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What Hasn’t The Media Told Us About Joe Biden?

In this installment of our weekly conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative compare the media’s lies by omission pertaining to significant matters of Joe Biden’s White House.

Parker: There are simply too many stories to cover in one space, but it is remarkable that we can delve into the topic of things most Americans don’t know about the Biden administration after just one month of regime change. Depressingly, we still have 47 to go.

What prompted my asking of this question this week was a video making the rounds about Joe Biden’s inability to speak and the utterance of the dreaded N-word. We know the video to be authentic because even the YouTube closed captioning feature transcribed the word for us; we aren’t making this up. In a humorous moment, Stephen Crowder aired the segment (printed word and all) and did so under the protection of “this is what YouTube said, not me”). I am sure he was not the only one. 

To be sure, Joe Biden did not intend to say the N-word. He was fumbling for words, as always, and in an attempt to say two words that sounded like the word and began with the same letter sound, he created a portmanteau. But here’s the thing: The left never cares about intent when it comes to matters of race, particularly the N-word. The New York Times fired a celebrated liberal journalist for using the word in an academic context. There was absolutely zero malice in his usage. Worth celebrating is when lefties are ruined by their toxic belief system, so I feel no pity for him, however the example is appropriate. He was fired – canceled is the current buzzword – for having the gall to say the N-word while being white. If you’re a black musical person (artist is a stretch), then there is no quota for the amount of ugly and unnecessary utterances of the very same word. And no, saying “you’re reclaiming the word” is a stupid argument. It’s either off limits or it’s not.

Had Donald Trump made the same gaffe, I am pretty sure that World War Three would have erupted simultaneously in all of our black-majority cities. The media would have covered it for weeks and we would be allowed to say the N-word together to label it N*****Gate. Trump would have been impeached again. 

PF: As usual, the primary story here isn’t the gaffe, it’s the media’s double-standard being applied to it. Like you say, Biden was fumbling for words, and it was probably an innocent slip, but if it had been made by anyone on the right, it would have been their top story for days. As Sen. John Kennedy from Louisiana would say, “Democrats would be running around like they found a hair in their biscuit.” It’s also worth noting that Biden’s mental decline is becoming increasingly alarming. I don’t mean to take cheap shots at the guy, and it’s really very sad to watch, but he slurs his words (no pun intended) badly, and sounds like he’s been drinking. It’s a genuine cause for concern.

Going into Biden’s presidency, we suspected the media would treat Biden with kid gloves, and we haven’t been disappointed. Some of the omissions by the media have been on less critical matters, but there is one particularly egregious example which is just remarkable. Biden stated when he came into office that there was no vaccine “distribution plan to speak of,” and Vice-President Harris claimed that the administration was essentially “starting from scratch” with COVID vaccines. Both are barefaced lies. The Washington Post gave Harris’ claim “two Pinocchios” on a four-scale, but it should have been given 4+. Meanwhile, the rest of the media are just ignoring the nonsense.

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When the Biden Admin took office, we were vaccinating approximately one million Americans per day, and predictably that number had been trending upwards since late-December when vaccinations began. A month into Biden’s presidency, we’re up to about 1.3 million per day; which is good progress, but certainly in line with the trend graph and consistent with expectations. So what has Biden done with COVID that Trump didn’t do? He’s done nothing, with the exception of pushing harder on masking. And even then, there’s no evidence that more Americans are wearing masks, it’s just that Biden has asked that we do so; and he’s asked very nicely, of course. 

Parker: Let’s not forget that Joe Biden campaigned on promising to do better than Trump, whatever that means, and that as soon as he took office he basically admitted we had to let the virus run its course. He inherited the Trump administration’s response – doing exactly what Kamala Harris said they would do in the vice presidential debate – and has gone on to throw his hands up in the air. Truly remarkable.

The other big story that no one wants to admit is happening is the increasingly bad news coming from Hunter Biden. If there is any privilege in this world, it is the bittersweet privilege of being born into wealth and influence. I am currently reading Dennis Prager’s Rational Bible series, and he tells the story of how great men often produce forgettable children. He points out the many offspring of Moses are hardly named, mentioned, or followed. Moses is one of the most significant actors in human history and his own sons get barely a footnote. He doesn’t accentuate this to criticize or shame the sons; rather, this illustrates that challenge of growing up under such a large shadow. In some cases, the next generation is up to the task, but that is the exception. Hunter Biden could serve as a poster boy for failing to live up to expectations.

Pertaining specifically to the non-story of Hunter, more information continues to come out that sheds light into a criminal lifestyle that not only sells on Papa Joe’s name but involves Papa Joe. This scandal is as big as any in Washington, D.C. and no one wants to touch it. When cover ups occur at this level, the only plausible explanation is that threats have been made. How else to explain the FBI’s years-long knowledge of the contents on the laptop, Guiliani’s access to the hard drive, and general indifference after the New York Post’s opening salvo? A piece that went up by Andrea Widberg at American Thinker tried to inform the general public of this ongoing and growing scandal, to little avail. Imagine if Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner peddled in one scintilla of Hunter Biden’s impropriety and illegality.

