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Democrats: The Party That Detests Good News

It’s clear that our friends on the left, and Democrats in particular, are repulsed by good news. And no, we’re not using “good news” as a synonym for the gospels of the Christian bible; though a compelling argument could be made on that point as well.

If we learn of encouraging data regarding climate change, Democrats will scoff and scold. You’re a climate denier! When our economy was humming almost exactly one year ago, prior to the COVID pandemic, Democrats downplayed any supporting statistics. Those people make too much money!  With peace breaking out between Israel and much of the Middle East last year, we had a legitimate reason to celebrate; all of us, but Democrats scowled. Israel is bad and we’re less safe! And there has been no topic more indicative of the Democrats’ disdain for favorable information than the COVID pandemic. We can’t go back to normal until Fauci says it’s OK, you Neanderthals! We must therefore ask ourselves: why are Democrats so averse to recognizing and embracing good news?

For several weeks now, virtually every news update we’ve heard regarding the COVID pandemic has been positive.  In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott weighed the available data and made the decision to significantly relax many of the state’s COVID-related restrictions two weeks ago. Good news, right? Nope. Democrats and their media had a conniption and refused to accept the idea that such a move was prudent. Now, two weeks later, the number of COVID cases in Texas has actually declined, which should be cause for rejoicing. Listen closely – as close as you’d like in fact – and you’ll hear no jubilation from Democrats.

Texas is a red state, and Abbot is a Republican governor, therefore we should consider that Texas’ redness might be driving the Democrats’ pessimism on that specific good news. So then, what about the rest of the country? The number of new cases nationwide continues to drop, but Democrats continue to pooh-pooh the numbers, choosing to focus instead on the potential problems with variants, isolated spikes in cases at certain universities, and the possibility that the number of cases may “plateau again at an unacceptably high level.” Indeed, Democrats appear to be entirely unwilling to accept or even acknowledge good news regarding the pandemic.

Before taking office in January, President Joe Biden predicted we were in for “a dark winter” due to COVID. Since then, despite widespread information to the contrary, Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci have gone out of their way to dampen all optimism. During a prime-time address to the nation on March 11th, Biden attempted to take a victory lap for improving case numbers and increases in vaccines while simultaneously painting a bleak picture for our immediate future, suggesting that Americans might not return to any normalcy until July.

With the number of daily COVID cases plummeting, states such as Mississippi, Maryland and Connecticut have taken Texas’ lead and have lifted most of their pandemic-related restrictions. Other states, most notable of which is Florida, never imposed such strict constraints. Much of the country is already returning to normal, with our without President Biden’s blessing. But again, we must ask: why? Why won’t Biden and other Democrats welcome the good news, while still being cautious?

The answer: because Biden and the Democrats need COVID. They need bad news, not good news. As former Clinton White House Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emmanuel once explained, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” COVID, like other crises, are opportunities for Democrats. They’re opportunities to attack political opponents like Donald Trump. They’re opportunities to pass massive spending bills like the recent $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, the majority of which had nothing to do with COVID. Crises are opportunities for Democrats to enact the most radical aspects of their agenda under the cover of a distraction. Americans dying, the erosion of your civil liberties, and a skyrocketing national death are nothing more than collateral damage.

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We’ve seen a similar phenomenon with climate change. In 2018, data from NASA showed that over the previous two years, global temperatures “dropped by 0.56 degrees Celsius,” a remarkable reduction. Can you remember hearing anyone trumpeting this information? Forecasts for global temperatures in 2021 show a decrease over 2020, but any article we find on the topic will either understate the significance of the drop or try to spin it as a negative. Due to various steps we’ve taken, the U.S. is one of the worldwide leaders in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and in fact we saw a 1.8% decrease in those emissions from 2018 to 2019; long before the COVID pandemic. Do we hear any recognition of that fact? Indeed, consider: when was the last time you heard any good news about climate change?

There are plenty of reasons for optimism regarding climate change, but you won’t hear about them. Like COVID, Democrats and their media need you to be ill-informed, pessimistic, and afraid. When Democrats unveiled their Green New Deal two years ago, they effectively lifted their skirts. The Green New Deal wasn’t about our climate. It wasn’t about our environment. The Green New Deal was about the abolishment of capitalism and the promotion of socialism. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Unfortunately, it’s not just COVID and climate change with which we see such a doom-and-gloom approach by Democrats. With virtually any topic we can think of which relates to Americans’ lives, Democrats reject good news.

When our economy was thriving throughout much of President Donald Trump’s administration, unemployment for Hispanics and blacks was the lowest in history.  Wages were up, the stock market was up, our standard of living was up, but Democrats were down. Very, very down. Democrats insisted on dismissing the improved lives of all Americans and focused instead on “income inequality.” They complained about too many billionaires while ignoring the fact that most of those billionaires are themselves Democrats. They sought to exploit human instincts such as envy and resentment, and to manipulate public opinion accordingly.

Currently, America’s situation with foreign affairs may be at its historic apex. In our 245-year history, have we ever been in better position internationally? There hasn’t been a new war started since the Obama Administration. Our NATO allies are more engaged than ever with our mutual security and they are contributing more financially to that effort. Peace in the Middle East seems like a legitimate possibility in the coming years. And while our chief adversary China continues to pose a serious threat both militarily and economically, President Trump’s strategy of weaponizing tariffs has provided his successors with a blueprint on how to handle the communist regime. Yet Democrats refuse to even acknowledge these facts.

Ultimately, Democrats need bad news for their strategies to work, and the worse the news is the more Democrats like it. A full blown crisis is the best news possible for Democrats.

What crisis will be next? It’s difficult to say, but whatever it is, we can be sure of two things. First, Democrats will do everything they can to exploit that crisis in an effort to further their leftist priorities. And second, whatever good news we receive regarding that crisis will be downplayed for as long as possible as they try to prolong that calamity; whatever it may be. Because when you’re a Democrat, bad news is good news, and good news is bad news.

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen.

Photo by italyskater at Flickr.

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