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A Response To The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser

The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser might be a nice person – a great mother, wife, friend, aunt – I don’t know. I really don’t care. What I do know and care about is that she is complicit in continuing the legacy of lazy and dishonest journalism that continues to drive our country toward an irrecoverable abyss.


Ms. Glasser had a piece published on January 28th rhetorically asking if Joe Biden made everything normal again vis-a-vis American politics. (Yes, is her answer). It probably rattled off her fingers, the whole time an air of smugness and moral superiority occupying the office from which she labored. Isn’t it obvious that the world is better, she asks her readers while cackling like Kamala Harris. It’s soooo obvious. 


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Is it, though? Suffice to say, the writing presents with the usual vapid eruditeness – empty ideas encased by big words in declarative statements. 


She begins her piece by noting that “President Joe Biden has not occupied my every waking thought—nor, I suspect, yours.” I actually agree with her. He doesn’t occupy my every thought, nor did Trump for that matter, because I don’t evaluate or base my personal happiness on a single person. People addicted to chemicals or porn can only think about chemicals or porn. Trump Derangement Syndrome took on a kind of addictive nature, where those afflicted could only think about Trump’s fascistic and racist tendencies. There probably needs to be a movement to get it in the DSM-V.


Of course, she is like the addicts that claim they have it under control. I can stop any time, they say. If Trump was the disease, then Biden is the cure. Where Trump represented chaos and dysfunction, Biden represents normalcy and comfortable avuncular habits. She ignores that the masses (herself included) got mad at Trump because they were told to get mad at Trump. The manic coverage was incessant. We don’t hear about Biden now because the media isn’t blaring the blowhorn every ten seconds about how awful he is. They easily could, and in an honest world, they would. Goodness knows Biden is riling up plenty of conservatives journalism outlets, she is just too uninterested and blind to recognize their merit.


Relatedly, she also commits a basic logical gaffe; no news from the establishment media does not necessarily translate to no newsworthiness. In reality, this lack of critical thinking only underscores how tied Glasser and so many millions of Americans dutifully drink the narrative Kool-Aid. We shouldn’t be angry now? Okay.


Glasser continues by noting that Biden’s “tweets have been sparse and so anodyne that a writer for the Washington Post compared them to the sayings that come inside fortune cookies.” The media and so-called journalists obsessed over the tweets. Had Trump not been permanently banned, they would still obsess over them. It’s so juvenile and imbecilic. We are literally reliving high school with children masquerading as journalists. You said this on social media last night and now I’m mad! It’s an insult to teenage girls to use them in an analogy. Notice how they never discussed his policy? Of course, when they do, they lied about it anyways. The Muslim ban, the cages, the coronavirus response – their coverage was fraudulent. I do believe when Ms. Glasser says she is feeling at ease, though, with less aggressive tweets. Leftists are pathetic like that. Look, I will take Trump’s Twitter presence over Biden’s damaging policy record every time. If enduring a midnight tweet means we get cleaner air, cheaper energy, and independence from OPEC cartels, or belief in American greatness, so be it.


Glasser next mentions that “Biden’s scandals so far—buying a Peloton bike, wearing an expensive Rolex watch—look to be more of the Obama-wore-a-tan-suit variety. Shrinking the Presidency back into its pre-Trump size in our collective consciousness may be the easiest part.” I admit that I am genuinely confused. She frames this to suggest Trump was constantly engaged in scandals. I lived through the last four years of outrageous media coverage against him and I am not sure what she presumes us to know. What scandals? Seriously, what’s even one legitimate scandal? 


It’s easy to miss all of the current administration’s scandals when you willfully ignore reality. Is she not concerned that Biden has been on the public payroll his entire adult life and has amassed an incredible fortune – as in, he qualifies as a 1%er? Did he make all of that in public service? If proof ever existed we pay too much in taxes, let Biden’s financial status be it. 


