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Americans Should Boycott Coca Cola

By Guest Author Gen Z Conservative from

Why You Should Boycott Coca Cola

I’ve been strident in my calls for conservatives to boycott companies that are working against the interests of traditional America. Woke companiesBig Tech companiesleftist companiesovertly pro-Democrat companies, and any others that might be working against our interests. We should support and invest in conservative companies that are on our side; not the companies in thrall to the radical left. Now, I regret to announce that we need to boycott Coca Cola.

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Why? Well, it’s obvious. As I reported recently, Coca-Cola might have forced or might have encouraged its employees to attend a woke “anti-racism” seminar in which they were told that all white people are racist and need to try to be less white. Here are the abominable slides that supposedly come from that seminar:

Why we must boycott Coca Cola

Now, companies can do what they want. If they want to sell their products at the wrong price, fine, but their investors should rebuke them for doing so. If they want to start woke advertising campaigns, fine. But we shouldn’t buy those products. And if they want to indoctrinate their employees with a bunch of woke nonsense, then fine. But we shouldn’t buy their products and conservatives shouldn’t try to work there.

That might sound harsh. You might be thinking, “do we really supposed to live out the culture war in every aspect of life?” Yes. Yes we do.

The current state of affairs is untenable. Companies take our money and then give huge donations to political campaigns, PACs, Super PACs, and lobbyists. And, other than a few of the braver, more conservative companies, those donations go almost entirely to Democrat led or backed causes. It’s then used to crush conservatives and keep us out of power.

We can’t keep letting that happen. We can’t keep funding our enemies. Because we use Facebook, Zuckerberg was able to donate hundreds of millions to CTCL, which basically broke election laws and helped only Democrats vote in 2020. Because we all search using Google, it was able to manipulate what people saw and shift millions of votes in 2020 and 2016. And, because we all like drinking Coke or Diet Coke, it feels secure in indoctrinating its employees with far-left propaganda.

In fact, it feels so secure that it’s not even concerned about a boycott Coca-Cola campaign. Far from backing down, although it has said some of the slides weren’t used (sure) it has defended its program by saying “Our Better Together global learning curriculum is part of a learning plan to help build an inclusive workplace.”

To them, I guess attacking white people is being “inclusive.” To me, it sounds like overt and reprehensible racism. We need to fight back by committing ourselves to a “boycott Coca Cola” campaign until it stops indoctrinating its employees with leftist propaganda.

Yes, it might be difficult to boycott Coca Cola. Their products are delicious, refreshing, and staples of “America” events like barbeques, cookouts, and camping trips.

But they can’t be any longer. Have a beer. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Drink some water. It might be hard at first, but it’ll get easy with time. You’ll probably even become a good bit healthier if you cut out soda.

And it’s for a good cause. Coca-Cola having some ridiculous seminar might seem like a small issue in the grand scheme of things. Lots of companies have them. And that’s a fair point, but it just means we should boycott them too.

The simple fact is, whether we like it or not, the culture war is raging around us and we need to fight it now. These anti-racism seminars are just products of the cancel culture Red Guard. They’re not about racism; they’re about indoctrinating employees with leftist propaganda and supporting BLM’s brand of Marxism. By creating such a ridiculous diversity program, Coca-Cola supported the left and its Marxist allies.

Let’s strike a blow for conservatism. Boycott Coca Cola.

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By: Gen Z Conservative

Photo by Ikhlasul Amal at Flickr.