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The Confluence of Cancel Culture and the Biden Administration

In this installment of our weekly conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative take notice of the many examples of the Biden administration and other Democrats canceling people of color and with disabilities. Is Team Biden – as Hillary put it – racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic?

Parker: To borrow a song lyric from Disney’s animated (and Oscar-winning) classic Beauty and the Beast, the left breaking its own rules is a tale as old as time. The Biden administration ran on the recycled Obama platform of odd-couple factions (do feminists and Islamists really play for the same team?) and also on the idea of unity. It all sounds terrific, until you realize it’s a fantastic lie. Unfortunately, there are an alleged 81 million voters who still believe the lie.

This phenomenon has taken a pretty obvious turn in just a few short weeks. Three down, 205 to go. Most recently, Time published an article about a White House ASL interpreter that left her indefensibly abandoned by the Biden administration. For unstated and yet obvious reasons, Time decided to out Heather Mewshaw as not only a conservative, but a Trump supporter as well. Despite having served in the Trump administration and continuing in that role under the Biden administration, Time felt the need to humiliate and disgrace the woman, as well as leave her and her family open to leftist fury. Mewshaw herself has stated that she now fears for everyone’s safety.

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Time should be ashamed. This is not journalism, it is the epitome of the ugliness of cancel culture. Were we to apply the same logic the left does in instances of disagreement, it would be sexist and ableist. Mewshaw, herself deaf, is legally disabled. That she is a woman being thrown under the boss by her boss, Joe Biden, also means that this is sexist. In reality, it is simply a cowardly act. Time titled their article to frame Mewshaw as a far-right nut, and the implication was that Biden was paying someone with dangerous views. By the time this article is published, I am sure she will have been fired.

In the meantime, one conclusion can be drawn: The Biden White House does not support women or the disabled. Whom else do they not support?

PF: Whom else do they not support? Anyone who disagrees with their worldview. It doesn’t matter if the individual is a woman, or a racial minority, or disabled. If that person’s ideology doesn’t align with theirs, they are fair game. The Biden Administration is merely taking the baton from those who’ve preceded it. This has been a practice of the left and their media for years. What’s most remarkable to me is how they continue to use this tactic while keeping a straight face.

In 2008 when Hillary Clinton was running against Barack Obama for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, they had their identity politics bases covered. If you criticized Hillary you were a sexist, and if you criticized Obama you were a racist. Only months later, after Hillary had lost and Obama picked a nincompoop named Joe Biden as his running mate, the Republican candidate John McCain picked Sarah Palin to join his ticket. Suddenly the rules totally changed. It didn’t matter that Palin was a woman, because she was a Republican woman. Off-limit language that would have earned someone absolute castigation if it had been used against Hillary had miraculously become not only acceptable, but fashionable. They were relentless in attacking Palin’s intelligence, experience and her family.

Only four years later, the Republicans had a formidable candidate named Herman Cain who just happened to be black. Cain had solid credentials with broad appeal and was actually leading in the polls at one point. But it didn’t matter that he was black, because he was a Republican black. It was astonishing to watch Democrats and their media as they would reject any critiques of Obama as being race-driven while simultaneously using bare knuckles on Herman Cain. 

Parker: I appreciate the trip down memory lane. I actually brought up Palin (like many have) with friends and family who told me that – and these are their words – “No matter who we all voted for, we should celebrate the fact that we have our first female vice president.” No, actually, we shouldn’t. Aside from the fake call for unity, it’s fake celebrations. My immediate reply is where was your support for Palin and they go silent, or they say she was u underqualified. Again, my immediate follow up is the only qualification needed is an X chromosome (to put it politely). It’s all a fantastic charade.

In more current terms, I mentioned the ASL staffer who, by virtue of her loving her country, is being kicked to the curb by our unifying media and being roundly ignored by our unifying administration. I can feel the unity oozing out of Biden’s IVs. There is also the case of the black Surgeon General, a fine appointee and the first black man to hold the title when he was selected by the racist and white supremacist Donald Trump. Jerome Adams, who despite his own mask contradictions a la Anthony Fauci, served admirably and with distinction over the course of his tenure.

Nevertheless, and despite his preferred pigmentation and our country’s supposed long, bigoted history of white men telling black men what they can and cannot do, Joe Biden unceremoniously dropped Adams from the position of surgeon general as soon as he was installed as the next president. The lesson to be learned is that it’s important to hire and retain people of color, with the caveat that these people of color also think a certain way. The thought plantation is a great place to oppress blacks, isn’t it? Thanks, Democrats.

