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Spending Spree Part 2, Arkansas Can, and New Yorkers Get Stoned: The Week in Review

Headline #1:          Biden Unveils $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

President Biden unveiled a $2 trillion infrastructure and “economic recovery” package on Wednesday, less than a month after he and congressional Democrats passed their $1.9 trillion COVID Relief Bill.

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Thoughts and Observations:

  • It seems that “trillion” is the Democrats’ new favorite number. If an idea doesn’t have at least thirteen digits worth of spending, they’re not interested.
  • This plan was presented by Biden, which means it’s just that: a plan. In order to become law, obviously, it needs to be put into a bill by our legislators; Congress. While Biden’s plan currently is only a handful of pages, by the time Congress is done with it, it will be an absolute monstrosity. My bet is this – once this bill comes out of the Senate and the House of Representatives, it will be over 3,000 pages… you heard it here first.
  • This plan has virtually nothing to do with infrastructure, as less than 10% of it is earmarked for roads, bridges and airports. This scheme is about climate change authoritarianism, striving for a “multi-racial democracy” (which is what we already are), and taking your money to give to someone else in the name of equity. This plan is no more about our infrastructure than the COVID Relief Bill was about the COVID pandemic; branding, marketing, deception.
  • President Donald Trump had pushed the idea of an Infrastructure Bill, but it never happened. Improving our infrastructure is necessary no doubt, and our federal government should have a large role in its improvement. But it needs to be done responsibly. The Republican Congress which was sworn-in in January 2017 never took up the cause, and now we’re left with this development. Former House Speaker Paul Ryan was the most disappointing Republican leader of our generation.
  • Included in Biden’s plan is a tax increase, of course, on corporations. And corporations don’t just sit back and pay taxes, they pass those costs on to me and you in the form of higher prices.
  • For those corporations that won’t be able to charge higher prices due to foreign competitors, they’ll just pick up and leave. If you want to destroy our economy, this is how to do it: dis-incentivize industry and motivate them to move jobs and facilities overseas. This idea is a disaster.
  • Our national debt will continue to spiral out of control with this package, and it will go through, unfortunately. It will become law, or at least some form of it will. Runaway debt means runaway inflation, and we can expect to see that inflation within about three or four years. If you haven’t done so already, take action. Invest in tangible, physical assets such as real estate and precious metals, if you can. We’re in deep doo-doo.


Headline #2:         Arkansas Bans ‘Gender-Affirming’ Care for Minors

On Monday, Arkansas’ Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson signed into law a bill banning access to various treatments for minors suffering from Gender Dysphoria, including puberty blockers and hormones.


Thoughts and Observations:

  • Arkansas has been on the front lines of many of the culture war battles recently. In addition to this legislation – which is not only prudent, but common sense – Gov. Hutchinson signed a bill three weeks ago which bans practically all abortions. A flyover state whose significance in national matters is often shrugged off, Arkansas is showing the rest of conservative America how it’s done. Don’t shy away from a fight; don’t hide from who you are and what you believe; and do what’s right regardless of the reaction of leftist whackos. Bravo to Gov. Hutchinson, the legislators, and the Arkansans who elected them.
  • Typical of so many leftist efforts, the verbiage being used in the transgender debate is a bastardization of our language. They are ass backwards, as usual. One would think that ‘gender-affirming’ would mean the support of the person’s gender. You’re a boy, so this action will affirm that gender, or you’re a girl and this action will affirm that fact. Instead, the processes in question would be more accurately described as ‘gender-denying.’
  • Those who consider themselves transgender are in fact inflicted with Gender Dysphoria, a psychological disorder. Therefore, opponents of the Arkansas bill actually support the affirmation of a mental illness. For the left, up is down and right is left.
  • Much of the rhetoric and debate emerging from this Arkansas law has ignored a key aspect of the legislation. This law doesn’t prohibit adults from doing anything. If you suffer from Gender Dysphoria and are an adult, and if you want to shun counseling and ruin your body with hormones or mutilate your genitalia, that’s one thing. But to allow children to make such life-altering decisions is insanity. People who aren’t old enough to vote or consent to sexual activity should not have the final word over such matters; that’s what parents are for.


Headline #3:          Gov. Cuomo Signs Law Legalizing Weed in New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, facing mounting political pressure from two scandals, signed a recreational marijuana legalization bill into law on Wednesday.


