Not So Shocking: BLM Activist Arrested for Ripping Off Donors

Well, like the Drag Queen Story Hour story I recently reported on, this “BLM Activist Arrested for Ripping off Donors” headline isn’t all that surprising. Who knew an organization so obviously full of grifters would act like, well, an organization full of grifters?! Color me confused. In any case, here are the details on the Tyree Conyers-Page story and his defrauding of donors.

According to the Epoch times, Sir Maejor Page, a BLM activist in Atlanta whose real name is Tyree Conyers-Page,was indicted, according to the DOJ, on three counts of money laundering and one count of wire fraud. The DOJ said Conyers-Page created the “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta” page on Facebook and then used it to defraud donors of over $450,000. The IRS, seeing the obvious violations, later revoked his 501(c)3 designation.

What were those violations? About what you’d expect from a BLM thug-turned philanthropist.

According to FBI Special Agent Eric Smith, “Page is accused of using unprecedented tensions and uncertainty due to widespread civil unrest and a global pandemic to fill his own bank account. Page allegedly purchased homes, traveled, and spent other people’s money to buy luxury items for himself, all on the backs of hardworking people believing they were donating to a worthy cause.”

The same Epoch Times article cited above notes that those “luxury items” included “hotel rooms, guns, clothing, and various forms of entertainment.” A Washington Examiner article reports that he also spent it on tailored suits, expensive ties, and shiny, new cufflinks.

One of the main charges against Page, outside of his use of the money for non-activism related purposes, such as guns and prostitutes (a shocking choice of “luxury items” for such a distinguished individual), is that the organization he ran through the Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta Facebook page wasn’t even a charity after 2019, when the IRS revoked his charity status, although he continued to present it as a non-profit to potential donors.

So, in sum, this gentleman created a fake charity and used it to line his newly tailored pockets with cash, most of which was spent on guns, suits, and houses. Let’s see what similar charges come out against other BLM activists in the near future. Will they behave more according to their Marxist or grifter nature?

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