #4: Motivated by the inauguration, riots erupted in multiple cities in the Western U.S., most notably in Seattle and Portland.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Yes, you read topic #4 correctly, that’s not a typo. Why haven’t we heard about those riots? Because the rioters were leftist fascists; Antifa. And make no mistake, with eight arrests in Portland alone, these were not peaceful protests; these were riots.
  • Imagine, if you will, if those riots occurred and the participants were Trump supporters, or The Proud Boys, or some sort of alt-Right group. Do you think there might have been a lot of media coverage? After their copulating to Biden’s speech was complete, there would have been relentless coverage and they would have been trying to hold Trump and the 75 million people who voted for him responsible. But if they’re leftists? Nothing to see here, nothing to see.
  • If they rioted with Joe Biden being elected, consider what type of reaction we would have seen if it had been President Trump being sworn in for his second term. We would have seen mostly-peaceful riots throughout the country, and all the unrest would have been blamed on Donald Trump. Do not doubt it.
  • Think about the mindset of the rioters. You’ve got Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House for four years, and they’re not radical enough you? Herein lies a major problem for Biden/Harris. They’ve got a base so far to the left they won’t be able to continue appeasing them. You can keep feeding people to the alligators, Joe and Kamala, but eventually they’re going to come for you too.

Topic #5: U.S. Women’s Soccer star Carli Lloyd was questioned and criticized for her decision to stand for the National Anthem instead of kneeling before a game against Columbia on Monday.

 Thoughts and Observations:

  • Lloyd wasn’t the only player who stood, with approximately half of the team standing and half kneeling. But Lloyd was the most prominent, as she’s one of the top American players in National Team history. That’s why she got the headlines.
  • Notice how the tenor is trying to shift. The focus of the story wasn’t on the players who knelt but rather on the players who stood. This is how the left and their media try to play things, by pretending that public opinion is somehow behind the kneelers. It’s not, and never has been.
  • Even though all of the players wore BLM shirts before the game, give Lloyd credit. The U.S. Soccer Federation is as radically left as any other major sports entity, maybe even more so, and that includes the NFL and NBA. There is absolutely no doubt that Lloyd and the others were highly pressured to kneel, but they didn’t. Good for you ladies, bravo.
  • The continual politicization of sports everywhere is sickening. It’s designed to portray radicalism as mainstream, and conservatives must reject it. If you’re still watching leftist organizations like the NFL and NBA, and particularly if you’re somehow providing them with revenue by clicking on their links or buying their merchandise, you need to reevaluate. It’s not as hard as you might think, take it from someone who’s totally disengaged with them both. In fact, you might say giving up on the NFL and NBA is liberating.

PF Whalen

Image courtesy of Paul Ellis at Flickr.