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If America’s Past Need Canceling, Is It Time To Roll Back Emancipation and Gay Rights?

Personally, I am quite opposed to reintroducing chattel slavery and preventing happy couples from coupling up, but these aren’t my rules. They are the left’s. 

With all of the cancellation and censorship going on, it is clear that America’s past is not worth salvaging. The lesson our morally superior and more progressive leftists would like to foist upon the rest of the largely naive and ignorant citizenry is that nothing good in this nation’s history deserves acknowledgement, let alone celebration. The only permissible story is one of hardship, misery, and oppression. To be more precise, the story requires a focus on the evils of white men and the suffering of black bodies, and other narratives when convenient. Everything done in the name of America is fraught with evil motivations. To deny any of this is to actually exhibit more racism, according to racial scholar Ibram X. Kendi. 

The predominant narrative is both abhorrent and ahistorical, and it’s time to turn the mirror back on these gigantic fools. Let’s begin with the abolition of slavery and the passage of avante-garde gay rights.

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Here is a simple question for the left: If everything in America’s past is rooted in white supremacy and systems of oppression, should we cancel emancipation and gay rights?

I stated at the onset that I do not propose we re-enslave other human beings. I also do not propose that we banish individuals from polite society, prevent them from participating in public life, or, as they still do in other countries, stone them for acts of homosexuality. However, I see no way around it. America is an awful country, and everything that came before right now was awful. Nope, now. Now. Don’t you get it? The left’s morality is constantly evolving to be more pure and perfect.


According to the anti-racist gobbldlygook (don’t cancel me for using that word; I promise it isn’t one of those anti-Asian sentiments the Biden administration is warning us about), white America has had a singluar goal every since the inception of the nation in – as the story goes – 1619. There’s a lot wrong with that premise alone. Per the script, we must all believe that white America seeks only to cement its claim on power. Slavery was an obvious form of power and control. And even though the practice ended in 1865, the factually-challenged Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative has pointed out that slavery never actually ended, it merely evolved with the rise of sharecropping, Jim Crow laws, mass incarceration, convict leasing, and lynching. 

I do this every time I cite Stevenson, but in a few sentences, here are quick refutations of his nation-slandering claims. Two-thirds of all sharecroppers were white. Jim Crow was awful but was legally banned in 1964 with the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Disproportionality in incarceration reflects a disproportionality in crimes committed. Does the unequal ratio of incarcerated men and women signify a sexist prison system? If so, I haven’t heard about it yet. Lynchings don’t happen anymore and haven’t happened for decades. In fact, 90% of all black murder victims today are the result of another black person killing them, and these figures do not include the estimated 40 million black babies murdered courtesy of progressive “morality” since Roe V. Wade. If, as Stevenson contends, all human lives are valued, then why not fight for the justice of the unborn? Talk about innocence being robbed. 

Like I was saying, though, if everything in American history happened because of white supremacist goals and the continuation of oppressive control over non-whites, it stands to leftist reason that the emancipation of slaves must have been serving another, less altruistic end. Even Bryan Stevenson admits that slavery never ended. By that logic, what’s the point in even abolishing the horrible institution in the first place? This is as ungrateful and clueless as it gets. He is basically admitting that the actual freeing of slaves didn’t happen. What a dangerous fool.

So, do we go ahead and cancel emancipation? That’s a real bummer, but there is no way around it. America is an evil country and everything that’s ever happened here is bad. Also, good luck finding 600,000 white men willing to die a second time to clean up your mess. 

Gay rights are another monumental achievement of Western Civilization that unfortunately have to go. If Americans simply repurposed slavery by creating new racist institutions, we are left wondering what the repealing of the military’s don’t ask, don’t tell policies and the Defense of Marriage Act are insidiuosuly hiding. What long-game are evil, heterosexual puppetmasters playing? Only the Bryan Stevensons of the world know.

