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Scientists Have New Theory on Ancient Woman’s Skull – But How Do They Know She Was a Woman and Not a Transgender Man?

Smithsonian Magazine recently reported on a fascinating new theory which archaeologists believe solves a puzzling mystery regarding the skull of a 5,600-year old woman, found in Northern Italy. The woman’s skull was discovered in a remote corner of an expansive cave, and previous theories assumed the skull had been placed there after her death by prehistoric contemporaries. It now seems probable, according to the scientists, that the skull actually came to rest at the unlikely location as the result of natural forces; mudslides and flood waters. The hypothesis by researchers at the University of Bologna is just the latest example of modern science providing us with a more precise understanding of our world and its history; the marvels of modern technology and knowledge.

But the theory leaves us with even more perplexing questions. How do scientists know the skull was that of a woman and not a transgender man? And why is our LGBTQ community not outraged over the presumptiveness of these scientists and their outdated, transphobic attitudes towards gender?

Over the course of centuries, scientists have developed methodologies used to determine inherent differences in the skeletal remains of humans which indicate the gender of that person; including the skull. For instance, the eye sockets and brow ridges on skulls have subtle nuances based on whether that skull belonged to a man or a woman. Additionally, male skulls tend to be heavier with thicker bone; a feature which undoubtedly comes as no surprise to many of our women readers.

These distinctions are just a few of the many dissimilarities between men and women, and can be added to an expansive list of the more obvious gender-related traits. Men and women are different; very, very different. Our muscle densities are different; our chemical make-ups are different; and of course our reproductive systems are very different.

These differences do not denote any type of overall inequality. Women are better at some things and men are better at others. But these differences are fundamental to our humanity. Our genders have a profound effect on who we are and how we experience life. The differences between men and women are part of God’s plan, they are beautiful, and they should be embraced by all of us.

There are those among us, however, who suffer from an abnormality known as Gender Dysphoria; a condition which is at the center of the transgender debate. Gender Dysphoria is a mental disorder, and one which about there is still much to learn. But there are indeed plenty of aspects regarding this condition of which we can be certain. Men are still men, and women are still women. Every cell in our bodies have either male chromosomes or female chromosomes, and in 5,600 years when most of those cells are gone and all that remains are our skeletons, we will still have been members of our specific genders. Men will have been men, and women will have been women. Those bones will be undeniable evidence of our genders, just as there exists today more readily visible evidence which is equally undeniable.

Our friends on the left, along with their accomplices in the mainstream media and the Democratic Party, are doing everything possible to exploit those with Gender Dysphoria. They have lumped them in with other groups based on sexual preferences in an attempt to broaden a coalition of victimhood. “You’re not suffering from a mental disorder; you’re just a victim of intolerance by those mean old conservatives,” they whisper to sufferers. “So long as you promise to vote for us and donate to our campaigns, we’ll believe your dysphoria is reality, even if it means abandoning all logic and science.”

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The more the left pushes their transgender narrative, the more obvious the contradictions and absurdities surrounding the debate become. Their storyline that one’s gender is fluid and dependent upon how one identifies is both inane and unsustainable. The woman whose skull was found in the cave in Italy was indeed a woman. That is a fact. She may have been inflicted with any number of maladies and disorders, including Gender Dysphoria, we will never know. But we do know she was a woman.

Our friends on the left are doing everything they can to force our culture to disregard science and reality, and instead pretend that those inflicted with this unfortunate condition truly belong to the gender of which their mental state is trying to deceive them. They do not.

They can try and demand that we bastardize our very language by conflating pronouns based on how one feels, but biology doesn’t care. Science doesn’t care. Our biological make-up, not our mental make-up, will still dictate our gender. They can assert that compelling the rest of us to celebrate the sad circumstances of those individuals is a protection of their rights, but that won’t change the fact that gender is in fact binary, and unaffected by one’s wishes, confusion, or delirium. And they can pass ridiculous laws permitting anyone to use the bathroom of their choice, but archaeologists will still be able to discern the gender of people who lived millennia before us.

We’ve seen numerous examples of scientists bending to cultural forces. The unassailable, and soon-to-be secular saint, Dr. Anthony Fauci has tailored his conclusions and recommendations on COVID to fit the Democratic Party’s goals of appeasing teachers’ unions and empowering government oppression. So-called climate scientists willingly manipulate data and models to heighten alarm and exaggerate projections in order to further their agenda. And it may only be a matter of time before scientific disciplines such as Archaeology are pressured to submit to whatever leftist priority they may impede. But the rest of us must call this nonsense what it is: insanity.

Individuals who suffer from Gender Dysphoria are our sons and daughters, friends and relatives, neighbors and coworkers. They may comprise an extremely small portion of our population, but they are among us, and they deserve our understanding and compassion; not ridicule. But being compassionate should come in the form of helping them deal with their problem through counseling, therapy, and other treatments; not by playing along with the charade.

If we want to truly help those who deal with Gender Dysphoria, we should not succumb to political correctness and wokeness. The left doesn’t care about transgender people, they only care about using those poor souls to help them transform our society into their twisted vision. Insisting we join in their word games by including our pronoun preferences in our email signatures is just another step towards that transformation; don’t give in. Ten years ago we never would’ve dreamed we’d have a president who lectures us about the virtues of allowing men who think they’re women to compete athletically as such. And if we continue on this path, we’ll soon have archaeologists refusing to identify the genders of human skeletal remains.

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen.

Photo by Wessex Archaeology at Flickr.