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What’s The Worst Thing About A Biden Presidency After Two Months?

The writers of The Blue State Conservative reflected on what they considered the biggest story from the first two months of the Biden presidency. Here is what they said:

PF Whalen: There are so many stories through Biden’s first two months to consider, and none of them are positive or surprising. He’s already done severe damage to our country on so many levels. Forced to pick just one, it would have to be the authoritarian nature of his actions. At the time of this writing, Biden has already signed 37 executive orders. The most by any president in American history through his first fifty days in office, and on pace to average 218 such orders per year.

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This is not how our government is supposed to work. We’re supposed to have three co-equal branches of government, with our Legislative Branch (Congress) passing bills, the Executive Branch (the President) signing those bills into law, and the Judicial Branch (Courts) interpreting and applying those laws. With Democrats in full control of Congress, they have essentially abdicated their responsibilities, and are just acting as Biden’s cheerleaders at this point. And even when Congress does pass a law, they make no attempt at compromise, as evidenced by attaining only one Republican vote for the $1.9 trillion monstrosity they called a COVID Relief bill.

Congress is supposed to control the purse strings of the Treasury and provide oversight over the Executive Branch. They should be proposing budgets while they work on negotiating and compromising; none of which is happening. Instead, Congressional Democrats have essentially given Biden a blank check for every radical aspect of his agenda as they simply egg him on to move further to the left on every issue. Biden seems more than happy to play along; to the extent that he even understands what he’s doing.

After the president’s recent press conference (if we can even call it that), it’s more obvious than ever that Biden is just a puppet. He‘s not even sure where he is, let alone what his policies are. It’s both sad and scary. Biden is signing executive orders at record levels, and he likely doesn’t even know what they contain. Biden’s puppet masters are scores of special interest groups to whom he is beholden, Congressional Democrats who would rather control Biden than deal with the Senate filibuster and bipartisanship, and corrupt America-hating leftist oligarchs like George Soros. And all this is happening with a complicit mainstream media that’s abandoned all sense of journalistic integrity. We’re in a really bad place right now. 

Sarah Lilly: A week ago, I would have easily answered the border crisis, but this week has revealed the most terrifying infringement on our personal liberties this century, the vaccine passport. While the administration will try to weasel out of this obvious tyranny by saying they are simply working with the private sector and that the program will be implemented by private companies, they are in fact working in tandem on this. 

We have seen countless hearings with Big Tech where government officials threaten social media sites to censor content or face regulatory consequences, so the government is de facto compelling the censorship of political opponents. The same tactic will be used for the vaccine passports on behalf of private industry. Employ this new feature or we will either: 1) Regulate the hell out of you or, 2) Tax the sh*t out of you.  

Federal and state governments have just successfully suspended the Bill of Rights and proven that if they tell businesses to shut down, the sheep will comply. Vaccine passports are a means to force individuals to inject themselves with a drug that has no known long-term side effects or they will be excommunicated from society. This will not be “Get vaccinated and you can go to the Nationals game;” it will be “Show me your papers or I won’t let you buy groceries.”

If we succumb to this tyranny, medical privacy will no longer exist, it will be used against you. And don’t think that this stops at the Covid vaccine or adults. Netanyahu has already said he will compel Isreali citizens to get booster shots every 6 months and children ages 6 and up will be forced to vaccinate. This passport will need to be updated regularly with forced flu vaccinations or inoculation against any other ungodly pathogen that comes out of the open-air prison that is China.

There is no way any of our personal data will remain safe on this app. We have witnessed countless data breaches, mostly from the Chinese: the 2015 OPM breach of over 20 million SSNs, the Equifax data breach, and the most recent SolarWinds breach. 

Living without the vaccine passport will be akin to walking around with a yellow star pinned to your body. This is, quite literally, the hill to die on. If proof of an involuntary vaccination, of which you have no legal recourse in the event it harms you, is not the line in the sand, there is no line. 

John Green: Clearly the first two months of Lunch Bucket Joe’s administration has been a target rich environment for those of us with snarky attitudes and opinions we wish to share with the world. But for me, the biggest story has to be his stumbling while climbing the stairs to Air Force One. Don’t get me wrong – I couldn’t care less if our president is a complete klutz. It is, however, the perfect metaphor for the first two months of his administration. Every decision he’s made has been a misstep.

On the subject of energy policy, during the last 4 years, the United States achieved energy independence for the first time in generations. Joe Biden decided, for some unknown reason, to curtail domestic production and return us to dependence on foreign oil. Gas prices are skyrocketing (over 30% increase in only 2 months) and we are once again tied economically to the most unstable region in the world. This was a solved problem. Now it’s broken again. 

Relative to immigration, within days of entering office, the Harris/Biden administration announced the reversal of the immigration policies of the Trump administration. It seems that when we announced to the world that illegal border crossers would be treated humanely and with respect – the world’s masses understood it to be an open invitation. Who could have seen that coming? Now the border is being overrun. At last count, we now have 13,000 unaccompanied children detained at the border – and yes, they are in cages. Biden took an immigration problem and turned it into a crisis. 

However, the administration’s stance on foreign policy is the most alarming. In recent years, China has become increasingly belligerent. They’ve reneged on their agreement relative to Hong Kong and are imposing autocratic rule. They’re even flying nuclear capable bombers around Taiwan with impunity. The United States had a chance to address these provocations at our first summit with China in Anchorage Alaska. Instead, the nation that considers slave labor an industrial resource, lectured us about our human rights violations – and our administration had no rebuttal. They’re calling us out, like a school-yard bully – and we’re cowering. Eventually we’ll have to face them. Luckily, we’ll have a new cadre of transgendered soldiers to do so. That should give the Chinese pause. 

Final score:

  • Energy policy – easily avoidable stumble
  • Immigration policy – tragic stumble
  • Foreign policy – big, dangerous, and stability threatening stumble

Changing the subject slightly – the jetway stumble story also told us a lot about the MSM – and there’s nothing metaphorical about it. It in fact has been quite revealing. There wasn’t a single question about the President’s physical or mental health. The MSM gave us around the clock repetition of White House talking points – “It was just the wind. Nothing to see here.” The MSM has completed its transformation to the propaganda ministry of the Democrat party. Thankfully, this is making them a resource with diminishing returns for the Democrats. A propaganda operation stops being effective when everybody knows it’s a propaganda operation.

Kevin Horgan: The biggest story of the 60-day Biden administration is the story not being reported. Biden is relying almost exclusively on Trump hate, which will not be able to sustain itself. His pronouncements are shrill and deny the right of achievement to anyone but the anti-DT coalition, creating unnecessary envy and dissension.

Biden does need to continue to foster this resentment and perceived inequities to thrill his base. Though identity politics is a cancer on the national discourse, it is Biden’s stock in trade. His reinstatement, or passive permission, of critical race theory is a divide-and-conquer tactic that his minions are applying with a vengeance and the KKK must be secretly applauding.

Biden Democrats see a racist under every rock, and if everyone is a racist then no one is.  The real bottom feeders can hide under false narratives accusing the innocent. Look at the recent shootings. Because the victims of the Atlanta area attack were Asians by identity it rose to hate crime status (an absurd theory in its own right) and suddenly all people not of color or anointed identity are tangentially guilty. But less than a week later in Colorado, a person of radical political views was not pilloried in the press for the alleged ramblings in his head, like the Atlanta killer, but for the weapon he used to indiscriminately kill.

Leave it to Biden’s party to make a political point of real tragedy without evidence before the investigation gets its boots on. It is the stuff of real blitzkrieg demonizing public relations. Stoking racist narratives with kneejerk lectures and presumptions builds resentment of both people of color and identity and people who see each other as human, flawed and fragile, just working to get by. Identity politics is bullying on a pseudo-intellectual scale, without recourse to common sense and good judgment.

