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Fighting Back: Georgia’s House of Reps Removes Delta’s Tax Break. We Must All Fight With Such Vigor

Some Republicans are finally, at long last, getting it. The culture war won’t end, much less be won, as long as we insouciantly sit by and let the Democrats, both in companies and in politics, get away with increasingly far-left policies. That’s the path to socialism, the road to serfdom. Instead, we need to raise the black flag and fight the culture war like it’s a total war. We need to boycott the companies that hate us and encourage our legislators to attack them. Thankfully, the Georgia House of Reps is doing just that by striking back at Delta.

After Delta launched a vitriolic and completely illogical attack on Georgia’s new election bill, a bill meant to protect and expand voting, the Georgia House of Reps had had enough. Instead of allowing leftist lunacy, as their cowardly compatriots in Congress did during the Trump presidency, the patriots in Georgia fought back. How? By striking a $35 million tax break that had previously given Delta.

In the words of Georgia’s Speaker of the House, “They like our public policy when we’re doing things that benefit them. You don’t feed a dog that bites your hand. You got to keep that in mind sometimes.”

Unfortunately, Georgia’s cowardly state senators refused to take up the bill (have you noticed a trend where the Senate is often full of cowards and Chamberlains whereas the House is full of true patriots? I have.), so the tax break is not yet gone.

But still, what the actions of the Georgia House of Reps shows Delta and other leftist companies is that they’re on notice. No longer will they get away with entering the battles of the culture war free of charge and not face repercussions for their anti-GOP actions.

If woke Coke wants to discriminate against white people then fine, but it’ll get curb stomped for doing so by both conservative consumers and their representatives. If Delta wants to speak ill of its home state, then fine. But its already thin profits will be cut even more as consumers desert it and its tax breaks are taken away. The MLB can involve itself unnecessarily in the culture wars, but we’ll fight like hell to make sure half the country flips the channel whenever baseball is on.

As much as I hate complimenting the left, it’s time we wake up to the genius of their tactics. Their views are relatively unpopular, they’re unlikeable people, and they aren’t particularly intelligent. Yet, when they want to win a culture war battle, they’re generally able to do so. They use bands of activists, social media pressure, and their contacts in the lying MSM to exert outsized pressure on companies and legislatures, making common-sense policies like Georgia’s recent election law changes unpopular and forcing companies to go woke. It’s time we do the same and fight the culture war correctly and with increased urgency.

When a company with a viable alternative moves to the left, we conservatives need to boycott it and demand that our friends and family do the same. Boycott woke Coke. Drink filtered tap water, Black Rifle Coffee, and Buffalo Trace bourbon instead. Boycott Delta and fly on Southwest. Boycott Twitter and spend time on Parler. Boycott Google and use DuckDuckGo. Sell your stocks in those companies and invest in conservative companies, gold, and real estate instead. We can drive their stock prices and profits down if we band together.

And band together we must. As Ben Franklin once said, “We must all hang together, else we shall most assuredly hang separately.” Punish legislators, both at the state and federal level, that won’t fight these woke companies by primarying them. Punish the companies by boycotting them and avoiding their stock. Agitate for legislators to tax them at obscene levels. Big Business is not the friend of liberty or the American people, it’s time we knock its teeth out.

What the Georgia House of Reps did was a good first step, but it’s nowhere near enough. Let’s crank the culture war up to 11.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook

Photo by Majiscup Paper Cup at Flickr.

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