PF: Any accountability for New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, particularly relating to the Biden Administration’s gushing praise for him, is also clearly absent, and qualifies as “lies by omission.” Cuomo is now in the midst of an enormous scandal, one that could ultimately lead to criminal prosecution for his handling of the COVID pandemic in nursing homes and subsequent lying to the DOJ. Biden had previously described Cuomo as the “gold standard” of governors on the matter.

Last Monday, Jen Psaki, Biden’s Press Secretary, was asked if Biden stood by his previous adoration of Cuomo, but she dodged the question. Then, on Thursday, Psaki was pressed again about Biden’s stance on Cuomo, but this time the question included the allegations of sexual harassment against the governor. Psaki continued to avoid applying any type of denunciation or accountability to Cuomo, choosing instead to explain, “At the time… the president spoke out and said positive things about a range of governors…who were stepping in when there was a vacuum of leadership.” She then proceeded to take a shot at former President Trump, naturally. Were there any follow-up questions? Did the media press the issue? Of course not.

This shouldn’t be that difficult. If it was Trump dealing with a similar situation with a Republican governor with whom he’d been chummy, the media would have been relentless, and that governor would be getting crucified by the media. All Biden and Psaki have to say is this: If these allegations are true, and if Governor Cuomo did indeed sexually harass female employees and if he obstructed justice by lying to the DOJ, we wholeheartedly condemn that behavior. It’s simple, it’s moral, and it’s appropriate. But they can’t help themselves, and our media just shrug their shoulders. 

Parker: Contempt belongs with Psaki, Biden, and all the rest, but the real contempt should be focused squarely on American voters that continue to elect dangerous and corrupt buffoons. Donald Trump was a lot of things, but he wasn’t lawbreaking or hypocritical. The latest coverup by Team Biden vis-a-vis the alleged Cuomo sex scandal continues to pile dirt on the grave of the #MeToo movement. The honor of burning #MeToo belongs with the media and politicians that first allowed Hillary Clinton to savage her husband’s accusers and more recently allowed Joe Biden to skate into the White House with numerous (and indeed credible) claims of unwanted and/or pernicious contact.

The name Christine Blasey Ford is well known among liberal and leftist circles for her supposed bravery in standing up to the patriarchal and rapist Brett Kavanaugh. In addition to waiting nearly forty years and misremembering (to put it nicely) every single detail of the alleged encounters, she encouraged even more mendacious hyperbolic accusations to enter the fray. She was an obvious political tool, and too stupid tom know it and too wanting of her fifteen minutes to care.  Somehow, the name of Tara Reade was sullied beyond recognition despite presenting at least equal, and likely more credible, evidence and allegations of sex crimes. Her day in court was never given, despite contemporary evidence (like the deleted Larry King episode, friends sharing similar stories, and a pattern of behavior from Joe when it comes to the weird hugging and sniffing). Even though it followed on the heels of the Kavanaugh case and arising at the height of the movement and big revelations about Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and a history of women supposedly believing all other women, the allegations went nowhere. They might really just be unfounded allegations, but like the extent of voter fraud, until the media handles serious issues with the same level of interest and integrity, reasonable minds will continue to harbor legitimate doubts.

PF: Let’s face it; the reason for these omissions and their avoidance of certain topics is obvious. The media doesn’t want Biden to be held accountable. First and foremost, they agree with Biden’s leftism, and second Biden isn’t Donald Trump. The media came out of their collective closet during the last election cycle. They took off their mask. They were overtly advocating for Biden and his ideas, while simultaneously attacking Trump. They apparently believe they have too much invested in Biden to report on negative stories, so they ignore them.

There was a story this week that perfectly encapsulates all that is wrong with the Democrats and their media, including their lies by omission. President Biden has nominated Dr. Rachel Levine as Health and Human Services Secretary. Levine’s primary qualification is that he (yes, Levine is still a “he”) is a transgender woman; that is, he is a man suffering from Gender Dysphoria who thereby believes he’s a woman. During his confirmation hearing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who also happens to be a board certified medical doctor, questioned Levine about his stance on transgender surgeries, rightfully referring to such surgeries as “genital mutilation.” Paul’s questions and points were based on scientific facts, citing academic studies and recommendations from the World Health Organization, but those facts don’t matter. The left and their media attacked Paul as being “transphobic,” and totally dismissed the substance of his questions.

Meanwhile, in addition to questions such as those posed by Rand Paul, the primary focus of Levine’s hearing should be on his qualifications, or lack thereof. Less than a year ago while serving as Health Secretary for the State of Pennsylvania, Levine’s mother was taken out of a nursing home at the height of the COVID pandemic. Nursing homes in Pennsylvania, like many other states, were devastated by the virus. But only weeks before his mother left her nursing home, Levine had issued a directive for COVID-recovered patients to be returned to nursing homes. Another example of “it’s good for me, but not for thee.” This issue should front and center for the media with Levine’s confirmation, but they couldn’t care less.

Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay