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Nine Reasons Why I Will Not Be Getting The COVID Vaccine

There is a religious-like fanaticism with the Covid vaccines. If we want to be precise, it isn’t even a vaccine. Vaccines confer immunity; this injection lessens symptoms and isn’t even known to prevent spread yet, let alone prevent infection in the host. It’s like a DayQuil for Covid. Whatever the nomenclature, though, there is a dangerous doctrinal approach to mindlessly injecting oneself with a foreign substance. 


Some people have good reasons for getting poked. We know with near-absolute certainty that Covid targets those of advanced age and existing comorbidities, especially obesity. One of the most comprehensive studies was recently published on the relationship between obesity and Covid mortality. This study found that the estimated 2.5 million worldwide Covid deaths, 2.2 occurred in countries where the adult obesity rate exceeds 50%. That is a remarkable correlation. And amazingly, this figure controlled for population density and income levels. Didn’t we all expect Covid to sweep through poor shantytowns, barrios, favelas, and Indian slums, but that never occurred? Despite the lack of medical infrastructure, sanitation, and other factors that normally resign these nations to epidemics of other kinds, Covid stayed away. Why? In univariable terms, those countries all tally low obesity rates. The same goes for many Asian nations that have high median ages (remember, age is a huge factor) but low obesity rates.


Now, because everyone’s data is slightly different, I took the time to explore this relationship. The results are a cheap buildout in Excel to show the twenty-five most populous countries and comparing their deaths per million rate with their adult obesity rate. The correlation amounts to .724, which supports the idea that obesity and obesity-related factors play a significant role in the pandemic’s lethalness. I have cited where each of these statistics came from for your own verification.

Deaths per million: The New York Times

Obesity Rate: World Population Review


Hopefully, the long-term impact of the pandemic will be a more honest conversation about the role of diet and healthy lifestyles. Even though this is a respiratory illness, the data bears out that preexisting respiratory issues play less of a role in determining lethality than do other health metrics. The real pandemic, it should be noted, is diet, which kills hundreds of thousands of more people annually, and as nations seek to expand government’s role in healthcare, I personally do not want to pay for someone else’s hospital bill because they ate fast food and made derelict and deadly dietary decisions.


At any rate, yes, there is a time and place for the Covid vaccine. If nothing else, it might impart a certain peace of mind for many. Personally, I will not be getting it. Here’s why.


#1: I Had Covid And I Was Fine


To be clear, my wife and baby tested positive a few months back. I did not get tested because…why? Positive or negative, the system would have me quarantine anyways and my course of treatment would be identical. Rest and hydrate if symptomatic, stay home regardless. There is a small part of me that didn’t care to boost the numbers anymore than they were artificially inflated anyways, and a small, small part of me is paranoid enough to want to stay off the medical grid. Call me a tin-foil hat guy, but at this point it seems like a crazier proposition to believe in the government than to not believe in it. Regardless, I got sick and then I got better. Life goes on.


#2: I Prefer Natural Exposure to Non-Lethal Disease


This is my favorite argument, because everyone that hears I won’t be getting the vaccine assumes I am an alt-right (whatever that means) anti-vaxxer. Nope. My entire family, children included, is entirely inoculated against other harmful diseases. Where I draw the line is shots for chicken pox, shingles, flu, HPV, and now Covid. Statistically speaking, none of these viruses are going to be my undoing, and the risk of injecting unknown substances into my body to impart potentially helpful immunization doesn’t stack up against my body’s God-given and nature-made defense mechanisms. Believe it or not, mankind has evolved to live with all sorts of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. 


#3: The mRNA Vaccine Is New and Only Has EUA Status


I don’t even know why this is controversial. Is the mRNA thing okay? Probably. But, science used to be rooted in a healthy dose of skepticism; now it’s rooted in a healthy dose of manufactured protein spikers. Whatever. If our government agencies can’t even greenlight these things, then they don’t know enough about them. We have been here before: The first polio vaccine in the 1950s killed more kids than natural polio, the 1976 swine flu vaccines caused more damage to vaccine recipients than the flu itself, and the HPV vaccine that was introduced in 2006 is speculated to be a cause for decreased fertility. Yep, I will hold off.


