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Andrew Cuomo is Robespierre… Watch Out For the Guillotine Andy

Not even four months ago, on November 23, 2020, Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was riding high; at his highest, in fact. It was on that Monday, just three days before Thanksgiving, that Cuomo received an Emmy Award for his leadership during the early days of the COVID pandemic during which, according to the Television Academy which issued the award, “People around the world tuned in to find out what was going on, and New York tough became a symbol of the determination to fight back.”

Only a few months earlier, when many Democrats were unsure of then-candidate Joe Biden’s ability to actually win in the general election, the idea of Cuomo supplanting Biden as the nominee had frequently been floated by many on the left. Biden might lose, they argued, so let’s put up Cuomo as our candidate instead. Andrew Cuomo was a rising Democratic star who could do no wrong.

How things have changed. Instead of being the party’s heir apparent and preparing to step into an eventual post-Biden limelight, Cuomo now finds himself fighting for his political life in a struggle reminiscent of Maximilien Robespierre’s decline at the beginning of the French Republic. And while Robespierre met his demise via the guillotine, the instrument he wielded to destroy anyone who dared to cross him, Cuomo similarly appears likely to see his fortunes razed by one of his favorite tools: the #MeToo movement.

The parallels between Robespierre and Cuomo are extensive. Both were well-educated lawyers with fathers who were also prominent attorneys. Both used strong-armed tactics to achieve their goals; Robespierre through his ‘Reign of Terror,’ and Cuomo through his recently well-documented bullying. Both were given colorful, flattering nicknames, with “L’incorruptible” for Robespierre, and “America’s Governor” for Cuomo. Both were celebrated political opponents of their country’s leader: King Louis XVI for the Frenchman and then-President Donald Trump for the New Yorker. Both had celebrated, like-minded siblings who extolled the virtues of their more famous brother; with Chris (Fredo) Cuomo of CNN frequently gushing over brother Andrew, and writer Charlotte Robespierre who was best known for her writings about her brother’s exploits. And of course, both had seemingly meteoric rises that concluded with equally meteoric crashes.

Not long ago, Andrew Cuomo was one of the primary faces and leaders of the cult that is leftism, signing into law abortion legislation which essentially made infanticide in his state legal; permitting abortion up until the moment of birth. Only two months before stretching his neck under the guillotine, Maximilien Robespierre was kick-starting his Cult of the Supreme Being, while simultaneously freeing scores of people’s heads from their torsos under the guillotine. One minute Cuomo and Robespierre were on top of the world, and the next minute… not so much.

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As is the case with Andrew Cuomo, citizens were well aware of many of Robespierre’s misdeeds but chose to ignore them. Robespierre’s reign of terror was widely known, but supporters looked the other way, choosing to focus on the positives he offered. While Robespierre’s approach was to scare his people via The Committee on Public Safety, Cuomo preached from the perspective of public health and COVID. And both Robespierre and Cuomo saw former allies turn on them, resenting their previous misuses of power and deciding to finally hold them to account.

While Maximilien Robespierre was ultimately beheaded by fellow fed-up Frenchman, Cuomo appears headed (no pun intended) to a less bloody, but still excruciatingly painful political end. With a Democratic legislature in his state, a Democratic New York Attorney General, and Democrats controlling the White House and Congress, it his highly unlikely Cuomo saw any of this coming. But it comes nonetheless.

Throughout the early days of the COVID pandemic, Governor Cuomo was constantly lauded by the left and their media even though it was apparent as early as last May that he had botched his handling of nursing homes in New York. The problem with holding Cuomo accountable at that time was the fact that Cuomo was valuable to them in achieving their ultimate goal; defeating President Trump in November. Andrew Cuomo was the anti-Trump. The media held up Cuomo as the perfect leader in combating the virus while deriding President Trump for their perceived lack of leadership. Cuomo was their hero with COVID; Trump was the villain. And they couldn’t have that hero exposed until they knew the election was secure for Biden, which is exactly what happened.

Only a week after President Biden was sworn into office, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced her conclusion that Cuomo’s Administration had indeed underreported nursing home deaths. The flood gates were about to open. Two weeks later, Cuomo top aide Melissa DeRosa admitted on a conference call with Democratic lawmakers that the administration had knowingly lied to federal investigators about the number of COVID-related nursing home deaths; for fear of such information “being used against us.” And then the feeding frenzy began.

Since DeRosa’s revelation in mid-February, multiple prominent Democrats have insisted that Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes be examined. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has requested  “a full investigation.” New York City Mayor and former Democratic presidential candidate Bill DeBlasio has likewise demanded a “full accounting.”  And dozens of Democratic State lawmakers, former allies, have asked for a federal inquiry into the matter. But the piling on doesn’t stop there.

With Biden in the White House, and Cuomo’s purpose already having been served, Democrats have gone all-out French Revolution on Cuomo. Cue up La Marseillaise, and Vive New York camarades révolutionnaires.

It seems like every other day we have someone come forth accusing Governor Cuomo of sexual misconduct. At the time of this writing, we are up to four such accusers, and most appear to be highly credible; unlike Christine Blasey Ford. In 2018, you may recall, Ms. Ford made dramatic but wholly unsubstantiated claims against then Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Despite the lack of any corroboration or evidence from Ford, Governor Andrew Cuomo  felt compelled to issue a detailed statement supporting Ford’s allegations. Robespierre’s execution implement of choice was the guillotine, and Cuomo’s has been the #MeToo movement. “Believe all women” governor. Remember? Just like Robespierre lost his head to his favorite implement of destruction, it appears that so too will Cuomo. Just desserts indeed.

A peculiar aspect of Cuomo’s scandals is the timing. Specifically, why are the accusations of sexual harassment coming out now? Put your curiosity aside, the answer is clear.

The inquiries into Cuomo’s deception of investigators regarding COVID (aka obstruction of justice) will continue, but it will be slow going. As that scrutiny progresses, and as we Americans learn more details of Cuomo’s shenanigans, it won’t just be Cuomo who sustains a black eye, it will be the entire Democratic Party.

None other than President Joe Biden himself labeled Cuomo the “gold standard” of COVID managers. Democrats have too much invested in the narrative that Cuomo’s handling of COVID was brilliant, and they can’t let the truth come out; or at least they can’t let the truth get the attention it deserves. So what’s the solution? A distraction, and one which will rid them of their intensifying headache. Bring on the sexual harassment allegations, and oil up the #MeToo guillotine.

Make no mistake, the accusations of sexual harassment against Cuomo appear to be entirely credible, and questioning their timing does not equate to questioning the accusers. It’s the legitimacy that the Democrats and their media are giving those accusations that is questionable. President Biden was, after all, credibly accused of sexual assault himself by Tara Reade last year, but Democrats paid the matter no mind. Why? Because they had to get rid of Trump, and now Trump is gone. They can now take off the gloves, throw Cuomo under the bus, profess their allegiance to the #MeToo movement again, and protect their “Democrats are great at COVID” narrative in the process.

The table is set, the wheels are in motion, and the executioner awaits. It’s only a matter of time. Andrew Cuomo’s political career is about to suffer the same fate as Maximilien Robespierre’s cranium, and it’s hard to feel any sympathy for him.

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including the Western Journal, Human Events, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen.

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