The Biden Bus – Is Joe About to be Thrown Under It?

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Even before Election Day – as candidate Joe Biden was acting as if he was allergic to public appearances and allowing his communications team (aka The Mainstream Media) to do all of the heavy lifting for his campaign – there was widespread speculation that not only would Biden be a mere figurehead within his administration, he wouldn’t finish out his four-year term. “Get ready for President Kamala Harris,” they chuckled.

Much of that conjecture continues and has been based upon the fact that Biden is 78-years old and in the midst of obvious cognitive decline. If his health doesn’t do him in, his senility will, the theory goes.

But what if the media’s newfound curiosity with the Biden family’s pronounced corruption has ulterior motives? What if the previously loyal media machine is merely scheming with power-hungry Democrats by laying the groundwork to use Biden family unscrupulousness as a tool to force the president out of office in favor of Harris?

Engaging in supposition that Biden’s days as president are numbered hasn’t been restricted to Republicans and other political opponents; it’s been commonplace within his own party as well. A Rasmussen poll last August indicated that a whopping 59% of all voters doubted Biden would finish out his term, including 49% of Democratic voters. And Biden himself has used the label “transitional candidate” in describing his intent to be a “bridge” to the next generation of Democrats.

Perhaps the best indication of the idea’s prevalence is the bookmakers (and yes, you can make a wager on whether or not Biden makes it the full four years). Current odds on such a bet are only +$150; meaning if you bet $100 that Biden doesn’t complete his full-term, you will only win $150 if you’re correct. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement from Las Vegas on the longevity of the newly-inaugurated president, and the media’s recent attention to long-known scandals may be a contributing factor.

Frank Biden, Joe’s younger brother, didn’t wait long before trying to capitalize on his brother’s fame and power. On Inauguration Day, the very day his brother was being sworn into office last month, Frank’s law firm ran a television commercial touting Frank Biden’s relationship to the president and implying availability. Do you need presidential influence? Call 555-BIDEN-4-SALE.

In comparison to other Biden family improprieties, however, Frank’s misstep is barely worth mentioning. So, why is the incident noteworthy? Because the mainstream media actually reported on it without being shamed into doing so by conservatives. For some unknown reason, the media decided they needed to do their job.

Last Monday, CNBC published a piece questioning Frank Biden’s lobbying efforts for an oil company during the Obama Administration when his brother Joe was Vice-President. The lobbying in question began six years ago, but CNBC felt compelled to report on it now.

Two days later, the Washington Post revisited the story of Frank’s law firm’s marketing efforts, and the following day, so did CNN. Three stalwart and dependable leftwing media outlets that wanted nothing to do with any negative news regarding Biden and his family before Election Day have suddenly become extremely inquisitive.

If Frank Biden’s goal was to maximize revenue and profits for himself and his business, he’s an amateur compared to another brother – namely, James Biden, the youngest brother of Joe. In 2010 when his brother Joe was Vice-President, James Biden joined a company called Hill International, a property development company specializing in overseas projects.

Hill had fallen on hard times as a result of the 2008 financial crisis and the Arab Spring uprisings which had begun to spread across the Middle East. James Biden had little experience in the industry, but he was hired nonetheless.

Shortly after bringing on James Biden, Hill International won $1.5 billion contract to build affordable housing in Iraq, a contract that sent a nice chunk of revenue to Joe’s little brother. Some coincidence, isn’t it? Joe Biden was Vice-President of the United States, with significant influence over foreign policy, and James Biden’s company just happens to be awarded a 10-figure contract for business in Iraq. Well, well, well.

James Biden has never been one to shy away from shadowy figures and shady companies, and his extensive business dealings with Allen Stanford, who was ultimately convicted for participating in a Ponzi scheme is just one more example. But none of James Biden’s naughtiness was getting any coverage prior to Election Day. Mainstream media bigwigs were raising their collective forefingers to their lips and whispering, “Shhh.”

This past December, once it was clear that Joe Biden had won the election, it was suddenly revealed that authorities in the Western District of Pennsylvania are investing James Biden for his role in the now bankrupt company Americore Health; extraordinarily fortunate timing. While coverage of James Biden’s mischief continues to be relatively sparse, we should expect to see such coverage increase in the coming weeks and months.

