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Every Blue State Should Be Excited For Minnesota’s Scott Jensen

Minnesota is a beautiful state filled with extremely decent people, but if political preferences could be personified, they would be considered brain dead vegetables. Minnesota Nice does not translate into Minnesota Politically Savvy.

In 1984, Minnesota was the lone state to carry Walter Mondale in one of the greatest lopsided electoral defeats in presidential history. Everyone saw the great things Reagan was doing – except the Gopher State. Apparently, defeating communism and freeing the American people from burdensome government wasn’t high on the list of priorities for these folks. In 1998, Minnesotans thought they were really clever by voting for former professional wrestler and actor Jesse Ventura as a third-party outsider. This wasn’t the worst thing they could have done, but it showed that even though Minnesotans were fed up with business as usual, once the Ventura experiment ended they reverted right back to left-wing thieves. They also dabbled with the fondler Al Franken in the U.S. Senate.

More recently, they have continued to keep the bland Tina Smith (she is hereby the inaugural winner of the Tina Smith Award for being the Most Invisible – though not inconsequential, because she still votes along party lines – U.S. Senator of the Year) and the hostile Amy Klobuchar because of a deeply-held belief and mantra that “Democrats are for the farmers” and “Democrats care about the people.” These notions might – might! – have been half true fifty years ago. They are anything but true today, and what Joe Biden calls “Neanderthal thinking” might actually be applicable for these kind but foolish souls living in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Again, to channel another sage on the stage, Barack Obama, “The 1950s called, and they want their political messaging back.” As an aside, in 2012 Obama could get away with mocking Russia as a threat and just four years later the same country was the imminent danger to election integrity. Great job, everyone!

Currently, Minnesotans believed in the genuine kindness and teacher background of Tim Walz to carry their state to prosperity via gubernatorial dictate. It was the equivalent of the Biden lie on a state level; he was sold to the masses as a caring moderate who only wanted unity, but as a veritable leftist lunatic has enacted harmful and stupid policies that destroy the very people he claims to champion and represent. The lesson, as always, is that lefitst ideology makes individuals interchangeable. Tim Walz is no different than Kamala Harris, your next door neighbor, your child’s kindergarten teacher, or your mother-in-law. No matter how nice they are on the outside, on the inside they hold nothing but preprogrammed positions and a sense of moral superiority. Both inevitably lead to chaos and destruction.

Enter family-practice-physician-turned-state-senator Dr. Scott Jensen.

At the risk of calling any single person a savior, Dr. Jensen nevertheless represents an opportunity for sanity and wisdom to prevail in an elected office. He might also have political aspirations, but he is not a politician. He was a career doctor, someone committed to science, truth, objectivity, as well as authentic empathy and compassion. He entered politics later in life, having only wrapped up a single term in the state senate. This past week, he announced a much speculated run against Walz in 2022. His entrance is a welcome addition to a historically shallow and underserved Republican field. Seriously, the best they have offered is Norm Coleman and Tim Pawlenty in the entire century.

Minnesotans are perhaps most perplexing and frustrating because they live out their lives as conservatives. They believe in strong schools, which are formed by concerned communities and engaged parents. They also move out to the suburbs because they instinctively want a safe place to raise their family and live among like-minded people. They believe in environmental stewardship, evidenced by their affinity for the great outdoors and getaway lake vacations. They consistently rank high in terms of participation and belief in the Christian faith and they have a strong sense of fairness and justice. Notice that none of these values rely on a large government.

And yet, despite all of this, they continue to believe that Democrats represent the path toward greater outcomes, all of which are hoped to be gained by undermining every basic principle and facet of human nature. Perplexing actually doesn’t begin to cover it. These self-loathing fools preach white privilege while simultaneously moving further away from the Twin Cities and finding zip codes with what they call “good” and “safe” (and what honest observers would call “white”) schools and neighborhoods. 

Dr. Jensen has become a target of lefitst ridicule because he refuses to mindlessly repeat the Covid narrative and has spent the past twelve months exposing it for the exaggerated scam that it is. Importantly, he is not a Covid denier. Anyone with a brain can see that Covid is real. However, like the reasonable person he is, he roundly denies that the unprecedented government overreach in response to Covid was the best course of action. This last sentence shouldn’t be controversial.

