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Weekend Conversations – The First Two Weeks of a Biden Presidency

In this installment of Weekend Conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative lament the state of the nation under a Biden figure-headed presidency.

Parker: We have endured less than two weeks of Joe Biden sitting in the Oval Office with his shaky signature and it’s already making it worse for everyday Americans. It’s not like many Americans would know it, though; the propaganda machine is working overtime. The disregard for American values and lives is clear as day. The tyranny of the majority is everywhere. It’s all real and terrifying. We will get to all of this shortly. However, if there is a silver lining to this moment it is that we have been given clarity into the true harm inflicted on us by the media and political elites, including the fascistic, anti-science, and anti-American stance of the current iteration of the Democrat Party.

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Take Covid policies, for example. For nearly a year, chyrons, headlines, and talking heads all exclaimed that Wuhan virus deaths and cases were the only quantity worth measuring. Concern for other considerations, like mental health issues stemming from prolonged isolation, lack of learning from shutting down schools, or remaining viable as a small business was tantamount to blowing the virus directly into your grandmother’s lungs. Daring to stand up as a small business resulted in heavy fines and punishment. You know politicians are failing their constituents when Democrats empty cells of violent prisoners out of concern for Covid spread and then replace them with business owners struggling to make ends meet. 

There is then the lack of concern about the new, more virulent strains is also apparently not a thing. I don’t think we reacted well the first time, but if there is any logical coherence in combating this paranoid-laden dark winter, shouldn’t we at least be expected to hunker down until these UK strands go away? They truly just don’t care anymore about pretending to cover up their lies. No one will ever convince me that Covid would have similarly disappeared under a Trump second term.

The media, Democrat governors, and health “experts” discovered new data to support pivoting on every Covid policy that was entrenched for the past nine months. Their enlightenment comes far too late, and no one seems to care that the protestors back in April demanding the reopening of economies were right all along. I covered in my fourth installment of the Fauci flip flops that PCR testing was revised and now reports are coming out that hydroxychloroquine is okay after all. Incredible. The list of coronavirus scams, always known but now more apparent than ever under the fraudulent presidency of Biden, are endless. 

PF: So much of the initial period of Biden’s presidency has been disappointing, but also predictable. Much of it is also mere virtue signaling. On his first day, Biden signed an executive order putting the U.S. back into the Paris Agreement on climate change. The Paris Agreement is a joke, and our rejoining is nothing more than symbolic, which is perfect for Biden and the left. For the left, it’s your intentions, not your actions that matter. There are no consequences for any countries that don’t hit their Paris Agreement commitments, which means it has no teeth. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the countries who signed the agreement have not only missed their commitments, they’ve missed them badly. Our rejoining the agreement means nothing, because the agreement itself means nothing.

Similarly, Biden ordered resources to be allocated to “advance equity for all;” more virtue signaling. He’s going to assemble a team to assess federal agencies for potential racism. They will no doubt determine unequal outcomes and wrongly conclude without evidence that those outcomes are due some systemic bigotry. Whatever solutions they come up with, we can be sure of three things: 1) they won’t work, 2) they’ll put additional strain on the taxpayers, and 3) they’ll attempt to divide us through identity politics. It’s not about fixing stuff, it’s about how you feel and being able to show your leftist base that you care.

Biden also signed an order banning discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation, an order that should be reviewed by his Department of Redundancy Department. Such discrimination was already banned, and is, in fact, illegal. It’s like issuing a ban on torturing puppies; and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Biden sign such an order, by the way. The LGBTQ gang naturally applauded the action, which is the whole point; messaging. Biden and Democrats are virtuous, and if you don’t believe them, just look at their actions, however meaningless they may be. And if anyone objects or points out their absurdity, they’re attacked as homophobes and climate-deniers; and racists, of course. 

Parker: The irony in all of the Biden executive orders (remember when he said he wouldn’t legislate like a dictator with EOs?) is that each of them hurts the supposed groups that form the coalition of Democrat voters.

How will women fare under the new orders surrounding gender dysmorphia? A lot has been made about girls’ sports specifically, but there are broader implications as well. Interactions in bathrooms, locker rooms, shelters, medical facilities, and a host of other women-oriented programs will very likely come under attack by the anti-woman, and very aggressive, LGBTQ lobby. Standing up for women doesn’t begin by destroying the very notion of womanhood.

How will blacks fare under the shutout of Black Lives Matter and racial equity proposals? BLM specifically shared a letter it directed to the Biden White House which never received a reply. I get it; if I were the White House I would want distance from domestic terrorists, too. Still, this makes it really obvious that the whole summer was a gigantic panderfest. It goes without saying that any economic burdens – see below – will disproportionately impact lower-income blacks as well.

