Gov. Abbott: Biden is Hiding the Number of Covid-Infected Illegals

The one constant of 2020 was Sleepy Joe Biden hiding in his basement. Well, frankly, “Biden is hiding” could still be a headline any day in 2021. However, now he’s not just hiding himself, although he’s admittedly still doing that too. Now, Biden is hiding the number of Covid-infected illegal immigrants that are breaking into the US and being released by his administration.

According to Governor Abbott, who spoke about this issue in a Fox News Interview, Biden has “refused and failed to give to our state the total number of migrants who have COVID-19.” He also noted that while Texas must “fully [report] out anybody in our state who has COVID-19,” the lack of information on what illegal immigrants and migrants have Covid makes doing so quite difficult. This is information that the Biden Administration should have provided.

In fact, according to Governor Abbott in the same interview, he has “not seen any data about what the COVID rate is” for illegals! The governor of one of the states most afflicted by the plague of mass illegal immigration has been unable to deal with their contribution to the Covid pandemic because the Biden Admin won’t give him the information he needs!

In Abbot’s words: “We need the total number of migrants who have been apprehended at the border who have tested positive for COVID-19.” However, while it is obvious that Texas needs that information, the Biden Administration has “refused” to hand it over.

Similarly, in a CNBC interview, Abbot described Biden as taking a “Neanderthal” approach to illegal immigration and dealing with Covid-infected illegal immigrants.

This entire situation is a farce. Biden is keeping schools closed at the behest of anti-taxpayer teacher unions while, in the meantime, opening the border to any that want to break our immigration laws and potentially prey on our populace. He’s letting in thousands of migrants, releasing everyone in ICE custody, and not even giving Texas the data it needs on Covid-infected illegal immigrants. Iranians are sneaking across the border, Covid-infected illegals are rushing through it, and Biden and his team are more focused on flight suits for pregnant women and adding How to Be an Anti-Racist to the Navy’s reading list. This’ll end well.

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