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Again on Trial for Being Christian: The Legalized Persecution of Baker Jack Phillips Continues

In a malignant game of patty-cake, Colorado baker Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, is again being sued for not placing his business at sexual devolutionaries’ service. His long-time tormentor, a lawyer and man claiming female status going by the name “Autumn Scardina,” now has the Christian businessman back in court because the latter refused to bake a cake celebrating his “gender transition.”

Of course, with approximately 184,990 bakeries in the United States and thousands in Colorado alone, people can certainly get a cake bearing virtually any message they want (highly politically incorrect sentiments, do note, would likely be an exception). There also are Muslim bakeries that would and have refused sexual devolutionary requests, but they’re not in leftist cross hairs. The hatred for Phillips is so baked in, however, that he has been dealing with attacks on his freedom since 2012.

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