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ABC News: White Supremacists Pose Bigger Public-Safety Risk Than Black Lives Matter In George Floyd Trial

There is journalism malpractice, there is stupidity, there is lying, there is propaganda, and then there is ABC News. Not to be outdone by rival CBS’s spliced coverage of Ron De Santis or NPR’s squashing of the Hunter Biden laptop story, the heady ABC executives attempted the reportage equivalent of saying two girls and a cup was a buddy system for weight loss. (Disclaimer: If you don’t know what that references, please do not search for it). 


Running an April 8th article titled “White supremacists, extremists may use Chauvin trial to further their agendas,” ABC distorted reality beyond recognition when it reviewed a recent Department of Homeland Security intelligence briefing.


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It used to be that we could rhetorically ask: Who believes this? Does anyone really think that a fringe organization poses a larger threat to the American people than a prominent one like Black Lives Matter? How many cities did the Boogaloo Boys terrorize compared to BLMers last summer? Sadly, the obvious is no longer obvious. 


Labeled “domestic terrorists” by both DHS and ABC, the article leads with suggestive framing that the biggest concern of the Chauvin trial should be how white people react. Among other things, it states that “violence could occur with little or no warning” or that “some white supremacists have remarked online that the Chauvin trial may lead to a race war.” It both implies and states that these issues will come from white terror groups; Americans need to brace themselves for the same level of insurgency seen in the U.S. Capitol. But didn’t the Deep State finally admit it wasn’t an insurgency? Doesn’t matter.


Without a doubt, there will be violence immediately after the verdict is read, and America is absolutely headed toward a race war. Of course, the article does a fine job obfuscating the roots of both of those serious concerns. Violence will stem from black, not white, groups and the race war is being fomented by articles precisely like this one that conjure white supremacist threats out of thin air and ignore the very real danger posed by actual domestic terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter.

The article eventually gets to that nugget, excusing any violence or mayhem that erupts from the left by nothing that “black separatists groups may target law enforcement officers or government facilities should Chauvin be acquitted, or if there is a mistrial, or if sentencing against Chauvin is perceived too lenient.” Got that? If the results don’t exactly go their way, then all hell will break loose.


A warm-up of sorts transpired this past week in Minneapolis’s neighboring community of Brooklyn Center, MN, gaining national attention as a result of its proximity to both the site of George Floyd’s death and now trial of the officers involved. After a traffic stop revealed that a driver had an outstanding warrant for arrest, a police officer ended up shooting the driver fatally after seemingly mistaking her sidearm for a taser. Both the video and audio from the body camera, released by the police department, bear this out. Indeed, the discharge of the officer’s weapon looks very much like an accident. Under normal circumstances, society would mourn the senseless loss of life, but would also understand that mistakes happen, especially when considering that a warrant for arrest and the ignoring of lawful officer commands necessitated such a mistake. It certainly wouldn’t rise to the level of national reporting or mass protests.


Predictably, though, the deceased was immediately labeled a victim of police brutality and large gatherings of people congregated at the site of his death, the city’s police station, and the commercial district. (His alleged Facebook page is replete with disgusting posts – so once again we see the elevation of the undeserving). No matter, soon the mass of unmitigated anger devolved into violence and looting. While many urban schools fail to produce literate graduates, there was apparently enough understanding to read the preordained script: Gather, yell, burn, attack, loot. Throughout all of it, there was plenty of destruction and theft caused by a pro-Black Lives Matter crowd but decidedly very little of either caused by people dressed in Hawaiian shirts or donning shaved heads. 


When the country suffers from an actual race war, and of terror and destruction at the hands of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other anarchists, news outlets like ABC will be directly responsible. If white supremacy were the worst thing Americans had to fear, I would say we were living in the golden age of peace and prosperity. As it stands, we live in a time of unbridled (and somehow justified) black rage, and that thought terrifies me.

18 thoughts on “ABC News: White Supremacists Pose Bigger Public-Safety Risk Than Black Lives Matter In George Floyd Trial”

  1. To them,anyone who does not support their communist inspired BLM agenda is a racist. If you happen to be white you are a white supremacist and if you are black you are a turn-coat Uncle Tom.

  2. Yes….the heroes that will finally say enough of this crap and stop it will probably be white…and bam! There are all those white supremecists we told you about……see how this is going to go?

  3. Your premise has no basis. BLM/ANTIFA riots, fires, murders over the past year have far outweighed anything done by your bogeymen white supremists. Chicago, Portland, Baltimore, Atlanta are all black hotspots. Name one white supremist spot!!

  4. The weak minded watchers of CNN and the media actually believe this crap. The first time I was told that white supremacists were the problem, the fool referred to the Bindy faceoff and anti-covid lockdowns. They had no knowledge or understanding of the riots, arson and looting in the major cities.

  5. Yes, but DEMOCRATS have ALWAYS posed a dangerous threat to the United States with their militant arms of the party like the KKK, Antifa, BLM, ect, and with their Jim Crow Laws, poll taxes, fugitive slave act, black voter litmus tests, consistently voting against ANY black voter or civil rights acts in congress even up through the 1970’s, etc… unfortunately many (including most media who identify as Democrat) will not expose this fact and continue to try to twist the narrative around.

  6. It must be White Supremacists responsible for all those fires burning down sections of black communities. Just think about it logically — why would black people be stupid enough to burn the businesses that serve them?

  7. riots sell clicks and dead tree media, so if there isn’t a riot create one!

    I often wondered why the government didn’t step in a squash this sort of thing immediately. If has finally dawned on me that the pols WANT chaos because it makes the people scream for more government control and bigger government.

  8. Stop it ABC. You are putting my life in danger by this garbage. If I am harmed because of my color I will own ABC with lawsuits. You people are race baiters.

  9. I see right now all the “white supremacists”: burning down cities now… It’s awful… The POS msm are very stupid and the people who follow them get what they deserve.

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