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How Does Joe Biden Get Away With So Much Verbal Abuse Of Blacks?

When people say there is a media bias, nothing better illustrates this claim than the deafening silence from news outlets in the week following Biden’s most shocking speaking gaffe ever. That Biden is wont to stumble through simple sentences is not cute nor avuncular; it is the manifestation of senility. The senility, in and of itself, is not cause for our derision. For that part, he deserves our compassion and empathy. But he is also a public figure foisted upon us. His handlers should be brought up on charges of abuse and the ignorant voters that approved of his dementia should be embarrassed.


This past week, Joe Biden slurred his way through an exercise in word blending. The resulting utterance produced the most inflammatory and out-of-bounds word in the English language. Make no mistake, what happened with Joe Biden should be featured on every chyron and should be run as the major headline on every newspaper. There is incoherence, and then there is verbal sin. Intent doesn’t matter anymore, we are told. We expect a price to be paid.


Instead, we were treated to a week of outrageous nothingness in the form of Ted Cruz boarding an airplane to Mexico in an attempt to stay warm. CaboGate, or whatever they decided to call it, became important. Somehow, we were supposed to believe that Cruz not only caused the inclement weather to appear, but that he pulled the power on tens of millions of Amwericans. Indeed, unintentional or not, Biden’s latest blunder is no small matter. To the silent media and the naysayers of this narrative, we only need to ask two questions: 1) How would this have been covered if Donald Trump had said it, and 2) How has less been handled in the past?


The answer to the first question is an exercise in reductio ad absurdum. Pundits would have pounced on the smoking-gun moment and instantly installed the soundbite in the hall of fame of Freudian slips. It would have been labeled no accident; instead, it would have been proof of Trump’s true white supremacy. They knew it all along, they would tell us, and could now be publicly vindicated for their years of otherwise failed accusations. Doubtless this would have rallied the Democrat majority to submit articles of impeachment (and, no doubt, those articles would have been written already, just waiting for the right time to spring charges of racism on 45).


Given the Democrats’ and media’s ability to doctor video and audio files (see: George Zimmerman 911 call and Impeachment 2.0 “evidence”), it is not hard to imagine a scenario where the words were embedded in longer hit pieces and served as the coup de grace of the Trump presidency. It would have been used on every political attack ad. If the masses were inspired by Biden’s campaign launch based on the proveable Charlottesville Lie, imagine the propaganda machine spinning with actual visual and auditory material.


Publicly, the media and political elites would be appalled; privately, they would be popping champagne at their great fortune of capturing a simple error on tape.


In the case of the second question, the much-retreaded story of former New York Times writer Donald McNeil facing excessive backlash for his years-old and academic approach to the N-word cost him his job and reputation. He no more meant harm by saying the word than Biden did. Again, intent did not matter in his case. Suddenly it does with Biden?


Curiously, Biden’s employment of the N-word follows a pattern where issues of race simply don’t bother him or the apathetic media industry. While a candidate for president, he infamously suggested to a black podcast host and his listeners that “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me.” At another time, he said that “poor kids are just as smart as white kids.” most recently, Biden declared that blacks do not know how to use the internet. There is then the unspoken occasion when Biden dropped the N-word thirteen times while ranting in the U.S. Senate. Had he been anyone else, each of these episodes would qualify him to be cancelled; instead, he has said them all and gets a free pass.


Why does he continue to get away with this?


Here are the facts:

  • Joe Biden said the N-word,
  • The left tells us intent no longer matters when saying the word; dementia-hampered or not, Biden said the word,
  • Joe Biden has a history of race-sensitive remarks that continue to go unchecked,
  • Had anyone on the political right erred in this fashion, it would have caused Toobin-esque euphoria among media and leftist circles as they jumped at the chance to ruin a life and career.

The left has ignored this entire debacle, and if confronted with it, downplay the fact that it was a simple mistake. It is precisely because of both responses that so many Americans are – or should be – fed up with the media establishment. Mistake or not, those are not the rules for the rest of us, and certainly not for high-profile politicians. Enough is enough already.


Of course, asking for accountability eventually means a Kamala Harris presidency, and the thought of that is truly frightening. Conservatives are in lose-lose territory right now. Speaking of Harris, this is the same woman that accused Biden of being a segregationist for opposing forced busing, which led to her infamously lying about being “that girl” (i.e. that black girl who relied on busing to change her life around, despite having educated and wealthy parents). 


Harris, who dropped out of the presidential race in December of 2019 when polls consistently had pegged her at just 3-5%. When she officially suspended her campaign, this figure stood at just 3.5%. At that moment, Michael Bloomberg was garnering 5.5%, Pete Buttiegeg 9%, Elizabeth Sanders 15%, and Bernie Sanders 18%. She didn’t even make it to the primaries, but polls indicated that just 7% of her home state supported her fledgling campaign. And yet, despite her atrocious ability to connect with voters and the naming of Biden’s atrocious past record on matters of race, she readily accepted his offer to run alongside him on the Democrat ticket.

Harris is a lost cause for a lot of reasons, but to contradictorily decry white supremacy while running on the same ticket with an alleged segregationist and also marrying a white man is the epitome of hypocrisy and lying. Is every white man a racist and supremacist except Biden and her feckless husband? As for Biden, a week has passed since he committed the sin of speaking the one outlawed word in the English language with hardly an eyeblink from the same crowd that sees white racism when a black man puts on a police uniform.


Enough is enough already.

5 thoughts on “How Does Joe Biden Get Away With So Much Verbal Abuse Of Blacks?

  1. He gets away with it because liberal media are hypocrites and partisan.

    The media is paidoff by the DC establishment. Obama had a revolving door at the WH with almost 200 members of the media working in some capacity over his 2 terms.
    Biden as VP held parties for elite media scumbags at his DC residence! Which is why the media deliberately ignored the corruption and scandals.

    Our nation is being held hostage by hypocrite arrogant woke liberals in key positions of media, tech, judiciary and Gov’t.

  2. Sigh. The writer — and his editor – need to learn the difference between the words “accept” and “except”. He used the former incorrectly in the last full paragraph (beginning with “Harris is…” when he should have used the latter. Likely this error will be blamed on the dictation software, but proofreading should always be done.