Trump is temporarily sidelined. Good. When he told whoppers he actually believed them and his ad libs were cringe-worthy.

However, when Biden tells whoppers he doesn’t even know what he said, especially when he is off script.  In the recent presser, Biden’s first as president (I still don’t believe it), he said he has spent 120 years in the Senate, that most republicans agree with him, that over 90 Fortune 500 companies paid no taxes, and that the border was closed.  All of these are ridiculous assertions, all ad-libbed, and all words do have meaning.  It means he doesn’t know what he’s saying.

A fawning media is aiding and abetting in this almost criminal abuse of good Americans.  One fake journalist even prefaced a question with “You’re a decent man.”  I don’t recall that kind of boot licking the last four years, and there were plenty of complicit suck-ups available to Trump to do so.

Biden must rely on the politics of identity and division because that is what got him into the White House.  An administration built on resentment and envy will not produce anything substantive that will survive future challenges and will reap only cultural havoc.

Dave Agusta: To my mind, the biggest story of the Biden administration to date is not just one event, policy or announcement.  It is the fact that everything done or said for the entire two months by this crew has had a negative effect on the country. 

He started at day one, with his killing of thousands of jobs by shutting down the Keystone pipeline and border wall construction.  Gas prices have sharply increased on top of so many workers being put out of a job. 

His immigration policy, if you can even call opening the southern border a policy, resulted in thousands of illegals flooding through the open sections of the unfinished wall and overwhelming the detention facilities.  Then to make matters worse, they are dropping these people off at various towns throughout the country, forcing the local officials to deal with the problem.  And unknown numbers of these folks are Covid carriers. 

On the subject of science, there is the order allowing biological males access to women’s sports, locker rooms and showers, virtually eliminating an entire sex.  I guess the determining biological factors of sex, the XX or XY chromosome pairs, are no longer considered science. 

Biden promised to open the schools by day 100.  Instead, he moved the goalposts, now claiming he wants 50% of schools to be open just one day per week for in-person learning.  The harm to kids continues and this impacts working parents as well, since they must choose between working or being home with their youngest children when they should be in school. 

There are several others that are resulting in harm to millions of Americans, but I guess if I had to pick the worst it would be immigration policy.  It is not only causing immediate chaos and damage, but we will also experience negative effects of this idiotic policy for decades to come.

Parker Beauregard: If there is an appropriate capstone observation to this collaborative piece, it’s simply that we had seven unique authors and seven unique responses. Put another way, there is no end to the damages being wrought by the Biden administration. Think about the worst thing Donald Trump did as president (Tweeting) and contrast that to the potentially ruinous actions that have undergirded just 60 days of executive authority. Our team covered media complicity, porous borders, vaccine passports, eroding the legislative process via executive orders, cognitive and physical failures, and the rise of identity politics.

I would add to this list the fact that our military is quickly setting up to be the Democrat’s brown shirts. With politics being the operative word in promotion – be it identity politics or ideological politics – the brass, throughout the military’s entire command hierarchy, has been established as mere lackeys of leftism. The current Secretary of Defense accurately encapsulates the empty tokenism of military leadership. Once the world’s ultimate meritocracy, the United States armed forces is nothing more than the latest example of how leftism ruins everything good through jealousy, stupidity, and an unquenchable thirst for power. 

Recently, establishment media outlets expressed concern over the military shakeups in Brazil. Given that Jair Bolsonaro won his office on the same wave of right-wing populism and general disgust with politics-as-usual that carried Trump in 2016, there is an inherently corrupt bias toward his presidency. Still, consider how his realignment of the military is viewed as setting up a potential coup versus how Biden’s realignment is being celebrated. What is different? Biden is consolidating his power by promoting political pawns and undeserving officials based solely on their race, sex, and worldview. An honest media and a thinking public would see right through this. But, as many of us noticed in our segments, there is no such thing as an honest media in America anymore; nor, it seems, is there a thinking public.