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This is What Genuine Insurrection Looks Like… Pay Attention Democrats

Compare January 6th to What’s Currently Happening in Myanmar

In January, former President Donald J. Trump became the first American president to be impeached twice, and the article of impeachment with which he was charged accused him of “incitement of insurrection.” The accusation was based on the Capitol riots of January 6th, and the level of Trump’s culpability with those riots. Democrats would have us believe that the several hundred protesters who stormed the Capitol Building on that Wednesday were hell bent on overthrowing the federal government, installing President Trump as a permanent dictator, and making the country safe for some sort of authoritarian regime.

But as abhorrent as that riot was, anyone grounded in reality dismissed those claims as being no less absurd than many of the QAnon conspiracy theories; those theories which our friends on the left like to hold up as sheer lunacy and indicative of all of us on the right.

To illustrate how illogical these assertions are, let’s consider: If the Capitol riot was a true insurrection, wouldn’t the activities have been much more coordinated? If Trump was legitimately intent on insurrection, wouldn’t he have approached the effort from a military perspective, engaging like-minded leaders from the Armed Forces? If President Trump was truly looking to seize permanent power, would he have implored the audience of his speech that day to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard?” Or instead, wouldn’t Trump have used an approach similar to that which is currently being used in Myanmar?

The ongoing aftermath of the coup d’état in Myanmar is an absolute bloodbath. Dozens of citizens and former government officials have been killed, and the military regime which seized power is using an iron fist to control their people. The insurrection in Myanmar is not some figment of the left’s imagination, it’s the real deal. It’s an actual coup d’état, and one that illustrates the utter ridiculousness of the Democrats’ accusations regarding January 6th.  

They Told Us the Capitol Riot Was a Failed Coup D’états; an Insurrection

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There are a lot of labels we could apply in describing the events of January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Some reserved descriptions might accurately include adjectives such as ‘misinformed,’ ‘violent,’ and ‘destructive.’ More hyperbolic accounts could use terms such as ‘extreme,’ ‘deadly,’ and even ‘terroristic,’ and they would be reasonable portrayals of what happened that day. The Capitol riot was ugly, reprehensible, and a sad day.

Five people died as a result of the riot which took place on January 6th, as scores of fellow Americans charged into our Capitol Building with nefarious intentions. What the rioters did was unacceptable, and many of them deserve to be imprisoned; an assessment upon which virtually all Americans can agree.

But there are other ways in which the happenings of January 6th have been described which are blatantly inaccurate. For instance, the Capitol riot was not racially driven, as many race-baiting leftists have tried to assert. The Capitol riot was not a failed coup d’état, which is an absurd premise on its face. And the Capitol riot was certainly not an insurrection which was incited by then President Donald Trump.

Myanmar: an Actual Coup D’état

The nation of Myanmar is quite literally on the other side of the world from America, but the images of tyranny we’ve seen there in the wake of last month’s military coup d’état hit close to home. As of last Sunday, the United Nations reports that over fifty people have been killed, many of them teenagers. The deaths come as the result of a bloody crackdown in the wake of the Myanmar military seizing power and detaining Ms Suu Kyi, a woman and the democratically elected leader of the Southeast Asian country.

A government official named U Khin Maung Latt died while in custody of the military, reportedly having been brutally beaten. Another local official was apparently hacked to death by military supporters. And while arresting protesters, there is footage of the military arbitrarily shooting multiple rounds into various buildings. But it’s not just the physical brutality of the Myanmar military’s that’s concerning.

The military has overrun universities, stormed hospitals, and shut down the press licenses of anyone critical of their regime. They’ve arrested well known political opponents, suspended the requirement for a court order to detain prisoners beyond 24 hours, and have removed constraints on security forces’ ability to enter private property in order to make arrests. They’ve also declared it legal to spy on all communications happening in the country, with no limitations. Myanmar today is what a real coup d’état looks like. This is true oppression and authoritarianism.

As the unparalleled global voice of democracy, the United States has many obligations regarding the goings-on in Myanmar. We must speak out against the civil rights violations of the regime. We should provide aid to the resistance if possible, along with humanitarian aid. We must impose sanctions and pressure other nations to join us in confronting the totalitarianism of the despots. And we must also recognize what true insurrection is and what it looks like. We need to stop throwing the term around so casually in an effort to score political points.

The Reality of January 6th            

In a list of arrests from the Capitol riots from USA Today – which is currently over 200 pages long –  there have been hundreds of charges made against alleged perpetrators. Not one of them has been charged with treason, or sedition, or trying to overthrow the government; not a single person. How could that be? If those protesters/rioters were, in fact, engaging in insurrection, shouldn’t they be charged accordingly? Why, then, are the most serious charges being made only – assault with a deadly weapon, violent entry, and physical violence in a restricted building? Because their actions were neither treason, nor sedition, nor an attempt to overthrow the government. Such charges carry much stronger sentences (up to and including the death penalty for treason) and would fall apart in a courtroom, and law enforcement knows it. And so do Democrats.

We can debate the level to which President Trump’s rhetoric on January 6th was irresponsible. Some of us might argue that Trump’s comments were downright reckless, but not worthy of impeachment. Both ideas can be valid simultaneously. But there is one point which is non-debatable. The assault on the Capitol Building may have been a lot of things, but an insurrectionary attempt at a coup d’état isn’t one of them.  


Like Trump’s impeachment, the mischaracterization by Democrats of the Capitol riot is purely political; nothing more. There was a legitimate threat to the well-being of Congressmen and Congresswomen that day, and many of them were understandably scared (though we should probably leave Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) off of that list). But that fear or any lingering PTSD wasn’t what motivated Democrats to make the statements they made. Democrats intentionally mislabeled and overreacted to the Capitol riot for one reason: to score political points in the minds of some gullible Americans by damaging President Trump.

Aside from the aforementioned members of Congress, and the few hundred innocent bystanders who were in the immediate vicinity, did any other Americans have a legitimate fear for their safety on January 6th? Was our democracy truly threatened, as some leftist members of the media have alleged? Or did we simply witness some ill-advised and insupportable mayhem by fired-up, mostly patriotic citizens who got carried away and are now going to pay a steep price?

We all know the answers, and that includes Democrats. Over two months after the riot, there have been no more acts of violence or other such problems at the Capitol, yet Congress just authorized keeping almost 5,000 National Guard troops in the area until May. Their actions aren’t about security, and their rhetoric isn’t about unity or protecting our democracy. Democrats have overstated the magnitude – and overreacted to the reality – of the Capitol riot to sway public opinion and better position themselves to further their radical agenda. Don’t believe a word they tell you.

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen.

Photo by sadi richards at Flickr.