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Why and How You Should Boycott Google

By Guest Author Gen Z Conservative from

Why You Should Boycott Google

Google’s slogan used to be “don’t be evil.” It was a good slogan, one that everyone other than the Hitlers (or Maos) among us could get behind. Then, in 2015, Google changed course and changed its motto to “do the right thing.” That change, while it might seem innocuous, is the change from which all our current problems stem. It’s what transformed Google from a productivity-enhancing company that represented the best of what America’s innovative economy had to offer into an abominable corporation with far from benign motives. In effect, it’s why you should boycott Google.

Why is that? Because there’s a huge difference between “don’t be evil” and “do the right thing.” The “don’t be evil frame of mind is the capitalist one. Under that frame of action, a business works to improve its product and focus on business, not politics or social justice. Sure, it shies away from reprehensible actions, but otherwise it leaves conceptions of what is “best” for society out of the picture and instead just focuses on doing what businesses do best: making money.

The “do the right thing” mindset is wholly different. Under that framework, businesses are supposed to focus not on business, but on society as a whole. It means that, rather than focusing on delivering a product of value to customers and returns on capital to shareholders, businesses are somehow supposed to use their power to do what is best for society. If a coffee shop or health food store had that motto, it would be wrongheaded but not necessarily dangerous. In the case of Google, a hugely powerful company, however, it is quite dangerous because Google actually has the resources to put those social justice ideas into action.

The result of the “do the right thing” shift has been Google using its power to push far-left policies. It downgrades and blacklists conservative sites, shifted millions of votes to leftist candidates, kicked Parler off the Google Play store, turned down contracts with the Pentagon, and donates to leftist causesincluding BLM.

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And, because of its near-monopolistic hold on the search market, its power to affect those changes is monumental. It can shift the outcome of elections, as it did in 2020 and tried to do in 2016, suppress news it dislikes, deplatform or demonetize conservative content, and keep plowing money into leftist causes. It’s doing all that because its far-left employees and executives think that they’re doing the right thing.

Under a “don’t be evil” mindset, Google would have no reason to kick conservatives off YouTube or prevent conservative sites like The Federalist from making money. Letting people have a voice isn’t evil, even if their views are reprehensible. It’s just being a platform and expanding access for more consumers. That’s why, before 2015, Google-led censorship wasn’t a big issue. Now, however, it is. All the reasons to boycott Google stem from its change in mindset.

Google has become an activist corporation that actively works against conservatives. It used to be a business, now it’s effectively a progressive policy group. Thanks to that change, conservatives need to steel themselves and boycott Google, just as we should boycott Coca-Cola and other woke corporations that act against our interests. We shouldn’t be shoveling money and power to a corporation that hates us and is acting contrary to our view of the world.

How to Boycott Google

After deciding to boycott Google, the question becomes how to do so. Like I wrote about in my article on why we should boycott Big Tech, Google owns so many companies that doing so can be quite difficult. For example, although I no longer use Google Ads, I have to use Google analytics because it doesn’t have any real competitors. It’s a monopoly.

However, while it’s not easy to boycott Google, it is possible.

To avoid Google’s phones, use a flip phone or a Samsung. Samsung uses the Android operating system but is otherwise free of Google’s influence.

For search engines, just use DuckDuckGo. It’s an app that you can easily download for surfing the web on your phone and can be easily downloaded onto your browser for using the internet on your computer. DuckDuckGo, unlike Google, returns the search results you’re actually looking for rather than what it thinks you should see, doesn’t censor, and doesn’t spy on you and store your data. It’s not only a way to boycott Google, but is also a better product.

If you need to escape Google ads to make money as a content producer, do what I do and use referral networks like FlexOffers or I Love My Freedom apparel. It might be harder to use them at first and you might make less money while you figure out how to use them, but you’ll be boycotting Google. On that note, DuckDuckGo blocks Google Ads, so you can also punish companies that aren’t taking a stand against the tech tyrants.

For watching videos, use Rumble when possible. It’s not yet quite as good as YouTube, but it is usable and doesn’t censor people.

If you want to run ads, just create your ad campaigns on Microsoft Ads. Yes, a leftist will still be getting your money. But, in my opinion, Microsoft is far less bad than Google is.

In short, if you want to do so, there are almost always ways to boycott Google. They might be less convenient or not quite as good of a product, but by using them you’ll be able to strike a blow against a corporation intent on destroying your way of life.


I think it’s incredibly important for conservatives to boycott Google. Our insouciant attitude toward the tech tyrants has to end. If we keep using Google, it will continue to amass resources and power. It will fund leftist causes, de-platform, demonetize, censor, or hide conservative content, and continue to tweak its algorithms in a way that push voters toward Democrats.

But, if we decide to boycott Google, there are two possible results, both of which would be positive.

The first is that it simply loses its grip on society as fewer and fewer people use it. Were its growth to not only slow, but actually start to reverse, investors would flee the company, it would have less cash to spend on lobbying for leftist causes, and its monopoly, especially on search, would crumble.

The second possibility is even better. Were enough conservatives to boycott it that the financial pain grew untenable, it might reverse its policies. The censorship would stop, the algorithms would be fairer, and it would focus on business rather than social justice. If that were the case, then we could focus on finding the best products rather than having to selectively avoid ones used to propagate social justice viewpoints. That would undoubtedly be better for both the economy and the country.

No matter where doing so leads, conservatives need to boycott Google. It sent a message we shouldn’t soon forget when it struck through its “don’t be evil motto.” Now, it’s evil. Time to raise the black flag and fight back against it.

By: Gen Z Conservative, follow me on Parler