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Can We Start Being Honest About Black Terrorism?

There is a Big Lie that the media and elites won’t address. Namely, that black terorrism exists and represents one of the greatest threats to unraveling the already-frayed social fabric. Minnesota, home to some of the kindest and most generous people in the country, is now ground zero for charges of omnipresent and ubiquitous racism; Minnesota Nice is now being translated into passive-aggressive and colorblind racism. Indeed, frightening sentiments exist, like “the scariest racist isn’t the one that’s in your face, it’s the one that’s not.” We have come full circle where black people are openly stating they miss the KKK brand of hatred and racism in the Deep South. You can’t make this up.


It doesn’t dawn on the brainwashed masses who accept this tripe that maybe, just maybe, the absence of racism is indicative of just that: The absence of racism. In terms of unifying people of different backgrounds and bringing us all together, this probably isn’t the best way to go about it. Nothing connotes compassion and tolerance like coercing 60% of the American people to bend the knee to a rigid, woke doctrine. Of course, there was never a desire for unity. The less appealing message, were it honest, would have been conformity, but that notion doesn’t capture ignorant votes. 


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The combination of deaths in Minnesota, those of George Floyd and Daunte Wright, have highlighted the danger decent society faces with regard to the threat of black terror. This gets ignored by the media, which simultaneously pretends white supremacy is the greatest danger posed right now while also reporting that no one – literally no one – attends White Lives Matter rallies and other fringe protests. It can’t be both. Terrorism is defined and accepted to mean “the use of violence or the threat of violence to achieve political goals.” This pithily captures the harm communities face if they dare uphold the law or hold people accountable. More on this in a moment.


Most concerning about the wave of black terrorism is that both elites and stupid liberals just accept it has matter of fact. Oh, police shot a dangerous, doped up, and resistant criminal? We had better let a commercial district get emptied out and allow the police to be the target of dangerous projectiles. Once again, very compassionate…except for the entire swaths of law-abiding citizens scared for their lives. Not getting discussed, at least honestly, is that right next door to the Brooklyn Center police station are giant apartment buildings. Because the hostile rioters insist on hurting police officers, they are eventually tear gassed. This gas drifts into the apartments and chokes out babies, toddlers, school-age kids (who are once again prevented from attending school), and their caregivers. This is to say nothing of the noise and proximal threat of physical danger lurking just outside the thin walls of the Section 8 housing. The media and black activist groups claim it’s the police officer’s fault, but is it? Seriously, is it? We all watched the same video. The police stand in a line, and would remain standing in a line, until bricks, cinder blocks, frozen pop cans, and fireworks are launched at them. Amazingly, the cowardly city council actually banned their own police force from using tear gas and rubber bullets in the middle of this lawlessness. Seriously, they called an emergency session at night and during the riot to make sure the police had no means at their disposal to subdue the increasingly dangerous crowd. Thankfully the police acted in their best interest, but it is a wonder the entire BCPD doesn’t walk away in solidarity against these fools.


Orwellian newspeak became a reality during the city’s news conference on Monday afternoon as well. In an effort to provide as much transparency as possible, the mayor’s office and police department released the body camera footage and took reporter’s questions. In one exchange, the now-former police chief, Tim Gannon, termed the events of Sunday night as a riot. In an instant, someone from the pressroom shouted “don’t do that” and “it wasn’t a riot.” Wasn’t it? If attempting to hurt fellow human beings and looting from places of business isn’t a riot, then there is no such thing as a riot anymore. Black terrorism would have us believe that what unfolds after every police shooting – even justified ones – requires the immediate vandalism, arson, theft, and physical danger. Police cars are merely collateral damage and should be expected to be taken out. Also, that isn’t a riot. It’s a peaceful protest and the pure exercise of first amendment rights. So…now the Constitution is good?


The Chauvin trial in Minneapolis highlights the looming harm to Minneapolis citizens and infrastructure if the mob doesn’t get their way. Many prospective jurors, during voir dire, expressed concern for their well being, safety, and future job prospects based on the verdict. It prompted many to be turned away. Between the lines, these expressions of safety were not stated impartially; it means they were afraid of issuing a not guilty verdict. Now, why would they be afraid of issuing a not guilty verdict but feel fine issuing a guilty verdict? Just as with presidential election preparations, the boarding up of Washington, D.C. and other communities was not out of concern for a Biden victory. It was meant entirely for a Trump reelection. The same is now true of a verdict. There is only one outcome that produces mayhem, and it is not from the nebulous and nonexistent white supremacy crowd. Throughout all of this, the judge has insisted on keeping their identities hidden from the public out of an abundance of caution and from concern for their safety. 


The response in Brooklyn Center after the most recent manufactured outrage is more disturbing. While the jury is composed of private citizens, the Brooklyn Center city council is composed of willing participants who voted to relieve their black city manager of his duties in an explicit effort to quell the mob’s fury. Per a report on Legal Insurrection, Councilwoman Kris Lawrence-Anderson “said she voted to remove the city manager because she feared for her property and retaliation by protestors if she had voted to keep him. ‘He was doing a great job. I respect him dearly,’ she said. ‘I didn’t want repercussions at a personal level.”’


If that statement doesn’t capture the entire premise of black terrorism, nothing will. She cited repercussions at a personal level. To finish her sentence, what she meant to say was “I didn’t want repercussions at a personal level from Black Lives Matter terrorists.” There, fixed it for her. She literally voted to remove an upstanding person from office to appease terrorists. I hope he sues for wrongful termination. Just for the record, the city manager, Curt Boganey, was a black man who merely stated that the officer involved in the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright deserved due process. This last piece segues nicely into a tangential comment on the dumbest journalist retort of the entire Monday afternoon news conference. A statement was made that Daunte Wright was not given due process, so why should the officer? It’s too bad that Chief Gannon’s response wasn’t: He would have had due process if he complied. 


None of this should be news. For years, Black Lives Matter activists and terrorists have been threatening to burn down the system if they don’t get what they want. It’s a toddler mentality (and to be sure, infantilism and immaturity are features of leftism), but the threat is more credible from well-funded adults. We cannot simply lift them up and put them in a Pack-And-Play like we would a two-year-old brat.


We are told that we shouldn’t “be surprised when buildings are on fire” if Derek Chauvin is found not guilty. “No justice, no peace” is an open-ended promise to do harm; the BLM version of justice isn’t society’s version of justice. These are the same overt threat to which Brooklyn Center councilwoman Lawrenfe-Anderson surrendered. Better to do the wrong thing and be safe than to do the right thing and face backlash, according to the acquiescent cowards. No doubt, the threats are real and scary, and certainly weigh on the minds of good people. That just means the terrorism we find ourselves confronting, specifically black terrorism, is working. 


Can we start talking about it yet?

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  1. No, we can’t. Black terrorism is just another tool of the globalists bent on destroying the US- and the pathetically ignorant populous is predictable being led by the nose tot heir destruction.

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