PF: This mindset by Biden and his administration began even before he was sworn in last month. President Trump had appointed former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Rick Grenell as (Acting) Director of National Intelligence (DNI) last spring. Grenell was highly qualified, well-respected and effective in his position; and he also happens to be gay. But the fact that Grenell checks off a key identity politics box doesn’t matter to Biden and his cronies, because Grenell is also very conservative. Needless to say, Grenell is not part of the Biden Administration.

When Biden announced that he would be nominating former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg as his Secretary of Transportation, other Democrats and the mainstream were tripping over themselves to commend Biden for nominating the first openly gay man to a Cabinet position. The only problem with their commendations was this fact: not only is the position of DNI a Cabinet-level position, it’s also a hell of lot more critical than Transportation Secretary, which means Grenell was, in fact, the first openly gay Cabinet member. It took a few days, but eventually Democrats and their media began altering their celebration of Buttigieg by clarifying that he is the first “Senate-approved” Cabinet member to be openly gay. They gushed over Buttigieg because he’s gay and leftist, and totally dismiss Grenell who is gay and conservative. They’re despicable in their double-standards.

There’s one more interesting point regarding Rick Grenell that illustrates the ridiculousness of the left’s double standard regarding their identity politics. If we search within Google for “Rick Grenell” with the filter “News,” of the top ten stories that show up, six of them actually have headlines mentioning Buttigieg. The algorithms used by Google and other Big Tech companies are totally aligned with the Biden Administration and the rest of the left. Let’s celebrate and promote leftist members of various woke victim groups, but ignore or vilify any conservative members of the same group. 

Parker: If any of the nonsense and fraud emanating from the current administration can be celebrated, it is that Black Lives Matter have been completely ignored. Most importantly, it is a good thing that this anti-American group doesn’t have ostensible influence. But, I also garner delight knowing that the Biden campaign and all of the machinations of the DNC completely used the black terrorist group and all of the individual actors for an entire year. People are naive and stupid; every marcher, protester, and rioter thought they were making their voices heard last year; indeed, Harris et al made sure to let us know that protest was as American as apple pie. They were all making a difference, they were told. 

But the curtain has been pulled down. Sure, BLM will resurface once the media gets a sense that the public is too comfortable again, or needs a reminder that systemic racism pervades police departments. They will almost certainly reappear when Derek Chauvin (of George Floyd notoriety) is found not guilty. However, for the time being, all reports indicate that BLM has wanted to meet with Biden’s handlers and they have been ignored.

Other voices might say that Biden is simply acting shrewdly; after all, BLM is as anti-American as groups come. He is wise to keep a distance. Of course, that line of thinking is false. The truth is that BLM was propped up and used to foment discontent and push a false narrative. The media support reinforced the lies. Just as with Covid, once the true mission was accomplished (i.e. removing Trump from office), they were no longer useful. Given their awful tactics, their horrendous history, and their cruel ideology, they are clearly a liability more than an asset. Will any blacks – or any leftist that marched or supported them – notice? Not likely. 

PF: Biden may be a lot of things, but shrewd ain’t one of them; he’s a puppet. Democratic leaders in general, and Biden in particular, are faced with a very difficult task right now. Their base may be the radical left, but they have control of Congress and the White House in spite of that group, not because of them. How do they continue to feed the beast on their left without their actual governance drifting too far in that direction and thereby alienating their center? It’s a major challenge, and one that aligns with your observation of their handling of BLM.

Another interesting example of this dilemma and the administration’s tango with leftist culture came this week from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. The recent executive order from President Biden prohibiting “discrimination based on gender identity in school sports” may appease some within the LGBTQ faction of his base, but it’s obviously problematic for the radical feminists who also account for a large chunk of that same base. If biological men and boys are permitted to compete against women and girls, there’s a distinct, biological disadvantage for the females. That’s just science; and nature. When asked about the issue during her a daily briefing this week, Psaki simply remarked that Biden “believes transgender rights are human rights.” Way to take a stand Jen.

Using clichés and t-shirt slogans may work on the campaign trail, but they’re unsustainable when it comes to actual policy. Jen Psaki, Biden, Pelosi and the rest can continue to try to pacify various subgroups of their so-called “intersectional coalition,” but that coalition is like a game of Jenga that’s nearing its end. It’s only a matter of time before it crashes down.