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Anti-White Discrimination: Oakland’s Racist UBI Program

Discrimination in Oakland: It Created a No Whites Allowed, Racist UBI Program

According to a recent article by Matt Margolis in PJ Media, the City of Oakland has created a racist UBI program that whites are not allowed to access. Here’s what the article says:

“The city of Oakland, Calif., has just launched a universal basic income program, providing low-income families $500 per month, with absolutely no strings attached regarding how they must spend it…

Unless you aren’t eligible for the program because you’re white.

the reason white families are excluded from the program is that, according to the “Oakland Equity Index”—I dare not ask—white households in Oakland make an average of three times as much as black households annually.”

So, in other words, the city of Oakland created a racist UBI program that sucks up the tax dollars of every poor schmuck in town and then spits them back out to favored racial groups. As with any other discriminatory policy, everyone is involved, but only a few benefit.

Now, preferably, there wouldn’t be any UBI program at all. People should work on their own and make their own money, not rely on some proto-socialist wealth redistribution policy that sucks up money from the productive and showers it on the losers that haven’t gotten their lives together enough to hold a stable job. Even worse are the true UBI programs that just hand out money to everyone, not just the unemployed. Those are a huge waste of money; why not just let people keep what they earn and cut out the middleman?

But, if the government is to design a UBI program (preferably of the sort supported by Milton Friedman in Capitalism and Freedom), it should, at the very least, not discriminate on the basis of race. Given that society has determined racism to be the greatest of all sins, that seems like a reasonable requirement of any government policy.

But, as I’ve written about, liberal racism knows no bounds. They’re happy to discriminate on the basis of race so long as those people being discriminated against are the much-hated white men, a group I’ve termed the kulaks of the 21st century, rather than the groups traditionally placed under the odious yoke of government-created, discriminatory policies.

And the end of that so-called “reverse racism,” which, it should be said, is just racism, is the racist UBI program in Oakland. The government is actively supporting some races and hurting others. It is stealing money from one group and handing it out to another.

What to know what other distinguished governments have implemented such noble, “anti-racist” actions? Zimbabwe did. South Africa did. Syria used resources to support the Alawites at the cost of everyone else. Unless we want to end up like those failed states, struggling with Balkanization on ethnic lines, hyperinflation, and ethnic/racial animus?

I don’t want that. But, it appears that the radical members of the Oakland government that designed that city’s reprehensible, racist UBI program do. That is where their policies will lead. Taking from one group and redistributing the confiscated resources to others never ends well, especially if the redistribution is premised on immutable characteristics. It doesn’t solve any issues, it just creates new ones and replaces previous goodwill with ill will and animus. Just watch what happens in Oakland in the coming years to see how right I am.

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