She must be also unaware of the Hunter Biden story or chooses not to focus on it. Susan Rice made her way back into the administration. Glasser must surely know about the horrific Benghazi lies. John Kerry flies in a private jet while chiding regular Americans about the climate. Isn’t she at all curious about an obviously hypocritical stance? Either way, her ignorance on these issues or willful choice to omit them only reflects poorly on her journalistic skills and integrity. As far as returning to a tan suit era, let’s not forget the recent, egregious behaviors of Big Tech and Wall Street, who have taken totalitarian steps to crush the average American. Social media censorship of speech should frighten everyone and the specific actions of Robinhood portend the elites’ ability to simply cut the power one day and leave us peasantry in the dark. Other than that, sure, no scandals. 


Hopping from one hackneyed attack to the next, Glasser next writes that “in his first days in office, Biden’s most profound contrast with Trump has been to take this [Covid-19] seriously, which, remarkably, Trump never did.” I have witnessed a lot of libel and slander lawsuits hit the courts over the years, and I am not sure how the media can continue to spin Trump’s handling of the alleged pandemic without getting clobbered in court. At what point could Trump hit them with a massive lawsuit? 

Anyways, if Glasser is upset about a lackluster response, she should now focus on Biden. The sitting president, who campaigned around doing better than Trump, is now throwing his hands up and admitting defeat by saying there’s nothing we can do right now. When I think of stoic, charismatic, and competent leaders, my list is Grant, Patton, and Biden, in that order. It’s as if Eisenhower looked at the German lines at Omaha Beach and said screw fighting for freedom, the Nazis are too deeply entrenched!


Anthony Fauci also seems as fair a target as Donald Trump. I have painstakingly outlined five articles that each cover several instances of Fauci changing his mind, misdirecting the public, or outright lying about his responses to Covid. I have currently identified 17 examples, with more due to be covered in future articles. They can be found here, here, here, here, and here. Does this absolve Trump entirely? Of course not; he was the sitting president then and he owns the good and the bad. Still, it does open the door for equal upset and outrage toward Fauci, and others such as the scandal-plagued Governor of Death Andrew Cuomo. Intellectual honesty goes a long way in journalism; until people like Glasser at least acknowledge the other half of the story, her griping only gets lost in an echo chamber.


I began this article in agreement with Glasser. I end it the same way (and not a moment too soon, I might add). She concludes her abominable essay by noting that the “pandemic and its attendant economic crisis will end on Biden’s watch.” Yes, by all appearances and measures the pandemic is indeed winding down. I am agnostic about the economic recovery. The entire article is one gushing billet-doux for ignoramuses everywhere, and she concludes with a nod to Jeffrey Toobin’s masterful handywork. It’s as if he was working on the laptop next to her, with them both completing their efforts around the same time. Glasser will mindlessly watch the case counts and deaths drop, without even realizing the World Health Organization finally admitted that its stratospheric amplification cycle threshold was detecting Covid at levels about as worthless as me finding stepping in a lake and being worried about the glacier that carved it out 15,000 years ago. 


Make no mistake, Covid will go away, but not because Sleepy Joe will have done anything. Trump presided over the development of the vaccine, reacted swiftly with travel bans, declared emergencies to get much-needed medical supplies produced, honored the Constitution by not enforcing lockdowns and masks at a federal level, and reminded Amricans that a lot more was at stake than a simple virus. The rest of it will disappear because it was an obvious political tool at this point. Other than surrendering to the course of the virus and scolding adults to wear masks (which they do anyways), what is Biden doing again?


Covid will go away because the election cycle is over. Trump was ousted and the virus served its political purpose. Biden and his team can scare Americans over climate and race now. In the words of the angsty teens masquerading as journalists – the pandemic is so 2020.

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  1. The uber liberals are mentally challenged sycophants living in a pseudo reality. Sadly this will never change due no thanks to the woeful indoctrination of Gov’t education system.
    For the truth to prevail the fascist woke grip on colleges must be broken.

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