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Covid is Not to Blame For Our Present Troubles, Our Reaction To It Is

I’ve written a good bit about Covid recently. Between my article on it being a bioweapon and the link between problems with it and obesity, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about that one issue. So, after this article, I’ll leave it alone for a while. But, first, there’s something I’ve been meaning to say for a while: our present problems aren’t the fault of Covid. Red China was certainly the instigator and is responsible for the virus itself, but, frankly, even it isn’t to blame for the Covid-related problems in America right now. Do you know what is to blame? The reaction by our government.

As was said in the “tale of two states” article that was published last summer on this website, states have experienced very different economic outcomes during the Covid “pandemic.” New York has bled residents while its businesses shuttered their doors forever, for example. Meanwhile, Florida has stayed mostly open and has done fine in terms of deaths, staying about in the middle of the pack. Similarly, California has been devastated economically and medically while South Dakota, a state that never closed, has done fine medically and excellently economically.

What that shows is a) that the response to Covid was hugely economically destructive and b) that those economically destructive policies were completely unnecessary.

Point a needs no real explanation. Closing businesses, limiting capacity in the ones that were allowed to remain open, restricting travel, and creating a general state of fear are obviously terrible for business. Who woulda thunk it? Those policies, not Covid itself, took a wrecking ball to the American economy.

Point b might come as a shock to some of you but, I think, it is undeniably true. Obesity and old age are the two most reliable predictors of Covid complications. Florida has just as many, if not more, elderly residents as New York. And its total death count, despite predictions of Armageddon from the fake news media, has remained consistently lower than New York’s. Part of that is because of Andrew Cuomo’s reprehensibly evil plan to send elderly Covid patients back to nursing homes, but some of it is just because the Covid policies don’t matter.

Florida is allowing beach parties and has no real mandates, which would theoretically lead to those dreaded “super spreader” events. But it’s been fine. New York, meanwhile, has been one of the strictest states in the union and, after the initial death toll that Cuomo is 100% responsible for, also hasn’t really had that many cases. The policies are worse than useless; they protect no one and only lead to economic destruction.

Even worse than that, the classic pattern of government involvement has emerged. An original, small problem cropped up: the Chinese Flu. The government stepped in to “help” by ordering lockdowns, masks, and an array of other dictatorial measures. That created the problem of economic ruin out of the original problem of a new strain of the flu. So, predictably, the government tried to help again by passing multi-trillion dollar “relief” bill after multi-trillion dollar “relief” bill. Those bills didn’t really help businesses or individuals, but money was shoveled to bail out blue state pensions, so there’s that. At the end of it all, we’re faced with trillions of dollars of new debt, inflation, a weak economy, and a bitter populace. All because the government tried to “help.”

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If we want to prevent such disasters in the future, we can’t place the blame on Covid. The Chinese Flu isn’t to blame, however much we might want to spit in China’s eye by saying it is. And trust me, I love spitting in the eye of the Reds. But, if we’re honest, the blame is obviously on one thing only: government involvement.

The government, both at the federal level and, in some cases, at the state level, turned much of our beloved homeland into an economic wasteland. The government added trillions and trillions of dollars of new debt. The government, in its infinite wisdom, boosted the death toll by sending elderly patients to nursing homes.

And that’s where trusting the government gets you: a state of ruin. Liberty and individual choice is the solution to most any problem, not government involvement. Had the government warned of the dangers in a reasonable way but left it up to business owners and workers what to do, the economy would have kept humming along. Had the government not crushed the economy, the national debt and deficit would be far lower. Had the government not spewed out fear porn to make us panic, perhaps more reasonable solutions could have been decided upon.

But instead of all that, we let the government act. And it wrecked the country in a year.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook

Photo by Mr. Happy Face – Peace 🙂 at Flickr.