Dr. Jensen gained national prominence in the early weeks of the pandemic because he pointed out the obvious. Namely, he called out a CDC manual that instructed doctors to practice a new kind of medicine when it came to recording patient deaths. As he described it:

Last Friday I received a 7-page document that told me if I had an 86-year-old patient that had pneumonia but was never tested for COVID-19 but some time after she came down with pneumonia we learned that she had been exposed to her son who had no symptoms but later on was identified with COVID-19, then it would be appropriate to diagnose on the death certificate COVID-19.

As a result of this and other media presentations on the fraudulent maneuver of Covid case inflation on death certificates, Dr. Jensen was threatened with license revocation. This followed a similar pattern of the media and political elites’ medical obfuscation like threats in Michigan, where Governor Whitmet threatened administration action if doctors prescribed hydroxychloroquine or the general silence from the media during the White Coat Summit in Washington, D.C. An Oregon doctor actually lost his license after revealing his private practice, which never forced patients to enter unwillingly, did not require masks. (There is now a pending lawsuit in that case.)

Dr. Jensen continued to challenge the legitimacy of government involvement in medicine, as well as pointing out hypocrisy when it inevitably arose. In an early July Facebook video (that was soon removed), Jensen observed that while later public statements from Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) showed her bashing the drug because Orange Man Bad required her to do so, she had previously been praising hydroxychloroquine in an April conversation after noting it likely contributed her husband’s recovery. The former story was not widely reported and many people found out about Klobuchar’s situation for the first time after Dr. Jensen retold it.

More clarity from Dr. Jensen came in mid-August after he combated the media and political elites’ misinformation campaign on HCQ:

When I prescribe a medicine, 30-40% of the time it’s off label (like Flomax for passing kidney stones, even though it’s targeted at strengthening the prostate). If I write this HCQ, will you fill it? And I was told, no. You’ve been filling my scripps for decades and decades, and now you say no. Why? And it was clear they were fearful.

He continued:

Hydroxychloroquine is one of the most studied drugs in the history of mankind…My wife was on hydroxychloroquine for 15 years. It’s been on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines for decades. It’s been in play since 1955.”

There is then this amazing headline from a December Washington Examiner article: “Minnesota lawmakers say coronavirus deaths could be inflated by 40% after reviewing death certificates.” That figure is not a typo. In late December of 2020, Dr. Jensen and a colleague in the MN House of Representatives sampled, by their accounting, 2,800 death certificates that counted toward the Covid positivity figures and found that examples listed cases of falls, freshwater drowning, dementia, stroke, and multiorgan failure. This was reported elsewhere, and isn’t far off from what the state of Colorado and Dr. Deborah Birx reported from the White House early in the pandemic about overcounts. Of course, all positive tests should be called into question given the absurdly high cycle threshold in PCR tests, which were conveniently lowered the same day Joe Biden was inaugurated. This bookended his April statements about the CDC purposefully misleading case counts in the way it handled death certificates. 

Dr. Jensen is the antidote to Trump Derangement Syndrome and a cure for the manufactured paranoia wrought from Covid. With Minnesota barely conceding its electoral voters to Hillary Clinton in 2016 (by a margin of just 1.5%), Joe Biden somehow won the state in 2020 by double digits. There was honest hope that the state would flip. With Jensen, real Americans trapped in a blue state once again have a reason for optimism. Tim Walz is a fool, governed by feelings, emotions, fear, and far-left influences like Black Lives Matter. Dr. Jensen has made clear that he will not be cowed by false narratives and will adhere to the truth and science as it actually is, not as it is wanted to be.

The fact that someone like Dr. Jensen is “controversial” is proof enough that decency, science, and truth have been politicized by the left. For them, there is only power. Over the next year and a half, Jensen has ample time to make his case to the voting public.

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  1. What do you expect from a state that elects a race baiting Negro like Keith Ellison and a moron like Omar? Too many dumb people who believe that the Democrats are the party of sanity and civility. Ignorance is perpetuated from generation to generation by those who support the party.