How will working Americans fare under economic hardship brought on by unnecessary climate policies, artificial minimum wages, and eventual inflation? Gas prices are already higher under the indefensible Keystone decision, so there’s that. And the economically-challenged climate folk don’t understand that we still rely on fossil fuels, so any virtue signaling over a pipeline merely raises the price of fuels we will use regardless of how it is transported. No pipeline? Bring on the polluting and more expensive trains. Minimum wage is another disaster in the making. 

Despite Biden claiming there is no evidence to suggest this will backfire, there is. Ask Seattle or Los Angeles. There are then the obvious rhetorical questions: If there was no downside, why didn’t we do this sooner? If there is only upside to $15 an hour, why not $20? Sadly, this demonstrates that these politicians know many Americans are illiterate and downright stupid when it comes to basic economic theory. Voting habits only confirm that tens of millions are indeed illiterate and stupid.

PF: Prior to his taking office, the three aspects of a Biden presidency I feared most was its effect on immigration, the economy, and foreign policy. Regarding immigration, Biden followed through on his plan to implement a 100-day freeze on deportations. Fortunately, a Federal Judge in Texas issued an injunction and deportations continue. Not only do we need to keep our borders secure, we need to be able to remove those who are here illegally and would do us harm. The ruling in Texas is a cause for optimism. 

Regarding the economy, Biden’s plan should be simple: just keep doing what Trump was doing and don’t mess it up. That won’t be his plan, obviously, as we’ve already seen in his first few days with his job-killing measures regarding the Keystone Pipeline and his freeze on fracking/drilling on Federal lands. Such moves will not only put Americans on the unemployment line, they’ll also make us more dependent on foreign oil and will drive oil and gasoline prices. We should also expect to see additional regulations applied to businesses that will hamper economic growth. But so long as Biden is unable to raise taxes – corporate or individual – the economic damage he causes should be kept to a minimum. 

Biden’s impact on foreign policy is the area in which he could do the most harm; no doubt. Antony Blinken will be a lousy Secretary of State, but it could have been worse. Imagine if it was Susan Rice, whom prognosticators considered the favorite back in November. We won’t know for a while exactly how Biden and Blinken will handle hotspots like Iran, Russia and Syria, but I’m not optimistic. And I’m extremely concerned about them botching the progress with China and the Middle East. During these first few days of his presidency, however, Biden has been very quiet on his approach to foreign policy, and I think we should view that as a good thing. Perhaps he’ll tread lightly without making many changes.

Parker: The latest devastation coming out of the Biden administration is exactly related to your worries about foreign policy. Despite every politician and pundit unanimously agreeing that there could be no peace in the Middle East without the Palestinians (spoken for by the terrorist organization PLO) at the table, the Trump team instead cut them off financially and focused on Iran. Lo and behold, within months we had signed treaties among four major Islamic players in the region with Israel. Predictably (which is the operative word with every Biden action), his administration ignored the pathway to peace and prosperity in the region and reengaged with the Palestinians. Much like his job-killing, independence-killing, and economy-killing pipeline fiasco, there are absolutely no compelling reasons to finance and talk to the PLO. Now we just have to wait until he ships crates of cash back to one of the most dangerous and murderous regimes in the entire world.

We keep asking this question: At what point do more Americans wake up to the anti-American policies by this political party? (Any hatred toward Israel is a hatred toward America). The Democrats of old, whom people still think represents the working man, are dead. The new Democrat party despises and looks down upon regular Americans. Amazingly, the last three candidates for president on the ticket have each had their recorded comments, and voters don’t care. Obama had his gun-clinging and Bible-clinging commnet; Hillary had her deplorables remark; Biden called very enthusiastic Trump support chumps. This says nothing of their actual policies that ruin lives, whether it’s the forced lockdowns, economic decisions, and a host of other policies that regularly ruin lives.

PF: PF: One topic that Biden had been preaching since mid-November when it became clear he won the election is so called “unity.” Based on his talk of healing during his inauguration speech, we should be engaged in one, big group hug right now. Can you feel the unity? Can you feel the healing? I can’t.

By definition, executive orders are unilateral, and Biden has crushed the previous record of the number of executive orders signed by a president during the first few days of a presidency. Through his first week, Biden signed 30 of them. During Trump’s first week he signed five executive orders, Obama signed four, Bush signed one and Clinton signed zero. Taking unilateral actions are, by their very nature, divisive, and Biden can’t sign enough of them.

It’s all very puzzling to me on why Biden and the Democrats aren’t being more covert with their divisiveness, truly. For instance, he could put forth proposals to Congress on issues such as infrastructure and immigration, where there could actually be bipartisan agreement, and he could tout his actions as attempts to reach across the aisle; to compromise. But they’re not even hiding their contempt. The next two years are critical, and Republicans need to retake either the House or the Senate, or both, and as always success in that effort will come down to moderate and independent voters. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) need to fill that void. Put together reasonable proposals on infrastructure and immigration – two issues that a vast majority of Americans agree needs fixing and will support – and let the Democrats show their true colors. That approach could woo a lot of the moderates and independents in 2022 and 2024.