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Minnesota Covid Numbers Defy Logic And Should Piss Everyone Off

Spoiler: Despite being billed as the next Black Death, after a year of exposure to Covid, almost no healthy Minnesotans have died from it. Our lives have been altered, possibly ruined, by a terrible government response justified entirely on statistically insignificant data.


It is a well-established fact that Covid numbers are already inflated. This site, as have many others, have repeatedly presented evidence showing that PCR tests falsified positive cases by relying on absurdly high amplification thresholds. Others have pointed out that a positive case no longer relied on lab evidence in addition to symptomatic evidence. This was a first for the medical community. It would be akin to testing positive for Irritable Bowel Syndrome but not having any abdominal pain, gas, nor irregularity in frequency or consistency of stools.

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The same sleight of hand can easily be said of death certificates. This site recently ran an article covering the brave exploits of Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen. He and a colleague in the state legislature uncovered evidence that somewhere between 25-40% of Minnesota’s death certificates listed Covid as the cause of death when, in fact, that was not true. Examples of drowning, automobile accidents, and even just potential exposure found out after the fact have been included in the state’s tally. For his efforts of merely pointing out the obvious, he was threatened with revocation of his medical license. 

Exaggerated figures are just the first part of a larger narrative problem. By digging into publicly available – but unreported data – the astounding fact is that almost two-thirds of all Covid deaths in the state occurred in just long-term care facilities. What this means is that a minute percentage of an already-sequestered population contributed to the vast majority of totals used to justify the inducement of fear and the erosion of individual liberties. The foreboding, but ultimately false, narrative has enabled the perpetuation of freedom-scorching executive orders and the cessation of common sense thinking in at least half the state’s duped population. 


When I looked into the data of two of the larger and metropolitan counties in the state – Hennepin and Ramsey – and the state’s numbers at large, I expected to find disturbing trends, but I did not expect to become livid at what I unearthed. It is not hyperbole to suggest you will be furious at having lived through the last year knowing how little Covid has impacted the general population of Minnesota. 


Let’s start in Minnesota’s most populous county. Currently the site of the Derek Chauvin trial, Hennepin County is the largest by population and also the most population dense. Given that Covid allegedly spreads easily in close quarters and disproportionately affects racially diverse communities, it should stand to reason that Hennepin county would be the epicenter of a massive and dystopian outbreak. But did that happen?

According to the county’s own Covid-19 dashboard, there have been a total of 1,650 deaths attributable to Covid. To put these figures in perspective, Hennepin County is home to about 1.25 million residents. On its face, a total of 1,650 deaths in a community of 1.25 million residents is a tough-enough pill to swallow. We shut down society for this? More than that probably die of each a stroke, cancer, smoking habits, drug use, and automobile accidents every year. But again, this figure does not include the fact that two-thirds of deaths occurred in secluded nursing homes. In other words, we can presume that just over 500 Hennepin County everyday residents died of Covid.


Five hundred. Total. Out of one-and-one-quarter million citizens. The math on that is statistically irrelevant. Andrew Cuomo, the disgraced Governor of New York, said that his efforts would be worth it if all he did saved just one life. Not only did he lie while murdering thousands of elderly, his thought process is simply insane. Saving five hundred lives, especially those with self-inflicted comorbidities (obesity was present in 2.2 million out of 2.5 million Covid deaths worldwide in a March study), is not worth it. Allowing millions of people to exercise their own judgment at the expense of a few hundred, is worth it.

Ramsey County, home to the state capital of St. Paul, has equally depressing numbers. I use depressing in the sense that countless lives were destroyed over…what? The county dashboard shows that just over 800 people have died from Covid since counting began over a year ago. Throughout the whole country, which like Hennepin includes an urban center, first-ring suburb, and some second-ring suburbs of economic, ethnic, and racial diversity, there are about 550,000 residents. Again, accounting for the fact that two-thirds of Minnesota Covid deaths played out in long-term care facilities, that leaves about 250 county denizens as having died from Covid. 


The math on 250 deaths from a population of over half a million people is as infinitesimally small as in Hennepin County. I do not think people realize how negligible Covid fatalities have been; were they to become privy to such information, certainly the job-killing and purpose-robbing responses would have been pushed back more forcefully. Time will tell how many more lives were lost due to suicide, depression, substance abuse, and physical abuse as a result of the media and government’s efforts to remove President Trump from office in 2020.


Both Hennepin and Ramsey counties reveal that Covid has hardly affected the respective communities. While each death is tragic, there are other considerations that state leaders must weigh. Does trying to save – in vain, I might add – 500 lives in Hennepin County or 250 lives in Ramsey County justify ruining millions more in both measurable and immeasurable ways? Not only were adults’ lives devastated by loss of job, sense of purpose, or financial ruin through forced small business closure, but nearly one million students wasted a year of learning, and more significantly, lost access to sustained social interactions, arguably more important for child development than even book learning. Was it worth it? The answer seems so obvious as to negate having to ask the question.


A look at overall Minnesota numbers mirrors the trend seen in its two major counties. The Department of Health, linked above, shows a total of almost 6,900 deaths. It bears repeating that this figure is likely inaccurate and any honest accounting would likely produce a lower total. Still, for the purposes of this article, even the inflated death total demonstrates the unholy measures taken against this largely insignificant virus. Minnesota is home to about 5.5 million people. It has been established that 67% of all Covid deaths occurred in long-term care facilities. Therefore, of the 6,900 deaths, just 2,300 of them represent deaths to people not in these facilities.


So, to summarize, in a state with over 5.5 million residents, an alleged 2,300 who were not 1) elderly and 2) confined to a long-term care facility passed away due to the presence of Chinese coronavirus. How is this possible? Covid was supposed to kill every grandparent and wipe out every family. The only counterargument would be that the lockdowns and mask mandates prevented more deaths, but the data on that shows that lockdowns and masks make no difference. In reality, on top of simply prolonging the pandemic, they actually make it worse. There is simply no good argument for the measures taken against the unimaginable low death toll of Covid.


Every resident of Minnesota should be furious like me. The rest of the country needs to wake up as well and start looking at their state’s own Covid figures. Any politician that supported, any media pundit that sounded the alarm about, and any voice that encouraged the insane closure of American society needs to be held accountable for their intentional lies. This madness needs to stop.

5 thoughts on “Minnesota Covid Numbers Defy Logic And Should Piss Everyone Off”

  1. Yes, lots of sites out there explaining the PCR test gives TOO much false positives and they pushed the threshold cycling to make sure it did.

  2. so long as WCCO and the Minneapolis (Red) Star Buffoon keep telling the sheeple that they are all going to die if they don’t mask up and stay home while screaming the national fake death toll, we will never get this scamdemic cancelled. Timmy the Tyrant and the other pols won’t let them.

    What a disgrace. Worse is that this scam is world wide pretty much. A few countries have been brave enough to walk away like here in Florida and South Dakota but the NWO oligarchs won’t surrender their ill gotten powers without a down and dirty fight.

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