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The Stimulus Check Murders: If Black Lives Truly Mattered to Black Lives Matter…

“Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent,”  Adam Smith.


In a quadruple homicide last week which is being referred to as “The Stimulus Check Murders,” an Indianapolis man named Malik Halfacre admittedly became violent after an argument over government-issued checks. According to reports, Halfacre confessed to murdering four people inside of their home, stealing the money in question, and then driving to his sister’s house to drop off his six-month old daughter. Included among the murdered was a seven-year old girl named Eve Moore. These killings were senseless, brutal, and deserving of outrage.


National mainstream media coverage of the murders in Indianapolis was sparse, and tended to focus on the pointlessness of the killings. ‘What should have been a happy time for folks receiving newfound money turned into a tragedy,’ was the typical storyline we heard. The left and their media shrugged their shoulders, spent a moment or two mourning the victims’ deaths, and then moved on.


As tragic as those murders were, why were they largely ignored? Media coverage and leftwing attention last week regarding the equally senseless and brutal shootings at massage parlors in and around Atlanta was virtually non-stop, even though none of those victims was a seven-year old little girl. The reason, unfortunately, is all too obvious. Even though all four of the folks murdered in Indianapolis were black, so too was the murderer, Malik Halfacre. In Atlanta, however, the killer was a white man named Robert Aaron Long. Black folks committing crimes against other black folks doesn’t fit the left’s narrative that America is evil and whiteness is the cause. But a white man killing Asian women fits their narrative perfectly, even when there is zero evidence indicating that the scumbag shooter was in any way motivated by race.

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A frustrating aspect of the Indianapolis killings last week is the fact they appear to have been preventable. According to a survivor of the shootings, the mother of Halfacre’s daughter, the shooter had a history of violent behavior. She had been threatened, harassed, and had her tires slashed by Halfacre. She was terrified of him. Additionally, in 2017, Halfacre shot a man multiple times but was able to arrange a plea deal and serve only a few months in jail. The man was dangerous, and everyone who knew him was aware of his capabilities. While acquaintances of Malik Halfacre in Indianapolis were living in fear of what he might do, the Black Lives Matter movement was pushing for the defunding of police and an end to the “mass incarceration” of black Americans.


Though we mourn the deaths of all four of Halfacre’s victims, it’s difficult not to feel more saddened when one of those victims was the epitome of innocence. At seven years old, Eve Moore was just beginning her life, and will never have a chance to realize her dreams. Unfortunately, children such as Eve being killed due to such violence is not uncommon. Last summer, another beautiful little girl named Dajore Wilson was killed when she was struck by a bullet, having been caught in the crossfire of gang violence in Chicago while riding in a car with her parents. Dajore was another victim of black-on-black violence, and she and Eve Moore are not alone, unfortunately.


There is indeed a problem with violent crime and murder in America, and one that disproportionately affects those who happen to be black. The problem, however, isn’t white folks or whiteness, or some other race. And the problem isn’t law enforcement. The problem comes from within the black community itself; it’s cultural, not systemic.


According to the Washington Post, there were fifteen unarmed black people in the United States that were killed by police in 2019. That’s it, fifteen. Meanwhile, there are on-average approximately 7,300 black folks that are murdered in the U.S. each year, and over 90% of them are killed by other black folks. Additionally, over 70% of all violent crime committed against black people is committed by other black people, which is the highest percentage of any race committing such crimes against members of their own race. In other words, black folks are more likely to have a violent crime committed against them by someone from their own race than any other race in America.  


With only 15 unarmed black folks dying at the hands of police nationwide, and with over 7,300 total black folks having been murdered, that means at minimum 99.98% of black folks being murdered are not victims of some racist, police brutality. Yet last summer, billions of dollars in damage was caused by Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots in the name of standing up to police killings. Additionally, 25 people died in those same riots, meaning more folks died in the mostly peaceful riots than died in the police killings those riots purported to be protesting.  These numbers also suggest that, statistically speaking, Malik Halfacre last week killed more than 25% of the number of unarmed black folks we can expect to see killed by police across the entire country for this entire year.


If the Black Lives Matter movement was truly intent on saving black lives – if black lives truly mattered to Black Lives Matter – wouldn’t their movement look very different?


If black lives truly mattered to Black Lives Matter, their focus  would be on preventing the most amount of deaths possible; getting the most bang for their buck.

If black lives truly mattered to Black Lives Matter, they would prioritize fixing problems within the black community that are causing the violence; problems such as children being raised without fathers and the glorification of single motherhood.


If black lives truly mattered to Black Lives Matter, they would prioritize the protection of innocent lives like Eve Moore and Dajore Wilson rather than victims in cases which still have many unanswered questions, such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.


If black lives truly mattered to Black Lives Matter, they wouldn’t align themselves exclusively with the Democratic Party, an organization that has overseen the perpetual decay within their communities.


And if black lives truly mattered to Black Lives Matter, they wouldn’t try to hide their Marxist political goals behind the carnage that is destroying the very people they claim to support, including innocent children.


PF Whalen


P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen.


Photo by Brian Overeijnder at Flickr.