Clearly, the most blatant example of the media’s revived fascination with Biden-facts is regarding the topic of Hunter Biden, Joe’s son. In mid-October last year, only weeks before the election, the right-leaning New York Post published a devastating story detailing Hunter’s introduction of a Ukrainian oligarch to his father, who was Vice-President at the time of the meeting in 2015.

Only a few months after that meeting, Vice-President Biden openly pressured Ukrainian government officials to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor who had been investigating that oligarch’s energy company: Burisma.

The mainstream media are fond of using the word “bombshell” to describe politically damaging stories about conservatives, but their use of the word is almost always overstated. The New York Post’s Hunter Biden story, however, was indisputably a bombshell. The Post had evidence of an email from Hunter discussing cash payments to someone known as “the big guy,” with a non-anonymous source named Tony Bobulinski, a Hunter Biden business associate, verifying that that individual was none other than Joe Biden himself. At the time of the New York Post story, millions of Americans had already begun casting votes by mail for November’s presidential election.

The media wasn’t going to let the Hunter Biden story interfere with their efforts to ensure Biden’s election and with assistance from Big Tech giants like Twitter and Facebook, they succeeded. The story was squashed, Biden was elected, and most importantly, Donald Trump was defeated. However, once the election results were secured, they lifted their mutually mandated moratorium on any Biden bad news, and suddenly began covering the story. But what changed? On December 9th, Hunter Biden made a statement confirming he was the target of a federal investigation, and all of the mainstream media outlets rushed to cover the story. But statements and facts don’t matter to our media; normally.

Such statements wouldn’t have stopped them from suppressing a story in the past, but this time they covered the story in detail and accurately (for the most part). Only a day after his announcement, the BBC ran a piece questioning why Hunter was even in Ukraine and China. Only a few days after that, the USA Today did a ‘fact check,’ on the story and declared it true. And the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN all covered the story in detail, along with most other major news outlets.

The media as a group had simultaneously decided it was safe to report on the nefarious business dealings of Joe Biden’s family, but the question is, why? Yes, the election was secured, and their guy had won, but that’s not the reason. Anyone who thinks the media suddenly began covering these stories simply because the election was over and they were engaged in some guilt trip or moral reflection/soul searching is being naïve. Our mainstream media has neither morals nor a soul. But they do have other motives.

President Joe Biden was not the candidate the media wanted the Democrats to select. He’s too old with a limited shelf life, and he’s not far enough to the left; but at least he’s malleable. During the primaries in late-2019 and early-2020, they wanted anyone but Biden to be the choice. They flirted with Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, but their appeal was fleeting. They danced with Amy Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders for a few songs, but eventually ditched both of them as well.

The left and their media never fully embraced Joe Biden, but ultimately they had no choice but to hitch their wagon to the longtime Washington insider and hope that he picked a running mate suitable to their agenda. And indeed Biden did: enter Kamala Harris.

With Biden as president, he’s the only thing blocking the ultimate goal of the leftist Democrat base and the media: to elevate a bona fide leftist, one who is both female and a minority, to the most powerful office in the world. Biden won’t step aside easily, and it is for that reason that the media have suddenly found journalistic scruples.

Might Biden have a serious health issue that forces him out? We should pray that he doesn’t, but it is possible. Will his mental capacity erode to the point that he steps down voluntarily? That scenario is highly unlikely, as Biden has spent almost fifty years trying to get where he is and won’t go away quietly. But establishment Democrats and Justice Department officials might find it very easy to collect enough evidence on Biden and his family’s corruption to convince him otherwise. They can also leak such stories to the mainstream media to drive public opinion against Biden, if needed.

If the Washington bureaucracy and mainstream media can come up with enough proof to use against President Biden, it could be easy to compel him to vacate his office. “Get out of the way Joe, and spare yourself and your family prosecution.” Soon-to-be President Kamala Harris could promise pardons for the entire clan, and the deal would be done. Biden resigns for health reasons, and he and his family ride off into the sunset with boatloads of money as the left and their media get what they wanted all along: a radical leftist in the Oval Office with the skin color and genitalia they wanted from the beginning.

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including the Western Journal, Human Events, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen and on Gab @PFWhalen.

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