#4: The Numbers Continue To Go Down 


The numbers are going down for a lot of reasons, only one of which is related to vaccine distribution. More than anything, the numbers are on the decline because the WHO conveniently pointed out that the amplification cycle on the PCR tests was too high. And, they did so on January 20th of this year, magically coinciding with Biden’s inauguration and after ten months of fraudulently spiked cases. I don’t like to believe there are elite puppet masters pulling the strings on society, but come on. Numbers are also falling because people don’t bother with getting tested as much, more immunity is achieved through natural exposure, and yes, then the millions of pokes happening each day. I was never worried about Covid before this was all achieved, and I am certainly not worried about it now. To those that say I am selfish and not performing social good, you are idiots. And, see below.


#5: What Do You Care If I Don’t Vaccinate?


If vaccines are the cure to this pandemic, and you got yours, what do you care what I do? This mindset is entirely due to the insane levels of fear that has been produced by our media and political establishments. If we cared about public safety, we would advocate for lower speed limits, firearm training and availability to all law-abiding citizens, more police (and one in every school), stricter punishments for crimes, and we certainly would have responded to the Black Lives Matter violence than plagued our nation last year. Moreover, personal health would focus on healthy diets instead of worrying about fat shaming. Public duty to vaccinate? Shove off.


#6: Kamala Harris Said She Wouldn’t


Just kidding, I don’t care about anything Harris says. But let’s not forget that in the not-so-distant past, our vaunted Vice President claimed on national television she had hesitancy to get the vaccine. Did anyone call her out? Of course they didn’t. For starters, leftist doctrine doesn’t allow you to criticize anyone until you’re told to. Secondly, she’s a black woman. That’s a lot of oppression on the intersectional ladder, therefore the attempt to criticize usually means you’re a white supremacist and/or mansplaining to her. Good luck with that.


#7: I Don’t Trust The Motivations of Big Pharma


Again, this seems obvious. I hate that I even have to spell it out. Does anyone really think that Big Pharma is acting altruistically here? For the record, I love capitalism and I love Big Pharma. Thank goodness for profit motives that make life better and thank goodness for world-class medical treatments in the United States. Everyone throws shade on our healthcare system; that is, until they need treatment. Then they all come here or train here. That being said, it is not difficult to see how money influenced America’s public healthcare response. Effectively, cheap generics like hydroxychloroquine (along with zinc and azithromycin) and ivermectin were pooh-poohed for almost a year so that these worthless (see #8) vaccines could be rolled out.


#8: My Public Life Wouldn’t Change At All


The CDC and NIH have consistently been saying that all vaccinated people need to continue wearing masks, socially distancing, limiting travel, and otherwise acting as if they never had the vaccine. Moreover, it isn’t even a vaccine in the traditional sense. People who have full dosage can still get Covid and still spread Covid. So, help me understand this: Whether or not you get the vaccine, there is still a risk of getting and transmitting Covid, masks are still required, social distancing is still required, and states remain shut down, then what is the point? Plus, there are the unknowns of what an mRNA vaccine (or any newer vaccine, for that matter) is and does. So there’s that.


#9: So Many Other Things Can Kill Us


Just as there is a reason-suspending belief in vaccines (by the same crowd that touts the science of abortion not being murder and toddlers claiming to be in the wrong body, no less), there is reason suspension in the singular focus on Covid’s alleged deadliness. People smoke, drink, drive fast, eat fatty and sugary foods, consume too much television and social media, and engage in a host of other unhealthy behaviors without the slightest regard for immediate or long-term impacts. Seriously, what has happened to common sense? We panic over this and condone everything else? Stop, just stop.

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