Thoughts and Observations:

  • If you’re incompetent, can’t govern, and want to distract your voters, what do you do? You pass them a joint.
  • This law encapsulates the larger mindset of the Democratic Party perfectly. If it will help keep you in power, then pay no attention to the long-term effects of your policies and just satisfy the short-term wants of an easily manipulated group within your electorate. And demonize your political opponents in the process.
  • Legalizing pot is about racism, did you know that? If not, you should have, because everything is about racism for Democrats. According the Cuomo, this law will benefit “marginalized communities,” and will “put an end to harsh prison sentences” that target minorities. If you oppose this bill, it must be because you’re a racist, so shut the hell up and here, have another bong hit.
  • Cuomo signed the bill as the number of women accusing him of sexual harassment reached double-digits this week, with a tenth accuser coming forward, and his COVID nursing scandal still unfolding. Would this bill have become law regardless of the scandals? Probably. But don’t think that Cuomo won’t try to make the most of this pandering. Voters have the attention span of a five-year old; particularly within the demographics that support legalizing weed.
  • Many thought Cuomo was going to resign weeks ago under mounting pressure from both sides of the aisle. Remember, both sitting U.S. Senators in the state – Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand – have called for him to step down, along with dozens of other Democrats in his own legislature, but he hasn’t. Perhaps the only person that could compel Cuomo to go away would be a similar call from President Biden, but don’t count on it. Cuomo may very well have to be impeached to be removed from office. As absurd as it sounds, there’s a good chance Cuomo stays right where he is and finishes out his term.


Headline #4:         Cancel Culture Comes for the Masters

On Monday, a black civil rights group petitioned the PGA Tour to pull out of its sanctioning of the Masters tournament which begins next week. The justification for the request was the passing of Georgia’s “new, racist voter suppression law.”


Thoughts and Observations:

  • What’s so racist about the Georgia law in question? How does the new law go about suppressing votes? It imposes a voter ID requirement for absentee ballots, it gives state officials oversight over local election boards, and it prohibits groups or individuals from handing out free food and water to people waiting to vote. And note that there is no mention of race anywhere in the law, obviously. Does that sound racist to you? The left continues to dilute the meaning of the word, an approach that will no doubt backfire.
  • As mentioned in a piece from The Blue State Conservative earlier this week, the left have gone so over-the-top with playing the race card, they are turning the word ‘racist’ into a compliment. If this common sense law which seeks to preserve the integrity of our elections is racist, then those of us who support such laws should consider their claim as flattery and say thank you.
  • For those who haven’t learned this lesson yet, it’s a no-brainer: don’t give into these people, don’t apologize to them for anything, and reject them at every opportunity. The woke mob is just that; a mob. If the Masters and/or the PGA Tour had acquiesced and bailed out on the tournament, how do you think that decision would have turned out? They wouldn’t have been satisfied, only emboldened. Next week they’d be looking at canceling Sesame Street, or country music, or 6-cylinder vehicles, or whatever else they found irksome that day. Don’t give in; give them the finger instead.
  • It’s interesting that they targeted the Masters, which is entirely controlled by the golf club itself: Augusta National, one of the most exclusive organizations in the world. Augusta National is the same group that resisted calls for years to allow women to join the club. When they did, years after the initial pressure, they did so on their own terms and accepted former Secretary of State, Republican, and conservative icon Condoleezza Rice as that member. Augusta National doesn’t give in to the woke mob and are an example of how all of us should react.
  • Finally, regarding the idea that it’s racist to stop people from handing out water to folks waiting on line to vote. If you think that black folks or other minorities need someone else to give them food or water while waiting to cast their ballot, or that they’re incapable of having the foresight to bring a snack or drink if they’re hungry or thirsty, do you know what you are? You are a racist.


Headline #5:         65-Year Old New York Asian Woman Beaten Badly in Probable Hate Crime

An Asian woman in New York City was severely beaten outside of a luxury apartment building on Monday, but our media has avoided a key aspect of the incident.


Thoughts and Observations:

  • Initially the only information available on the perpetrator was from a security video which clearly showed the man to be black, which cuts directly against the narrative of our mainstream media that the recent spike in anti-Asian violence is due to white supremacy. It isn’t.
  • Much of the mainstream media covered the story, but only insofar as they could push their storyline of Asians being victims and white supremacy being the motivator. Virtually none of them mentioned the man’s race even once. Consider these hyperlinks for reference as examples of such articles:  NBC News, ABC News, and NPR.
  • While the articles TV news stories clearly mention that it was almost certainly a hate crime – as the attacker yelled, “You don’t belong here,” at the victim – they referred to the suspect as “the man,” and “a man,” and the “unidentified man.” But nowhere do they mention the man’s race. If the man had been white, this would have been the top story of every news channel, and his skin color would have been mentioned in the first sentence as they lamented the problem of whiteness.
  • Two weeks ago we had the horrific shootings in Atlanta in which a white man killed eight women working in massage parlors in and around the city. Before the bodies of those women were even cold, Democrats and their media were hammering away the narrative that those shootings were the result of anti-Asian racism. Yet we still have zero evidence that was the case, as the shooter cited o his sex addiction as the driver, and in fact two of the dead were not even Asian. Yet in this case in Manhattan, we have eyewitness accounts of racist taunts as the man beat  her mercilessly. There is no doubt, we are being lied to and misled, and we must reject their efforts and call them out.


PF Whalen


P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including the Western Journal, Human Events, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @pfwhalen


Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

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