Today, being gay in America is not only tolerated, it is celebrated. Barack Obama employed a record number of gay men and women in his administration and President Trump had the first gay cabinet member. I recall a lot of fanfare around the hirings (well, not in the case of Trump; remember, he hates the gays!), In America, the vast majority of people simply don’t care. Do you treat others kindly? Do you do your job? These are the questions that matter here, not questions about your preferred sex partners.

The same cannot be said of other countries. Despite America and the West’s progress in this arena, many homosexual communities are still threatened for their immutable nature. The first openly-gay cabinet member, courtesy of the allegedly gay-hating Trump administration, has used his time since the new administration has come into power to work on decriminzaing homosexuality around the world (of which there is a lot of work to do, especially in the Arab-Muslim Middle East). This should openly celebrated by everyone, particularly the LGBT community, but how many Americans are even aware of this? As Grennel considers a gubernatorial run, this should be a highlight of the campaign.

Here is a simple follow-up question for the left: If certain elements of America’s past are worth preserving (such as keeping former slaves free or providing equality of opportunity to all people), don’t you have to admit that America has produced monumental goodness? In any event, Americans were not very good white supremacists if they freed millions of slaves from bondage. They are even less so today, allowing them to become mayors, governors, senators, and presidents. Likewise foe the gay community; they are not very good heteronormative oppressors if they enable gays to marry, adopt, and function in society like everyone else, including holding cabinet positions and fighting for homosexual equality around the world. 

The nerve!

The facts are obvious. America is the greatest country in the world. It was true 200 years ago and it is true today. When America was founded in the 1800s, the human condition was particularly awful, marred by constant and endless wars, disease, starvation, and no concept of universal human rights. There was certainly no large-scale practice of individual liberties like freedom of speech, press, organization, and a host of other privileges enjoyed by many Americans and taken for granted.

Today, the human condition is still awful. There are still wars, there is still disease (not the Covid kind; but real disease), starvation, and lack of human rights – the only difference is these things do not manifest in America. This is certainly true of issues relating to slavery and homosexuality. America led the mission for true equality, and thankfully many nations have joined its rightful cause.

Nonetheless, investigative journalism would prefer to focus on a fabricated January 6th “assault on democracy” and subsequent dates like March 4th and March 20th. Muslims, who are allegedly oppressed in America, face apocalyptic conditions in Chinese labor camps. Nevertheless, corporations, the media, and Democrats brown nose their way around the communists while claiming that America hates Muslims so much it elected multiple Jew-hating, America-hating Congressional representatives. That’s some pretty bad Muslim hating going on. Women, who are also allegedly oppressed in America by the patriarchy, have their genitals mutilated by the hundreds of millions in Africa. To be fair, though, female genital mutilation is now being championed by the political left when it means accepting a three-year-olds delusions. 

Life is so good in America, but no one on the left sees it or wants to admit it. Slavery, the scourge of our past, remains active in many – and unironically – black African nations. Black Americans consider themselves the most harmed section of modern society while actual slavery persists in their former backyard. Thank goodness for the African slave trade and the sacrifices of their own forefathers that enabled them to grow up in the most inclusive and opportunity-laden society ever created for the black race. 

American society is witnessing the cancellation of every past person and idea that threatens the contemporary narrative of systemic oppression, racism, and white supremacy. Among these cancellations are the toppling of statues of American icons, the erasure of school and public building names, and the forceful reteaching of America’s history and its motivations. Humans, and the societies they build, are complex. Viewed through a modern lens, it is easy to find faults of previous generations. That is the modus operandi of the left. However, it ignores so much of the good that should be the focus of our founding principles, ideals, and evolution that have much more successes in the arena of human and civil rights than they do failures. It is absurd and it is an utter lie to think or suggest that America has not progressed in terms of racial consciousness, decency, inclusion, acceptance, and opportunity. 

If we must cancel the very best people of our country and the ideals they upheld, on what ground can the left stand? If freedom of speech and equality of opportunity are so awful, what makes emancipation and gay rights any different? These questions are asked facetiously, but they expose the utter emptiness of leftists’ arguments. This country is not perfect, but perfection is impossible. This country is, however, the best. It is dangerous and stupid to believe otherwise.