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Are We Governed by Idiots or Evildoers?

Watching the news for the past few months has prompted me to comment, aloud sometimes, that “we are governed by idiots.”  But with the news of this administration’s daily outrageous actions, I believe there are evil intentions by the decision makers.

The worst-case proof of this is the current immigration policy, if it even qualifies as a policy, driven by executive order.  How do you allow thousands of people, many of whom are enabled by drug cartel members, to just cross the border, enter vastly overcrowded detention centers that don’t have the staff or resources to support them?  Then we spend over $80 million to house them in hotels while National Guard members are forced to sleep in parking garages while being fed undercooked or rotten food.  The taxpayers then pay for these illegal entrants, some of whom may be Covid carriers, to be bused or flown to various points around the country and left for local officials to manage.  That is not the action of administration officials who are ignorant or dumb.  These are the actions of people with evil intentions, specifically the fundamental transformation of America by adding millions of Democrat Party voters to the rolls. Where was the mandate from ‘We the People’ for such a thing?

Nancy Pelosi twice pushed the House of Representatives to issue impeachment articles on President Donald Trump, articles that were laughingly bogus.  The first was over a routine phone call with Ukrainians during which the president asked them to consider investigating corruption.  The second was for the words he spoke at the January 6th rally calling for attendees to go to the capitol and peacefully protest congressional actions.  These impeachment ideas were not the result of the Speaker waking up one day and thinking, “We need to impeach the president and get him out of the White House.”  The Democrats and their accomplices in the media had been trying for four years to incriminate him, and when all previous attempts failed they decided they would try to force impeachment and conviction.  Trump was a threat to their power.  This could be called a coup d’état, except a coup is usually something undertaken by the military.  That is evil, not just stupid.

Joe Biden, on his first days in office issued executive orders to halt construction of the border wall and the Keystone Pipeline, putting thousands of workers instantly out of a job.  The Government Accountability Office initiated an investigation as to whether the president even has the authority.  The border wall is meant to slow foreigners from illegally entering the country.  How does stopping construction benefit any American citizen?  How is putting thousands of workers on unemployment for no good reason not considered evil?

The Keystone Pipeline, just like others around the country, moves oil, the lifeblood of our energy systems, safely from source to refinery.  Without pipelines, oil is moved by trains belching smoke from diesel engines containing that climate-changing gas, carbon dioxide.  Not to mention the possibility of train derailments spilling of thousands of gallons of oil.  So, what is the benefit we receive by stopping another pipeline and forcing more train traffic, other than to assuage the fears of the global warming nuts?  I don’ think the pipeline workers or future operators see any benefit.  Surely, the president’s advisers are aware of the ramifications of killing the pipeline.  How do you define these actions as anything but evil?

For as long as sporting events have been held, it has been common knowledge based on experience, that men and women have different levels of ability when competing in certain sports.  At major league levels there is the NBA and the WNBA and different leagues for soccer, tennis and other sports.  In college and high school, men and women compete on different teams.  None of this is done because the all-powerful patriarchy decrees it.  It is because the male and female bodies are inherently and biologically different.  Biology tells us so and is directed by whether the body’s genetic makeup contains an XY or XX chromosome pair.  Some of us call this science.  So, is it ignorance for the president to decree that males who one day decide they are female, with the inherent advantage they hold, to be allowed to compete with women or girls?  No, it is driven by the small minority of vocal activists pushing this nonsense.  These people certainly know the biology, so what could their intentions be, if not evil?

Many Democrats, the media and their cohorts in the universities have repeatedly told the lie that President Trump, during a press conference, called neo-Nazis “very fine people.”  Not only did he never say that, but the actual quotes from that day are in fact exactly the opposite.  This charge even made it into the second impeachment, where house managers lied and repeated it in the capitol.  Using a known, blatant lie to remove a president qualifies as an evil act.

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There are numerous other instances of evil being propagated by Democrats and their supporters.  Just ask yourself whether they are saying and doing these things out of ignorance or evil intentions.  Ignorance can sometimes be excused.  Trying to fundamentally transform the country by executive fiat or congressional action cannot be excused as ignorance, especially by folks who have large staffs that are there to inform them.  Presidents and congresspersons take an oath to uphold the Constitution.  They have willingly subverted it and that is evil.

By Dave Agusta

Dave Agusta is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative; another concerned, patriotic, and conservative American voice. Please click here to contact him.

Photo by vilaghelyzete at Flickr.